Tuesday, December 2, 2014


People in Asia traditionally use this traditional recipe to cure cold. It is a long tradition, and even almost every kitchen has ginger in its stock. In Indonesia, the drink is known as "wedang jahe" (ginger tea). There are many versions of wedang jahe. People in Indonesia usually mixed ginger drinks with milk, honey, cinnamon, and even eggs. But here we will make the easiest recipe. Although this method is simple and instant, the benefits is effective for treating colds. So, how to cure cold with ginger easily? Here we go.
Fresh ginger root (about two fingers)
Boiling water
Honey (or sugar)

How to make simple wedang jahe:
1. Grind fresh ginger into a paste and place it in the container.
2. Pour boiling water into the container, allow about -+ 10 minutes for the ginger oil to mix with boiling water.
3. Strain the ginger into a cup.
4. Add honey or sugar to sweeten it.
5. Drink while warm.

By drinking wedang jahe, you will be able to see soothing changes in your body in about a quarter to half an hour. Cold symptoms will begin to subside, the body feels warm, sinus and respiratory feels loose. Indeed, this is the "instant but natural" effect of ginger cold remedy.
To get the better benefit of this wedang jahe, take it twice a day, morning and afternoon. Normally the body will feel good and cold subsided in the second or third day.
That's the simplest way. Hope readers no know how to cure cold with ginger easily. 

Ginger root's characteristic is hot and warm, so it is recommended for people who have gastric problems to be more carefully. Drink ginger tea only after a meal, try half a cup as first experiment.

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