Friday, April 12, 2013

Environmental Pollution and Cancer Cases

 Environmental pollution (water and air) have a direct impact on the increase of cancer cases in China, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese government a few years ago. There, a lot of factories and industrial buildings located on the edge of the river, so that they easily throw their waste into the river. As a result, predictably river water becomes heavily polluted groundwater and contaminate the source of drinking a lot of people, explained the Ministry of Health. In addition, the news-source Xinhua reported how the widespread use of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture is also directly contaminate food and beverage intake of the population. Development of concern is that the increasing cases of cancer not only in urban, but also penetrated the villages.
Meanwhile, in the United States also increased nearly similar. Some time ago a number of researchers have found a sad fact that many pregnant women are exposed to polluted air are more likely to give birth to babies who are not healthy and in some cases even babies who develop cancer. Scientists at the American Association of Cancer Research proves close links between pollution highway with symptoms of acute leukemia and eye tumors in children born to mothers exposed to pollution. The researchers observed how traffic conditions are filled with car exhaust fumes hazardous to human health that inhabit the houses nearby. The study shows how exposure to the polluted highway impact on the health of a lower level than what happens to those who live far away or rarely access the highway. The study among other measures the volume of traffic and exhaust emissions levels are there on the streets.
All of this is a serious warning, what a dirty environmental pollution is really dangerous for us, especially the children. During this study researcer examines more cases of cancer in adults. Findings on cancer-related pollution on children's somehow sad. Some time ago you might have heard about the results of a study that concluded that exposure to pollutants actually have an impact on children's obesity and behavioral problems. It's sad to know how the baby is still in the womb is already affected by a polluted environment, even before they were born.
The environment in which we live should be a haven for small children and the baby mother, not a hell. The mother in particular, and we all generally, should re-think that approach should thus polluting the environment. So, if possible, it would be healthier if we lived in the village, or at least we should avoid pollutants that are near us, limit contact with cancer-triggering factors sort of cleansing chemical, unhealthy foods, and smoke-filled highway .

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