Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can Topic Enlargement Product Prove to be Better than Pills and Pumps?

by Marco Abramson

A lot of men have been looking at enhancement options of lately. It is not like men suddenly want to increase size of their manhood. In fact this urge has always been there. From the times of African tribes and Pharaohs of Egypt, all sorts of enlargement options have been tried but the current crop of products offers promise of both safety and efficiency.
We have come across many herbal penis enlargement products including pills but the oils, gels, creams and other topical formulas has certainly emerged as something greater.
What is topical method of penis enlargement?
The herbal pills for enlargement were introduced some 15 years ago and since then they have came a long way. They proved to be one of the most effective methods but still faced a lot of criticism. This is the time when researchers looked at other options to use the same ingredients and fuse them in blood directly, without having to pass through digestive system.
Topical methods are basically formulas like VigRX Oil UK to be applied directly on penis. The targeted benefits are same as you look to achieve with pills, patches, powders and pumps.
How do these products work?
If you have done some research about herbal enlargement products in UK, you will know that they all improve blood circulation to penis. As erection is all about blood and circulatory health, this is one of the most important benefits of the products.
In the same way, VigRX oil combines blood flow supporters, aphrodisiacs and energy stimulators to achieve complete support.
Now as you don't take the oils, gels and creams orally, they work by transdermal technology. The core ingredients are combined with special agents that penetrate into skin and reach reproductive systems in almost instantly. These herbal penis enlargement products get to blood and extracts are delivered to different parts of the body.
What ingredients have been used?
This herbal enhancement oil uses almost the same ingredients as in the pills formula from the same brand. Korean red ginseng, hawthorn berry, saw palmetto, ginkgo bilboa and Catuaba bark extract are just a few to name.
The oil blend uses only naturally occurring ingredients and has nothing that can harm your body. As a matter of fact, there are no chemical fillers, preservatives or binders just like the pill formula.
Just apply two times a day to support healthy blood circulation and to improve sex drive in general.
What are the benefits of topical application?
Why would someone prefer oil over pills? There are men who think that swallowing pills is difficult. Apart from that pills pass through the digestive system and there are chances that your body rejects the herbal exacts for a while. That is the reason why it takes months for your body to get acquainted with penis enlargement pills.
On the other hand, most people prefer VigRX Oil UK because it gets into the body almost instantly and starts working on the problems.
Moreover, this oil might have been formulated for male enhancement but it is also a performance enhancer. When used before intimate moments, it can boost sexual desire and stamina incredibly. Unlike other performance enhancer oils, this formula also works with condoms.
Is it better than pills and pumps?
Male enhancement oils can be considered better than pumps and pills especially if you don't like swallowing pills and complexity of devices. Oils, creams and gels are also great for men looking to get dual benefits, i.e. of herbal ingredients and massage at the same time.
You can take a look at costs and other involved factors to get a clear idea of things.
Marcoa Bramson has always advocated the use of herbal penis enlargement products . He believes that these blends are much more efficient and safer than anything else on market. Penisenlargement.eu.com is one of the popular places to find such products. You can also get VigRX Oil UK here.