Monday, February 16, 2015


In earlier times the salt was considered beneficial and very important. For many people the salt was something discussed with delight heart. Along with the increasing development of the era of knowledge and change in diet, people even consider salt as a negative or harmful to humans. Actually, is there really the benefits of salt?
As a mouthwash. The content of the salt can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It was famous practice since ancient times to gargle salt as a practical material to eliminate bacteria in the mouth. Even now sometimes doctors recommend their patients to use salt as a mouthwash to accelerate the healing of the patient. With salt gargle, the mouth will be free from bacteria.
Preservatives. Salt is habitually used to preserve. Since ancient times people try to preserve their food so as not to decompose and for longer term storage. For people, the most primitive way is to dry the food, or give it a lot of salt. Drying may be more practical way but requires persistence and also more dependent on the weather. Meanwhile, using salt is easier and practical, that it has always been popular for salt as a preservative. Until now even in the grocery store, salted foods are easily found.
As a dental cleaning. Long before the discovery of toothpaste human know the benefits of salt when using is as a means of cleaning their teeth. Although it may not be as perfect as a toothbrush, it still works well in eliminating the impurities and inhibiting bacteria in the mouth.
As the prevention of goiter. Iodized salt has long been recognized as one means to help prevent the onset of mumps or goiter. Especially for areas where iodine is deficient, usually local governments make special rules that salt seller must give additional materials such as iodine.
However, in todays world many people misunderstand the salt, as though salt is their enemy. In fact, salt actually be harmful to humans only when it is consumed excessively. When you eat the right amount of salt it really our friend. To find out how the amount of salt is good and fit for your diet, ask your nutritionist or doctor. Salt is an important element in our lives, it helped maintain our health through food. The main thing is we need to be careful not to consume it excessively that we can get the benefits of salt and avoid its risk.[]