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Fish Oil for A Healthy You !!

by Jenny Jonson1

A lot of people don’t like visiting a doctor for ‘small’ illnesses. Apart from the time and effort it will take to book an appointment with a doctor a lot of money is also spent and this is something that everybody wants to avoid. Somebody someday must’ve thought that enough is enough. There must be some sort of self-made cure that will rid humanity of the need to visit the doctor for every small ailment. This must be what gave birth to Natural Remedies.

One of the most underrated natural supplements that can prove to be an excellent natural remedy is fish oil. It is a well-known fact that fish oil contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 Fatty acids are anti-inflammatory in nature and can effectively provide relief from ailments like arthritis, allergies, stress and even something as big as asthma. The presence of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in fish oil makes it an effective natural supplement to improve brain functions.

However, opinions are divided on whether fish oil is a healthy natural supplement or not. Naturally, there are two sides of this coin. Fish oil can either be artificially used in cooking food or can be ingested by eating oily fish that naturally contain the aforementioned Omega-3 fatty acids. When you’re eating oily fish, the species of fish being consumed is very important. A lot of fish carry a lot of Mercury and this overshadows and subdues the benefits of eating fresh fish over taking the supplements. This is why, a lot of nutritionists and dieticians prescribe fish oil to be artificially added to food as opposed to consuming fresh fish, since acceptable levels of mercury can never be ascertained with certain species of fish. As a consequence fish oil proves to be a much better natural remedy than directly consuming fresh fish.

There are many benefits, however, of fish oil, which cannot be ignored. Some of them are:

1. Regulated levels of cholesterol

2. Prevention of ailments like:

a. Heart diseases

b. Macular degeneration

c. Depression and bi-polar disorder related to Omega-3 deficiency

d. Postpartum depression

e. Type II diabetes

f. Inflammation

g. Cancer

h. Eczema and Other Skin Problems

i. Dry Eyes, Poor Eyesight, and Other Vision Problems

j. Schizophrenia

3. A proven natural remedy for the following three conditions:

a. Hypertriglyceridemia

b. Cardiovascular disease prevention

c. High blood pressure

It is easy to find fish oil at a most herbal and nutritional food stores. Following are a few points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing fish oil:

· derived at low temperatures from cold and pristine water fish

· molecularly distilled and purified

· has a certificate of analysis

· rich in Omega3 fatty acids DHA and EPA

There are, however, a few risks associated with ingesting fish oil. Some of them are as follows:

· Higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke as a result of decline in the in the amount of time taken in blood to clot

· For those taking anticoagulants, bleeding disorders or high blood pressure

· Weakening of Immune System due to intake of large doses

· Increase in blood sugar levels due to large doses

· Nausea, diarrhea, gas, and a bad taste in the mouth

· Intake of 3 grams or more per day may increase the risk of bleeding

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Herbal Remedies for Cancer - Top 5 Herbs

by Krishna Herbal

Cancer is a vicious condition which can kill you very quickly if left untreated. This is dangerous, regardless of the breed of your contract and it is important that it is always taken very seriously. The best way to treat cancer is to catch it as early as you can.

Previously, she caught more effective treatments will be. Older cancer becomes more likely to metastasise and spread throughout the body, when this happens your chances of survival begin to decline quickly.

For the most part, cancer treatment can be just as vicious as the disease itself. There are herbal remedies that can be used to relieve side effects of these treatments and can actually help slow the cancer itself a lot. It should always be taken as well as its established procedures and never instead. There are some herbal remedies to treat cancer.

Top Cancer Herbs:


Chaparral is still one of the best grass cancer one that has been used for centuries. Chaparral is a shrub that is abundant in the Mojave Desert area. Chaparral is a powerful anti-cancer herb and is a powerful liver stimulant. Chaparral will flush out any toxins that are buried in his liver.


Often underestimated, as it is customary, garlic is the number one anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic plant. If someone need to kill the body, work garlic herb. Garlic is so powerful that people have been killed by her cancer eating garlic separately.
If you have cancer, you need to eat 3-5 cloves of raw garlic a day less. Eight cloves per day is the minimum, if you are terminally ill.

Poke Root:

Poke root is a very powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumor herb that can literally burn the tumor away. Compresses containing poke root has been used for major natural healers literally dissolve external tumors, such as breast cancer.


Myrrh oil helps to build a strong immune system, increasing strength, if the white blood cells to attack cancerous growths in our body. A strong immune system can prevent tumor growth and destroy cancer cells on its own, without any external support.
Apply myrrh oil externally on the cancer field and take a tablespoon daily to strengthen your immunity to destroy the cancer.


Some researchers suggest that papaya leaves can cure cancer. The anticancer cure papaya leaves must be cut and heat it with two cups of water. Simmer until the water content is reduced to one cup.Take 3 tablespoons of water three times a day. Long-term treatment is to remove the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. During this period includes raw papaya, as well as in your diet every day.

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