Monday, April 15, 2013

Red Meat Causes Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure

     You certainly know red meat, which is meat which is red when raw and when cooked does not change color to white. Some people may already know or heard information that is still controversial that red meat apparently contains a potential health risk. Considered red meat can contribute to clogged arteries, or what is referred to as atherosclerosis and heart failure. If compared, the arteries or veins is similar to the pipes are flexible with a slippery surface. When the walls of the blood pipes dirt clung to the inner surface becomes rough, become hardened and clogged or narrowed, this is called atherosclerosis. The blockage has been suspected to be caused by a particularly fat or cholesterol.
    However, recent findings of experts in Nature Medicine found that substances in red meat are the principal cause atherosclerosis or heart failure not only cholesterol but is carnitine. The latest findings from Cleveland Clinic suggests how carnitine developed as chemical reactions of bacteria in the intestines (gut bacteria) to follow the diet of people who eat meat. This means that the consumption of meat produces carnitine development that will impact on the formation of arterial blockages.
  Many people are not aware that they suffer from atherosclerosis or heart failure symptoms until the illness when it occurs in their bodies. Blockage of the arteries can lead to heart failure, stroke, or even death. Although there are many reasons for the occurrence of clogged arteries, red meat suspected to be the most essential factor. If this time is estimated that the main factor that is cholesterol blockage, recently found that an important effect also is carnitine. Carnitine alone there are fish, chicken, and other dairy products, but the greatest source of carnitine is there on the red meat. The findings also found side by researchers is the fact that energy drinks are also sometimes contain carnitine, which in turn is expected to lead to the risk of heart failure.
 For the most effective way to prevent atherosclerosis is by eating a healthy diet. People who often eat red meat will have a higher risk of developing atherosclerosis than people who eat a reasonable or even not at all. Dietary pattern effect on the size of carnitine for the arterial blockage. Long-term research shows that the more vulnerable omnivor and carnivore, while the vegan and herbivor more resistant to blockage symptoms of atherosclerosis and heart failure when exposed to red meat consumption.
    Indeed, there is still controversy surrounding the findings about the benefits or disadvantages of red meat on health, the majority of researchers agreed this result. However so, this does not mean that you should stop eating red meat altogether. Sirloin steak may be very tempting to eat you, but moderation be the most important factor here. Meat consumption is seen by some researchers as necessary to meet the nutritional needs or human nutrition, as long as it balanced. The bottom line, L-carnitine is not good for health, whether it is in health drinks or in the red meat, it is better to avoid.
   That should be considered as a whole is in terms of the pattern of our lives than the consumption of foods and beverages that may be the real factors that cause disease. It could be genetic factors such as parents' health history, high blood pressure, lack of exercise habits, and smoking, and stress. The researchers also acknowledge that in order to explore how closely the link between red meat consumption and atherosclerosis and heart failure are still required further research more carefully.

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