Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can You Really Eat For A Pound A Day?

by GIll Richards
Are well-meaning people playing into politicians' hands by trying to prove it is possible to eat for a pound a day? Is this action going to further damage health in an already unhealthy society? Has anyone else realised that the supermarkets who are toying with our health by adding salt, sugar and additives to enhance their 'value' ranges are being actively promoted by 'Live below the Line'?

I understand and support the concept we should think about others in the world, but doesn't charity begin at home? I donate a few items each week for a local family who are struggling to make ends meet. There are people so close by who are unable to eat and drink properly and that really does tug at my heartstrings. As for the recommendation to drink tap water.....well, drag me off the ceiling. Whether we are in the UK or over in Spain I would not let my children drink tap water.

Well-meaning the campaign surely is and it is supported by 'celebs', meaning lots of media coverage. Sorry though, I could not and would not support this, nor inflict it on my family or pets.

I appreciate the good-will behind five days of living on a quid and raising funds for charity. As a responsible parent, I constantly harry my children about waste. They would be very wealthy if they had a Pound Sterling or a Euro for each time they have heard me say 'there are children starving in.....' There is no food wasted in our home. Anything which is left over is given to our dogs and cats and because of our healthy eating habits it is fine for them to eat too.

I am on a very strict budget, but I could not deliberately feed my children an unhealthy diet, supporting the view of Mr IDS that he can live on 53 quid a week. Children need decent nutrition, they have to go to school and have the energy to learn, study, play and exercise. If you are a parent, are you happy to neglect the health of your own children to help others because of the restrictions of the local government? I am not, even for 5 days.

I monitor my food intake for health reasons, so I was very uncomfortable with the advice being given. I am not alone in having food allergies! The official 'Live below the line' website has a free recipe book and advice, which of course, because of my studies, I downloaded......unless I am mistaken, I am unable to find any recipe I can eat without becoming ill. I eat a LOT, although not in huge meals.

If I don't eat, I am hungry and have no energy to work or look after my family and family pets. I eat healthy food. If I was hungry I could not function and by eating well I take responsibility for my health.

According to the online recipe book for 'Live below the Line', one of the primary ingredients for a 'healthy' salad is as follows: Value tinned garden peas, containing..... Water, Sugar, Salt, Colours (Tartrazine, Green S), Mint Extract.. I am not going to preach about salt and sugar intake. I will about eating fresh food and avoiding Tartrazine.....look it up people, it is not good, it has a serious adverse effect on one of my children and also on myself as an individual who is allergic to aspirin.

So, getting back to the point, is it wise to advise the UK population that a diet of porridge, cheap pasta, sugary jam, potatoes, white bread, margarine (!) and cooking bacon is acceptable? Surely it would be more beneficial to campaign for food vouchers for low income families so they can purchase healthy food, along with advice on healthy eating, menu plans which are not laden with salt, sugar and additives, ready-made shopping lists to make it easy for busy people?

If you have time on your hands have a look at the ingredients in the value canned vegetables and fruit recommended.....salt, sugar.....plus the recipes advise you to add more salt. I may as well allow my kids to feast on junk 24/7 and look forward to the day when they suffer from heart disease, diabetes, become obese........

I cannot eat some foods because they make me ill. I am not feeling sorry for myself, it is just how it is. Food intolerance or allergy and health restrictions are not considered in this exercise. I was concerned that Miss Monroe, who was giving advice on the BBC Breakfast programme (and now has a book deal on the basis of her blog), has a young son, and was advocating the use of cheap cooking bacon as an acceptable source of protein! 'Cheap bacon' is cheap for a reason, is more than likely pumped full of water, massive amounts of salt and goodness knows what else. Where was the oily fish, the lean meat, the huge variety of fresh, reasonably priced, healthy vegetable proteins we have at our disposal these days?

As a mother, I spend a lot of time each week making sure my family eat a healthy, balanced diet. I am on a strict budget, but my family get their five a day and more, which would not be possible with the recommended small mixed box of vegetables once a week.

Most startling was that the prices given were based on a teaspoon of this and one of that, all of which you could not possibly buy in a teaspoon measure! You would have to spend a full 'big shop' budget to have all those ingredients in place. Someone please tell me where I can buy one teaspoon of mayonnaise for each bean burger I may make for my kids? When do kids, when allowed access to the mayo, take just one teaspoon? I strongly suspect Miss Monroe was not really living on one pound a day.

Equally startling was the use of battery eggs because they are cheaper, although you have to buy 30 at a time, sending the pennies way over the budget. My family would prefer to do without eggs, thank you so much. The cheap ham sandwich on white bread with no salad is not a healthy lunch. The bread may swell up and fill your tummy for a short while, but the cheap ham, like the bacon, is full of water, salt and lots of other nasty things Get out clause for this on the website is to 'share' food for the five days with other people on the same scheme, so who keeps the mayo and cheap, nasty ham in their fridge, or do you rotate?

I was interested to hear that Jack Monroe, when challenged on fuel costs stated she cooks a casserole on the hob in 30 minutes. It takes a lot longer for me to create a healthy casserole or soup and my boys love them. She then revealed the meat used in the casseroles was cooking bacon. Never a mention of a slow cooker.....are they the work of the devil now? If you shop around you can find a slow cooker with a variety of settings, which uses only slightly more energy than a single light bulb. Did anyone mention pressure cookers? No, they are not fashionable any more -- they are amazing for making soups and stews and saving energy on the hob.

Our eldest son has recently moved into his first apartment share with a friend. We were invited for dinner as a reward for helping out this week. He told me he was making chips.....CHIPS, I was stunned! The 'chips' turned out to be healthy, oven baked potato wedges (with the skin still on, seasoned with paprika, just like Mama makes!). Just goes to show that children and young adults are very receptive to healthy eating advice if given in the right way and eating habits are established. My kids have been cooking with me since they were 'teeny-tinies', standing on a chair next to me. It is a bonding exercise, if nothing else.

Time and money could be better spent on protesting in a peaceful way about the state some families live in, making sure they know how to feed themselves properly and healthily on a sensible budget and supporting the local community. Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are all on the rise which is a massive drain on public resources. This stunt doesn't help to solve any of them.

So, what does the publicity that it is possible to eat for a pound a day really teach our children? It gives them an unrealistic belief and unhealthy eating habits.

What does it teach us? It is not nice to be hungry and governments need to be put under pressure to remove the need for food banks and unhealthy food. Time for action to be sure, but is this really the right way?

Gill has worked coaching many people and ran a successful health and beauty clinic in the UK. Now working between the UK and southern Spain, Gill is also advising on nutrition and healthy eating. http://www.es-cape.es

Friday, April 19, 2013

White turmeric usefulness as Anti-Tumor

Did you know white turmeric (zedoary root)? Root vegetable that is widely available in India and Indonesia region has proven can be used to cure the tumor.
White turmeric root itself has characteristics such as turmeric, the yellow color is only white, and somewhat aromatic odor. In the taxonomy of plants belonging to the family of white turmeric ginger. We already know that a lot of its own ginger root used in traditional life of Asian people, both in food recipes drink daily or as herbal or traditional medicine. Known that ginger contains many essential oils that are useful for the human body. Long before modern medicine to know, Asian people have used white turmeric root in their treatment.
For people who live in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, white turmeric rhizome is perhaps not so strange. This plant in Indonesia known as white turmeric, while its scientific name is Curcuma zedoaria. This plant grows wild in Indonesia, many in gardens and sometimes also cultivated. Since time immemorial white turmeric is commonly used as one element of traditional medicine. Many older people who use it for various purposes:
- Improve digestion, relieve symptoms of abdominal pain or inflammation of the stomach
- To increase blood flow
- Make regular menstrual
- Helps reduce coughing and nausea
- Therapy for tumors.
Not all types of turmeric is anti tumor. It should be noted that people sometimes can not distinguish white from turmeric turmeric gombyok. Gombyok turmeric itself has no utility as anti-tumor, can only be used as an anti-diarrhea and dysentery. Characteristics of turmeric gombyok is likely bulat2 shape, white sticky contains a lot of water.
So what exactly is the content of this white turmeric so it can be used as an anti-cancer agent or a tumor? The researchers acknowledge that white turmeric contains many bioactive compounds that can inhibit the spread of proven cancer cells in the body that hurt. Among the many substances that act as principal is isocurcumenol and methyl anticancer sterolate. A number of in vivo studies demonstrate the effectiveness of these substances.
Since thousands of years ago Asians have used white turmeric in their treatment therapy even though they themselves do not know what the substance content in it. Along the development, scientific research recently revealed that certain substances in it does have antitumor effects and cure cancer. By inhibiting activity known as the usefulness of ovarian cancer cells, we certainly will be more stable when using it. However, consultation with experts is still needed. Keep in mind that in addition to usability substantially as described above, white turmeric also has a performance impact reduces white blood cells, also not good when consumed by pregnant or nursing women.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gefährliche Chemikalien in Haushaltsprodukten

Wir haben vielleicht gehört oder gelesen haben, auf einen Blick über die Gesundheits-und Umwelt-Kampagne Gruppe, dass einige Produkte unserer Häuser können gefährliche oder giftige Chemikalien enthalten ist. Aber was ist es giftig? Giftige Stoffe sind Stoffe, Chemikalien, die bei Einatmen, Verschlucken oder Aufnahme durch die Haut wir stören und beschädigen unsere körperliche Leistungsfähigkeit enthalten. Es gibt zwei Arten von toxischen Substanzen, die in der Natur gefunden werden und Menschen gemacht.
 - In der Natur gibt es Lebewesen, die Giftstoffe, wie Pilze, bestimmte Pflanzen (Tuba), giftige Tiere (Schlangen, Skorpione) und so weiter enthalten. Doch in unserem täglichen Leben können wir vermeiden, dass alle und wir haben nicht direkt treffen in unserem Haus.
 - Toxische Substanzen Man-made. Dass dies manchmal in der Nähe von uns, ist alles um uns herum. Zum Beispiel: die Wände zu streichen mit Quecksilber, Bodenreiniger, Waschmittel, Insektenschutzmittel. Tatsächlich erklärte der Verpackung, dass alle Produkte für etwas Sinnvolles verwendet werden. Aber immer noch im Hinterkopf behalten, die Substanz Ammoniak, Quarzmehl, Natronlauge, Triclosan und andere. Alle, die unnatürliche Zutaten, die eine Gefahr für die Gesundheit ist. Wir können nicht ignorieren, dass es nicht immer beschriftet "ätzend", "reizend" oder "giftig" in unserem alltäglichen Produkten.Wenn die Haushaltsreiniger, die sie verwenden oder verdampfen verstreut in die Luft, an der Kleidung befestigt, Wände und in unseren Körper. Auffahrt Giftstoffe darin enthaltenen Atmungsorgane und die Haut. Vergessen Sie nicht, unsere Haut ist porös oder perforiert. Wäsche bleichen, Badreiniger, künstliche Duftstoffe und Ammoniak in anderen Erzeugnissen enthaltenen langsam in unseren Körper zu bekommen. Kurzfristig kann es nicht eine zu große Wirkung, aber wenn es eine lange Zeit dauert, sind wir wirklich vor einer großen Gefahr, als von den Forschern, wie Krebs identifiziert.
 Daher empfiehlt es sich, dass wir die Bekanntheit des Produkts haben. Verwenden von Giftstoffen in strikter Übereinstimmung mit den Regeln der Nutzung. Besonders für die Kinder, vorsichtig sein, empfiehlt es sich, nicht zu verwenden oder zu spielen. Kinder und Babys sind anfälliger für toxische und gefährliche 
Chemikalien (gefährliche Chemikalien). Best Practice ist, dass wir nicht nutzen es überhaupt nicht. Der Trick? Finden Sie Alternativen oder andere Optionen, die verfügbar sein können. Als Alternative Reinigungsmittel, Essig verwenden. Für Düfte und Parfums, Parfüm zu vermeiden (Duft) aus chemisch mit Pflanzenölen oder ätherischen Ölen. Verwenden Kokosnussöl (Virgin Coconut Oil) für Sonnencreme, und wählen Sie natürliche Hautpflege-Produkte. Beim Einkauf für Produkte mit der Bezeichnung grün aussehen, oder aus Pflanzen (auf pflanzlicher Basis) gemacht. Von Shampoo Lufterfrischer, wählen Sie einen Safe.
 Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten, gesünder zu leben. Sorgfältig Tracing die Quellen des Internets zu einem gesünderen Alternativen Produkt zu erhalten und natürlich haben wir auch mehr Verständnis für uns selbst zu werden, was wir sind, wie Körper und Seele. Durch die Verwendung von nicht-toxische Produkte, die wir schön aussehen kann natürlich vermeiden, vorzeitiges Altern, mit heller und gesündere Haut inneren und äußeren Verlauf.

Substances chimiques dangereuses dans les produits ménagers

Nous avons peut-être entendu ou lu un coup d'œil sur la santé et le groupe de campagne de l'environnement qui a affirmé que certains produits de nos maisons contiennent des produits chimiques dangereux ou toxiques. Mais quel est-il toxique? Les substances toxiques sont des substances qui contiennent des produits chimiques que par inhalation, ingestion ou absorbé par la peau, nous allons perturber et nuire à la performance de notre corps. Il existe deux types de substances toxiques qui se trouvent dans la nature et par l'homme.
 - Dans la nature, il ya des organismes vivants qui contiennent des toxines, comme les champignons, certaines plantes (tuba), les animaux venimeux (serpents, scorpions) et ainsi de suite. Cependant, dans notre vie quotidienne, nous pouvons éviter tout cela et nous n'avons pas rencontré directement à notre maison.
 - Man-made substances toxiques. Que ce serait parfois proche de nous, est tout autour de nous. Par exemple: peindre les murs avec du mercure, nettoyant pour plancher, détergent à lessive, insectifuge. En effet, l'emballage a déclaré que tous les produits sont utilisés pour quelque chose d'utile. Mais toujours garder à l'esprit l'ammoniac de substance, de la farine de silice, de la soude caustique, le triclosan, et d'autres. Tout ce qui est contre nature des ingrédients qui posent un risque pour la santé. Nous ne pouvons pas ignorer qu'il n'y a pas toujours étiquetés «corrosif», «irritant» ou «toxique» dans nos produits de consommation courante.
 Lorsque les produits de nettoyage domestiques qui les utilisent s'évaporent ou dispersées dans l'air, attachés aux vêtements, aux murs et dans nos corps. toxines Allée qu'il contient sont les voies respiratoires et la peau. N'oubliez pas, notre peau est poreux ou perforé. eau de javel, nettoyant salle de bain, parfums artificiels et de l'ammoniac contenu dans d'autres produits arrivent lentement dans notre corps. À court terme, il peut ne pas être trop grand un effet, mais si ça dure longtemps, nous sommes vraiment face à un grand risque, identifiée par les chercheurs, comme le cancer.
 Par conséquent, il est recommandé que nous avons la notoriété du produit. L'utilisation de produits toxiques en stricte conformité avec les règles d'utilisation. Surtout pour les enfants, faites attention, il est recommandé de ne pas utiliser ou jouer avec. Les enfants et les bébés sont plus vulnérables aux produits chimiques toxiques et dangereux (produits chimiques dangereux). Meilleure pratique est que nous n'utilisons pas du tout. L'astuce? Trouver des alternatives ou d'autres options qui peuvent être disponibles. Comme une alternative de nettoyage, utiliser du vinaigre. Pour les parfums et les parfums, éviter parfum (fragrance) fait chimiquement, en utilisant des huiles de graines ou d'huiles essentielles. Utilisez de l'huile de noix de coco (huile de coco vierge) pour la crème solaire, et choisissez des produits naturels de soins de la peau. Lors de l'achat, chercher des produits étiquetés vert, ou fabriqué à partir de plantes (à base de plantes). Du shampooing pour assainisseur d'air, choisir un coffre-fort.
 Il ya tellement de façons de vivre en meilleure santé. Suivi assidûment les sources de l'Internet pour obtenir une meilleure santé alternatives de produits et naturellement, nous devenons aussi plus de compréhension de nous-mêmes, ce que nous sommes corps et âme. En utilisant des produits non toxiques que l'on peut être belle naturellement, éviter le vieillissement prématuré, avoir la peau claire et saine intérieure et extérieure bien sûr.

Hazardous Chemicals In Household Products

We may have heard or read at a glance about the health and environmental campaign group who claimed that some products of our homes contain hazardous or toxic chemicals. But what is it toxic? Toxic substances are substances that contain chemicals that when inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed by the skin we will disrupt and damage our body's performance. There are two types of toxic substances, which are found in nature and man-made.
 - In nature there are living organisms that contain toxins, such as fungi, certain plants (tuba), poisonous animals (snakes, scorpions) and so on. However, in our daily life we ​​can avoid all that and we did not meet directly at our house.
 - Man-made toxic substances. That this would sometimes be close to us, is all around us. For example: paint the walls with mercury, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, insect repellent. Indeed, the packaging stated that all the products are used for something useful. But still keep in mind the substance ammonia, silica flour, caustic soda, triclosan, and others. All that is unnatural ingredients that pose a risk to health. We can not ignore that there is not always labeled 'corrosive', 'irritant', or 'toxic' in our everyday products.
 When the household cleaning products that use them evaporate or scattered into the air, attached to clothing, walls and into our bodies. Driveway toxins contained in it is respiratory system and skin. Do not forget, our skin is porous or perforated. Laundry bleach, bathroom cleaner, artificial fragrances and ammonia contained in other products slowly get into our bodies. In the short term it may not be too big an effect, but if it lasts a long time, we are really facing a big risk, as identified by the researchers, such as cancer.
 Therefore, it is recommended that we have the product awareness. Use of toxic products strictly in accordance with the rules of use. Especially for the kids, be careful, it is recommended not to use or play with. Children and babies are more vulnerable to toxic and hazardous chemicals (hazardous chemicals). Best practice is that we do not use it at all. The trick? Find alternatives or other options that may be available. As an alternative cleaners, use vinegar. For fragrances and perfumes, avoid perfume (fragrance) made chemically, using seed oils or essential oils. Use coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) for sunscreen, and choose natural skin care products. When shopping, look for products labeled green, or made from plants (plant-based). From shampoo to air freshener, choose a safe.
 There are so many ways to live healthier. Diligently tracing the sources of the internet to obtain a healthier product alternatives and naturally, we also become more understanding of ourselves, what we are like body and soul. By using non-toxic products that we can look beautiful naturally, avoid premature aging, having brighter and healthier skin inner and outer course.

Monday, April 15, 2013

La viande rouge provoque L'athérosclérose et une insuffisance cardiaque

Vous connaissez certainement la viande rouge, ce qui est de la viande qui est rouge quand elle est crue et lorsque cuit ne change pas de couleur au blanc. Certaines personnes peuvent déjà connaître ou entendu des informations qui est encore controversée que la viande rouge contient apparemment un risque potentiel pour la santé. Considérée comme la viande rouge peut contribuer à l'obstruction des artères, ou ce qui est appelé athérosclérose et l'insuffisance cardiaque. Si on les compare, les artères ou des veines est similaire aux tuyaux sont flexibles avec une surface glissante. Lorsque les murs du sang tuyaux saleté se sont accrochés à la surface intérieure devient rugueuse, se durcissent et obstrué ou resserré, c'est ce qu'on appelle l'athérosclérose. Le blocage a été soupçonnée d'être causées par un particulier la graisse ou de cholestérol.Cependant, les récentes conclusions des experts dans la revue Nature Medicine ont découvert que des substances dans la viande rouge sont la cause principale athérosclérose ou d'insuffisance cardiaque non seulement le taux de cholestérol, mais est carnitine. Les dernières découvertes de la Cleveland Clinic suggère comment carnitine développé des réactions chimiques de bactéries dans les intestins (bactéries intestinales) à suivre le régime alimentaire des personnes qui mangent de la viande. Cela signifie que la consommation de viande produit carnitine développement qui aura un impact sur la formation de blocages artériels.Beaucoup de gens ne sont pas conscients qu'ils souffrent de symptômes d'insuffisance cardiaque ou l'athérosclérose jusqu'à ce que la maladie dès son apparition dans leur corps. L'obstruction des artères peut entraîner une insuffisance cardiaque, accident vasculaire cérébral, voire la mort. Bien qu'il existe de nombreuses raisons à l'apparition d'artères obstruées, la viande rouge soupçonné d'être le facteur le plus essentiel. Si ce temps est estimé que le principal facteur qui est le blocage du cholestérol, a révélé récemment qu'un effet important est également carnitine. Carnitine seul il ya du poisson, de poulet et d'autres produits laitiers, mais la plus grande source de carnitine est là sur la viande rouge. Les résultats ont également trouvé côté par les chercheurs est le fait que les boissons énergisantes sont aussi parfois contiennent carnitine, qui devrait à son tour conduire à un risque d'insuffisance cardiaque.
 Pour le moyen le plus efficace pour prévenir l'athérosclérose est de manger une alimentation saine. Les gens qui mangent souvent de la viande rouge auront un risque plus élevé de développer une athérosclérose que les personnes qui mangent un délai raisonnable, ou même pas du tout. Effet de régime alimentaire sur la taille de la carnitine pour le blocage artériel. La recherche à long terme montre que le omnivor plus vulnérables et carnivore, tandis que le végétalien et herbivor plus résistant aux symptômes blocage de l'athérosclérose et l'insuffisance cardiaque lorsqu'il est exposé à la consommation de viande rouge.
 En effet, il existe toujours une controverse entourant les conclusions sur les avantages ou les inconvénients de la viande rouge sur la santé, la majorité des chercheurs a accepté ce résultat. Mais oui, cela ne signifie pas que vous devez arrêter de manger de la viande rouge tout à fait. Entrecôte peut être très tentant de vous manger, mais la modération est le facteur le plus important ici. La consommation de viande est considérée par certains chercheurs comme nécessaire pour répondre aux besoins nutritionnels ou de la nutrition humaine, aussi longtemps que cela équilibrée. En bout de ligne, la L-carnitine n'est pas bon pour la santé, que ce soit dans les boissons de santé ou dans la viande rouge, il est préférable d'éviter.
 Cela devrait être considéré comme un tout est en fonction de la configuration de nos vies que la consommation d'aliments et de boissons qui peuvent être les véritables facteurs qui causent la maladie. Ce pourrait être des facteurs génétiques tels que la santé de l'histoire, l'hypertension artérielle, le manque d'exercice habitudes et le tabagisme et le stress des parents. Les chercheurs reconnaissent aussi que, dans le but d'explorer à quel point le lien entre la consommation de viande rouge et de l'athérosclérose et l'insuffisance cardiaque sont encore nécessaires d'autres recherches plus attentivement.

Red Meat Causes Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure

     You certainly know red meat, which is meat which is red when raw and when cooked does not change color to white. Some people may already know or heard information that is still controversial that red meat apparently contains a potential health risk. Considered red meat can contribute to clogged arteries, or what is referred to as atherosclerosis and heart failure. If compared, the arteries or veins is similar to the pipes are flexible with a slippery surface. When the walls of the blood pipes dirt clung to the inner surface becomes rough, become hardened and clogged or narrowed, this is called atherosclerosis. The blockage has been suspected to be caused by a particularly fat or cholesterol.
    However, recent findings of experts in Nature Medicine found that substances in red meat are the principal cause atherosclerosis or heart failure not only cholesterol but is carnitine. The latest findings from Cleveland Clinic suggests how carnitine developed as chemical reactions of bacteria in the intestines (gut bacteria) to follow the diet of people who eat meat. This means that the consumption of meat produces carnitine development that will impact on the formation of arterial blockages.
  Many people are not aware that they suffer from atherosclerosis or heart failure symptoms until the illness when it occurs in their bodies. Blockage of the arteries can lead to heart failure, stroke, or even death. Although there are many reasons for the occurrence of clogged arteries, red meat suspected to be the most essential factor. If this time is estimated that the main factor that is cholesterol blockage, recently found that an important effect also is carnitine. Carnitine alone there are fish, chicken, and other dairy products, but the greatest source of carnitine is there on the red meat. The findings also found side by researchers is the fact that energy drinks are also sometimes contain carnitine, which in turn is expected to lead to the risk of heart failure.
 For the most effective way to prevent atherosclerosis is by eating a healthy diet. People who often eat red meat will have a higher risk of developing atherosclerosis than people who eat a reasonable or even not at all. Dietary pattern effect on the size of carnitine for the arterial blockage. Long-term research shows that the more vulnerable omnivor and carnivore, while the vegan and herbivor more resistant to blockage symptoms of atherosclerosis and heart failure when exposed to red meat consumption.
    Indeed, there is still controversy surrounding the findings about the benefits or disadvantages of red meat on health, the majority of researchers agreed this result. However so, this does not mean that you should stop eating red meat altogether. Sirloin steak may be very tempting to eat you, but moderation be the most important factor here. Meat consumption is seen by some researchers as necessary to meet the nutritional needs or human nutrition, as long as it balanced. The bottom line, L-carnitine is not good for health, whether it is in health drinks or in the red meat, it is better to avoid.
   That should be considered as a whole is in terms of the pattern of our lives than the consumption of foods and beverages that may be the real factors that cause disease. It could be genetic factors such as parents' health history, high blood pressure, lack of exercise habits, and smoking, and stress. The researchers also acknowledge that in order to explore how closely the link between red meat consumption and atherosclerosis and heart failure are still required further research more carefully.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pollution de l'environnement et de cas de cancer

Pollution de l'environnement ont un impact direct sur l'augmentation des cas de cancer en Chine, selon une enquête menée par le gouvernement chinois il ya quelques années. Là-bas, beaucoup d'usines et de bâtiments industriels situés sur le bord de la rivière, afin qu'ils jettent facilement leurs déchets dans la rivière. En conséquence, prévisible eau de la rivière devient souterraine polluée et contamine la source de boire beaucoup de gens, a expliqué le ministère de la Santé. En outre, la source nouvelles Xinhua a rapporté comment l'utilisation généralisée des pesticides et des produits chimiques dans l'agriculture est également contaminer directement l'alimentation et la consommation de boissons de la population. Développement de préoccupation est que l'augmentation des cas de cancer non seulement dans les zones urbaines, mais également pénétré dans les villages.Pendant ce temps, aux États-Unis ont également augmenté à peu près semblable. Il ya un certain nombre de chercheurs un certain temps ont découvert un fait triste que de nombreuses femmes enceintes sont exposées à l'air pollué sont plus susceptibles de donner naissance à des bébés qui ne sont pas en bonne santé et, dans certains cas, même les bébés qui développent un cancer. Les scientifiques de l'American Association of Cancer Research prouve liens étroits entre l'autoroute de pollution présentant des symptômes de la leucémie aiguë et les tumeurs oculaires chez les enfants nés de mères exposées à la pollution. Les chercheurs ont observé comment les conditions de circulation sont remplies de fumées d'échappement des voitures dangereuses pour la santé humaine qui habitent les maisons à proximité. L'étude montre comment l'exposition à l'impact de l'autoroute pollué sur la santé d'un niveau inférieur à ce qui arrive à ceux qui habitent loin ou rarement accès de l'autoroute. L'étude parmi d'autres mesures, le volume des niveaux d'émissions de circulation et d'échappement sont là dans les rues.Tout ceci est un avertissement sérieux, quelle pollution de l'environnement sale est vraiment dangereux pour nous, surtout les enfants. Au cours de cette étude researcer examine plus de cas de cancer chez les adultes. Les résultats sur la pollution liée au cancer sur quelque triste pour les enfants. Il ya quelque temps vous avez pu entendre sur les résultats d'une étude qui a conclu que l'exposition aux polluants qui ont un impact sur l'obésité des enfants et des problèmes de comportement. C'est triste de savoir comment le bébé est encore dans l'utérus est déjà affectée par un environnement pollué, avant même leur naissance.L'environnement dans lequel nous vivons doit être un havre de paix pour les enfants et la mère de l'enfant, pas un enfer. La mère en particulier, et nous avons tous en général, devraient repenser cette approche devrait donc polluer l'environnement. Donc, si c'est possible, il serait plus sain si nous vivions dans le village, ou du moins on devrait éviter de polluants qui sont près de nous, limiter les contacts avec le cancer des facteurs déclenchants sorte de nettoyage chimique, aliments malsains, et la route remplie de fumée.

Environmental Pollution and Cancer Cases

 Environmental pollution (water and air) have a direct impact on the increase of cancer cases in China, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese government a few years ago. There, a lot of factories and industrial buildings located on the edge of the river, so that they easily throw their waste into the river. As a result, predictably river water becomes heavily polluted groundwater and contaminate the source of drinking a lot of people, explained the Ministry of Health. In addition, the news-source Xinhua reported how the widespread use of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture is also directly contaminate food and beverage intake of the population. Development of concern is that the increasing cases of cancer not only in urban, but also penetrated the villages.
Meanwhile, in the United States also increased nearly similar. Some time ago a number of researchers have found a sad fact that many pregnant women are exposed to polluted air are more likely to give birth to babies who are not healthy and in some cases even babies who develop cancer. Scientists at the American Association of Cancer Research proves close links between pollution highway with symptoms of acute leukemia and eye tumors in children born to mothers exposed to pollution. The researchers observed how traffic conditions are filled with car exhaust fumes hazardous to human health that inhabit the houses nearby. The study shows how exposure to the polluted highway impact on the health of a lower level than what happens to those who live far away or rarely access the highway. The study among other measures the volume of traffic and exhaust emissions levels are there on the streets.
All of this is a serious warning, what a dirty environmental pollution is really dangerous for us, especially the children. During this study researcer examines more cases of cancer in adults. Findings on cancer-related pollution on children's somehow sad. Some time ago you might have heard about the results of a study that concluded that exposure to pollutants actually have an impact on children's obesity and behavioral problems. It's sad to know how the baby is still in the womb is already affected by a polluted environment, even before they were born.
The environment in which we live should be a haven for small children and the baby mother, not a hell. The mother in particular, and we all generally, should re-think that approach should thus polluting the environment. So, if possible, it would be healthier if we lived in the village, or at least we should avoid pollutants that are near us, limit contact with cancer-triggering factors sort of cleansing chemical, unhealthy foods, and smoke-filled highway .