Friday, April 19, 2013

White turmeric usefulness as Anti-Tumor

Did you know white turmeric (zedoary root)? Root vegetable that is widely available in India and Indonesia region has proven can be used to cure the tumor.
White turmeric root itself has characteristics such as turmeric, the yellow color is only white, and somewhat aromatic odor. In the taxonomy of plants belonging to the family of white turmeric ginger. We already know that a lot of its own ginger root used in traditional life of Asian people, both in food recipes drink daily or as herbal or traditional medicine. Known that ginger contains many essential oils that are useful for the human body. Long before modern medicine to know, Asian people have used white turmeric root in their treatment.
For people who live in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, white turmeric rhizome is perhaps not so strange. This plant in Indonesia known as white turmeric, while its scientific name is Curcuma zedoaria. This plant grows wild in Indonesia, many in gardens and sometimes also cultivated. Since time immemorial white turmeric is commonly used as one element of traditional medicine. Many older people who use it for various purposes:
- Improve digestion, relieve symptoms of abdominal pain or inflammation of the stomach
- To increase blood flow
- Make regular menstrual
- Helps reduce coughing and nausea
- Therapy for tumors.
Not all types of turmeric is anti tumor. It should be noted that people sometimes can not distinguish white from turmeric turmeric gombyok. Gombyok turmeric itself has no utility as anti-tumor, can only be used as an anti-diarrhea and dysentery. Characteristics of turmeric gombyok is likely bulat2 shape, white sticky contains a lot of water.
So what exactly is the content of this white turmeric so it can be used as an anti-cancer agent or a tumor? The researchers acknowledge that white turmeric contains many bioactive compounds that can inhibit the spread of proven cancer cells in the body that hurt. Among the many substances that act as principal is isocurcumenol and methyl anticancer sterolate. A number of in vivo studies demonstrate the effectiveness of these substances.
Since thousands of years ago Asians have used white turmeric in their treatment therapy even though they themselves do not know what the substance content in it. Along the development, scientific research recently revealed that certain substances in it does have antitumor effects and cure cancer. By inhibiting activity known as the usefulness of ovarian cancer cells, we certainly will be more stable when using it. However, consultation with experts is still needed. Keep in mind that in addition to usability substantially as described above, white turmeric also has a performance impact reduces white blood cells, also not good when consumed by pregnant or nursing women.

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