Thursday, March 27, 2014

Red Ginger to treat arthritis

Did you know that Red Ginger able to treat arthritisRed Ginger nutrient sing berin , camphene lemonin , zingiberene , zingiberal and ginger ale shogool , carbohydrates , organic acids , malic acid and aksolat went into it . Consumption of red ginger in daily life are usually used to keep the body warm and the oil content asirinya many people as cosmetic fragrance raw materials .Red Ginger has a distinct smell of ginger species in general , many people enjoy red ginger as a medicinal plant . Red Ginger Zingiber officinale var rubrum Latin name , is smaller , but it has a high oil content has .Are not only used to just warm the body , red ginger can be used to have a bowel movement , starting rheumatism , can improve appetite and colds , bronchitis treatment , back pain, impotence , endurance , prevent decrease due to pain asthma , and facing the headache .Now , how to treat for arthritis Defeating Red ginger grass arthritis is as followsIngredients : 25 grams of red ginger
Ginger 20 grams
Chile Java 20g
30 grams of cat whiskers
How to CookMake all materials by washing , then thinly sliced ​​pickled ginger and turmeric . Boil all ingredients in 4 cups of water until only 2 cups . After cooking for a then filtered cold elevator . You can drink this mixture two times a day each 1 cup , you can also taste sweet in the honey .It is best if you plan to get into a position superior to the benefits to be . Ginger plants around the house

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