Thursday, February 19, 2015


February is a special month in relation to heart health, especially in USA. In this month people are encouraged to remember how important the heart it is for their health and their lives. People are encouraged to be aware of heart disease which has become one of the biggest killers in American society. Heart disease not only will lower the quality of your life but even also can disrupt your life as a whole.
There are several factors that can affect the condition of heart disease. Most important is the diet pattern, overweight, and physical inactivity. Then, how to keep heart healthy? The following are some of the ways you can do to monitor the diet and physical activity.
Eat breakfast with foods containing low-fat only. If you like, for example, eat foods made from cassava or maize than eggs or red meat. Do not forget to enrich your meal with vegetables and fruits.
Eat small meals in every few hours. This is to avoid excessive hunger if you cancelling lunch etc. The result of excessive hunger is that you will eat in large quantities and it will increase your weight: that is risky for heart disease.
Do not forget to drink enough water. Provide drink water in large quantities. Why? This is to avoid times when your body misunderstood that you are hungry when in fact you experience thirst. The problem is, sometimes people misinterpret hunger, and consequently they eat. The best choice is healthy mineral water. If you feel bored with the consumption of water you can vary the type of water. These may include occasional fruit juice, tea or other natural beverages that tasteful. However, keep in mind to avoid alcoholic beverages and coffee routinely, because when consumed in excess, those drinks will not improve your health, even will worsen it. Enrich your diet with fiber content of fruits and vegetables, choose tropical fruits, they are well known for their rich nutrition.
Make a habit of exercise and moving. Moving your body improve the quality of your life. Exercise is part of implementation of knowing how to keep heart healthy. In the long-term physical activity will improve your ability to fight stress, and most importantly, keep your weight under control, so that you do not gain weight and will avoid heart disease.[]