Monday, March 4, 2013

The Real Human Basic Needs: A Revision for Healthy Living

"Amazing things are surrounding us including other human beings. Do you think these things would come about without man's need for these things? We see them as unnecessary sometimes, not a basic requirement for existence, or as something that we can actually do without. The days that we are living for measure the importance of these things surrounding us. Maybe these items or people are really needed for us to survive or to support life. Or these are given to us for us to take pleasure from and just enjoy.

Man has five basic needs which these amazing things we see around us provide for. These are the ones that make man live, the ones that enable him to relate confidently with others. These needs enumerated below would be a modern interpretation of Maslow's hierarchy. However, each can include in its purpose several factors found in other needs labeled by Maslow. Here they are:

1. Food - All of us depend on food for us to live and grow. Because of food, we can think and do things for our benefit and for others as well.

2. Shelter - Man needs something where he can abode not only for rest but more on for his protection and security. This is to be able to protect himself from the wild, the elements, and even from his co-human beings.

3. Clothing - Our own society has transformed from the prehistoric humans until the present, yet even prehistoric man needed something to cover his body for protection against the environment. These would be the harmful factors like the cold, the burning heat, insect bites, thorns and splinters, etc. Nowadays, a prime reason for clothing is to conform to the social cause of dressing to avoid *** immorality. The second reason would be to uplift his self-esteem in a world dictated by fashion.

4. Spiritual - With the catastrophes and an unpredictable economic status around the world, man needs strength to hope on. He needs someone bigger than what he sees who can help him, hopefully, in the midst of problems arising in these times.

5. Friends - Friends provide the boost a man needs in order to face reality. Friends give man the strength, love, and ""cushion"" he needs in good times and bad times. When faced with difficult emotional traumas, friends stabilize the emotions of man.

These needs allow man to live, remain sane and have a healthy well being. But, aside from these five factors one aspect a person should have in his lifetime in order to stay fit and healthy is a good chiropractor as an alternative medicine. When you get used to taking medicines every time you feel something may damage your kidney and liver; and using chiropractic to heal your ailments is a good idea.

Greg Pierce
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