Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hazardous Chemicals In Household Products

We may have heard or read at a glance about the health and environmental campaign group who claimed that some products of our homes contain hazardous or toxic chemicals. But what is it toxic? Toxic substances are substances that contain chemicals that when inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed by the skin we will disrupt and damage our body's performance. There are two types of toxic substances, which are found in nature and man-made.
 - In nature there are living organisms that contain toxins, such as fungi, certain plants (tuba), poisonous animals (snakes, scorpions) and so on. However, in our daily life we ​​can avoid all that and we did not meet directly at our house.
 - Man-made toxic substances. That this would sometimes be close to us, is all around us. For example: paint the walls with mercury, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, insect repellent. Indeed, the packaging stated that all the products are used for something useful. But still keep in mind the substance ammonia, silica flour, caustic soda, triclosan, and others. All that is unnatural ingredients that pose a risk to health. We can not ignore that there is not always labeled 'corrosive', 'irritant', or 'toxic' in our everyday products.
 When the household cleaning products that use them evaporate or scattered into the air, attached to clothing, walls and into our bodies. Driveway toxins contained in it is respiratory system and skin. Do not forget, our skin is porous or perforated. Laundry bleach, bathroom cleaner, artificial fragrances and ammonia contained in other products slowly get into our bodies. In the short term it may not be too big an effect, but if it lasts a long time, we are really facing a big risk, as identified by the researchers, such as cancer.
 Therefore, it is recommended that we have the product awareness. Use of toxic products strictly in accordance with the rules of use. Especially for the kids, be careful, it is recommended not to use or play with. Children and babies are more vulnerable to toxic and hazardous chemicals (hazardous chemicals). Best practice is that we do not use it at all. The trick? Find alternatives or other options that may be available. As an alternative cleaners, use vinegar. For fragrances and perfumes, avoid perfume (fragrance) made chemically, using seed oils or essential oils. Use coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) for sunscreen, and choose natural skin care products. When shopping, look for products labeled green, or made from plants (plant-based). From shampoo to air freshener, choose a safe.
 There are so many ways to live healthier. Diligently tracing the sources of the internet to obtain a healthier product alternatives and naturally, we also become more understanding of ourselves, what we are like body and soul. By using non-toxic products that we can look beautiful naturally, avoid premature aging, having brighter and healthier skin inner and outer course.

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