Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Todays people are talking about the goodness and health benefits of fasting. But in the history, fasting has been done by various people in the world in various traditions for religious reasons, customs, and individual ritual (lelaku in javanese). In modern society people sometimes recognize fasting as a means to reduce weight and maintain the health of their bodies. Even so fasting actually has more benefits than physical benefits. The medical community recognizes the importance of fasting as a way to relieve or reduce disease or accelerate the healing of diseases such as cancer. In the animal world fasting also known as a way to restore the vitality of the animal body and get rest. In certain seasons some animals do sleep long and fast during the season.
Benefits of fasting as a way to reduce weight.
You can use fasting as an effective way to reduce your weight. But keep in mind as suggested by doctors that to fast you needs attention first. It is better run intermittent fasting compared continuously for many days in a long time. Prolonged fasting without consideration can be harmful or detrimental to the health of your own body. Most health experts recommend a healthy diet in the form of fasting a day and not fasting a day or fasting or 2 days in a week.
Here are the health benefits of fasting:
- Fasting make human digestive organs at rest. It also rested other organs in our body. Rationally we can imagine that the organs of our body needs a break in a given time and there is no other way better than fasting.
- Fasting also produce the effect of detoxification or removal of toxins from the body. To do this detoxification process at best, do not forget to include your intake of large amounts of water so that toxic material will drain out of your body.
- Fasting also reduce or lower blood sugar levels. Decrease in blood sugar levels will help reduce the amount of insulin in the body. In turn, this will make pancreatic gland rest.
- Fasting also boost the performance of immune system in your body. Fasting will make you more resistant to diseases.
- Fasting also reduces the effects of stress.
- Fasting helps you avoid the risk of heart disease and stroke.
- Fasting make your blood pressure in control so that you remain healthy.
Maybe hard to believe that intermittent fasting can bring many benefits to your health but it turns out that such studies are right. Let’s reap the health benefits of fasting.[]