Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Little Meditation on Stress

Busyness of everyday life, from problems at work, caring for children and household affairs, financial matters, and others, are among the most usual cause of stress that befall on us.
So, is there a practical way for the best and how we do deal with it? Of course stress can be treated with prescription medication from a doctor, weekly therapy or monthly sessions, and the like. But we too often forget that the best (and cheapest) way to do is today! So, better we develop practices to manage it. Stress comes in our daily lives. Stress should we deal with day-to-day basis anyway. First, we must get used to the stress. It is not just an alien or terrorist we should expel. In fact, stress is sometimes good for us. Of course in the proper dose. Meanwhile, high levels of stress may risk our welfare that can damage our lives.
   Among the good ways is meditation. In the simplest sense, meditation is contemplation. Meditation implies that stress is really part of our lives. We may have considered it as an enemy that must be destroyed, orang extremist that must be fought. But the truth is that stress is a natural necessity. It was there as part of our life's journey, it is one of gold token of our learning in this world. In other words, we can meditate on stress in a way that is not always in hostile attitude. It's good we try to live side by side with the stress, not to blame anything, stress is there, as such, the way the world goes.
  Recognize stress. Like someone who accompanies us every minute, ask it: What do you mean by coming early here in the morning, friend? What important message do you bring to me? What little improvements should I work on you?
  That was the very beginning of our meditation in the face of stress. For further steps to meditation you can take a look at abundant sources via world wide web etc. Let's breathe a deep breath, reflect on our stress, their presence in our lives, and what is its purpose. The more we meditate, the more we understand that in that big panoramic picture, the stress is really part of life. At least, imagine how the prehistoric people were trembling in tense condition holding their axes when encountering elephants and mammoth. (And they were so excited by the prospect how yummy would be their lunch with mammoth meat.) They were so brave, they didn’t succumb to  fear that we are now live on this earth as their descendants. Hopefully we can overcome our problems and come to terms with all things in our lives. Congratulations, be friendly to our stress and then we know how to treat it better. Let’s begin our meditation.