Saturday, July 4, 2015

How To Make Healthy Spinach Soup

Living healthy is begun at home. Make your own healthy spinach soup, it is so simple (video in Bahasa Indonesia):

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Want To Have Superfit Body? Check The Tips In This Video

Having a strong and fit body is desired by everyone. Here are the simple steps to get the "Superman" out of you (Video in Bahasa Indonesia):

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


February is a special month in relation to heart health, especially in USA. In this month people are encouraged to remember how important the heart it is for their health and their lives. People are encouraged to be aware of heart disease which has become one of the biggest killers in American society. Heart disease not only will lower the quality of your life but even also can disrupt your life as a whole.
There are several factors that can affect the condition of heart disease. Most important is the diet pattern, overweight, and physical inactivity. Then, how to keep heart healthy? The following are some of the ways you can do to monitor the diet and physical activity.
Eat breakfast with foods containing low-fat only. If you like, for example, eat foods made from cassava or maize than eggs or red meat. Do not forget to enrich your meal with vegetables and fruits.
Eat small meals in every few hours. This is to avoid excessive hunger if you cancelling lunch etc. The result of excessive hunger is that you will eat in large quantities and it will increase your weight: that is risky for heart disease.
Do not forget to drink enough water. Provide drink water in large quantities. Why? This is to avoid times when your body misunderstood that you are hungry when in fact you experience thirst. The problem is, sometimes people misinterpret hunger, and consequently they eat. The best choice is healthy mineral water. If you feel bored with the consumption of water you can vary the type of water. These may include occasional fruit juice, tea or other natural beverages that tasteful. However, keep in mind to avoid alcoholic beverages and coffee routinely, because when consumed in excess, those drinks will not improve your health, even will worsen it. Enrich your diet with fiber content of fruits and vegetables, choose tropical fruits, they are well known for their rich nutrition.
Make a habit of exercise and moving. Moving your body improve the quality of your life. Exercise is part of implementation of knowing how to keep heart healthy. In the long-term physical activity will improve your ability to fight stress, and most importantly, keep your weight under control, so that you do not gain weight and will avoid heart disease.[]

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Choosing the right diet can be a scary thing for many people. They may feel that such diets may not be suitable for them or even too heavy. People sometimes do not know what kind of diet would fit for them while they see other people succeed. In choosing a diet we must dare to open our minds. But the more important factor is can we go on a diet or not. Knowing diet without implementation will result in failure to do the diet. So, how to choose the diets that’s right for you?
Before taking a decision or choose a diet which fit for you, first let’s dismantle some myths that may still often incorrectly estimated by the people.
Some fat better than other fats. In fact, dieters who succeed needs to look more closely at the intake of calories into their body, not just the fat factor.
Fat is bad for health. In fact, humans need fat, if there has been an assumption that the fat is bad, what to consider is the amount or concentration of fats we consume. We always need fat for fulfilling energy metabolism need in the body. Perhaps you are surprised that some of the usual vegetable or fruit we consume daily contain a fairly high fat content. Beans, avocado, olive oil is the most important sources of fat daily.
Eating at night before bed will greatly add to the weight of your body. Actually, what kind of food you eat is the decisive factor, not just eating at night.
Certain sugar is better for health than other sugars. Facts show that sugar is still sugar. Various types of sugar will still increase insulin levels in the body, which in turn will make you easily feel hungry. If you're on a diet to lose weight, the first recipe is to reduce the consumption of sugar of any kind.
The next step in finding a suitable diet is doing some sort of in-depth research: is it too much or is it too light this new lifestyle? You should take diet gradually to change your habits. Note that there is a list of foods in the diet: are you comfort with the kind of food or not. If you feel that it is too heavy or too weird to you,  better avoid altogether. Why? Remember, the extreme diet will usually end in failure. Excessive dieting will amount in almost no diet at all. So that, do in-depth research on the type of diet.
In addition, note other provisions accompanying diet program you want to follow. For example, the type of exercise that accompanies diet. People sometimes differ between diet and exercise. Basically diet and exercise is one package. You have to decide for yourself which one suits you.
Finally, try to see what is behind the screen. That means, pay attention to your daily food label, note what is behind all of it. Sometimes there is hidden substance or material that could gain your weight. You live in an era when people are urged to be more vigilant in looking at food labels.
After determining the type of diet that you like, specify a starting date and make a schedule and keep track of your progress during the development. Make it as a kind of self-education effort and if you fail in the process, try again, and maybe you need to make modifications to the pattern of your diet. Do some experiment. Of course, always consult diet expert, nutritionist or medician. So, you know how simple it is to choose the diets that’s right for you.[]

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Todays people are talking about the goodness and health benefits of fasting. But in the history, fasting has been done by various people in the world in various traditions for religious reasons, customs, and individual ritual (lelaku in javanese). In modern society people sometimes recognize fasting as a means to reduce weight and maintain the health of their bodies. Even so fasting actually has more benefits than physical benefits. The medical community recognizes the importance of fasting as a way to relieve or reduce disease or accelerate the healing of diseases such as cancer. In the animal world fasting also known as a way to restore the vitality of the animal body and get rest. In certain seasons some animals do sleep long and fast during the season.
Benefits of fasting as a way to reduce weight.
You can use fasting as an effective way to reduce your weight. But keep in mind as suggested by doctors that to fast you needs attention first. It is better run intermittent fasting compared continuously for many days in a long time. Prolonged fasting without consideration can be harmful or detrimental to the health of your own body. Most health experts recommend a healthy diet in the form of fasting a day and not fasting a day or fasting or 2 days in a week.
Here are the health benefits of fasting:
- Fasting make human digestive organs at rest. It also rested other organs in our body. Rationally we can imagine that the organs of our body needs a break in a given time and there is no other way better than fasting.
- Fasting also produce the effect of detoxification or removal of toxins from the body. To do this detoxification process at best, do not forget to include your intake of large amounts of water so that toxic material will drain out of your body.
- Fasting also reduce or lower blood sugar levels. Decrease in blood sugar levels will help reduce the amount of insulin in the body. In turn, this will make pancreatic gland rest.
- Fasting also boost the performance of immune system in your body. Fasting will make you more resistant to diseases.
- Fasting also reduces the effects of stress.
- Fasting helps you avoid the risk of heart disease and stroke.
- Fasting make your blood pressure in control so that you remain healthy.
Maybe hard to believe that intermittent fasting can bring many benefits to your health but it turns out that such studies are right. Let’s reap the health benefits of fasting.[]

Monday, February 16, 2015


In earlier times the salt was considered beneficial and very important. For many people the salt was something discussed with delight heart. Along with the increasing development of the era of knowledge and change in diet, people even consider salt as a negative or harmful to humans. Actually, is there really the benefits of salt?
As a mouthwash. The content of the salt can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It was famous practice since ancient times to gargle salt as a practical material to eliminate bacteria in the mouth. Even now sometimes doctors recommend their patients to use salt as a mouthwash to accelerate the healing of the patient. With salt gargle, the mouth will be free from bacteria.
Preservatives. Salt is habitually used to preserve. Since ancient times people try to preserve their food so as not to decompose and for longer term storage. For people, the most primitive way is to dry the food, or give it a lot of salt. Drying may be more practical way but requires persistence and also more dependent on the weather. Meanwhile, using salt is easier and practical, that it has always been popular for salt as a preservative. Until now even in the grocery store, salted foods are easily found.
As a dental cleaning. Long before the discovery of toothpaste human know the benefits of salt when using is as a means of cleaning their teeth. Although it may not be as perfect as a toothbrush, it still works well in eliminating the impurities and inhibiting bacteria in the mouth.
As the prevention of goiter. Iodized salt has long been recognized as one means to help prevent the onset of mumps or goiter. Especially for areas where iodine is deficient, usually local governments make special rules that salt seller must give additional materials such as iodine.
However, in todays world many people misunderstand the salt, as though salt is their enemy. In fact, salt actually be harmful to humans only when it is consumed excessively. When you eat the right amount of salt it really our friend. To find out how the amount of salt is good and fit for your diet, ask your nutritionist or doctor. Salt is an important element in our lives, it helped maintain our health through food. The main thing is we need to be careful not to consume it excessively that we can get the benefits of salt and avoid its risk.[]