Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pregnant Without Pound

Ruth Burke
No girl or woman in this world likes to be called ‘fat’. But what happens when you are pregnant? You will surely gain weight and truly speaking, it is quite a lot. Moreover, the elders have always been advising you to eat more so that the baby remains healthy. Is that really true? No, it is not! Follow the pregnancy miracle routine and you will be left totally surprised.

Monitor regularly the food that you eat. Well, to keep a check on your weight does not mean you stop eating. Not eating while pregnant will of course be problematic. Instead when you eat, chew it properly for better digestion. It will help to prevent the fat from storing in your body. For your diet, include more of fibrous food than fatty supplements. The extra food that you would keep gobbling might taste great. But remember: the taste that would last for a few minutes may show its effect on the body forever.

Another trick for pregnancy miracle is to exercise during pregnancy. It is healthy for the baby and a smarter choice for you too. You will give the baby the necessary health regime as well as keep track of your weight. Keeping your body active automatically cast off the excessive flesh. Morning and evening walks are sufficient for remaining fit.

In addition, water is absolutely vital for the body. It helps in getting rid of the body toxins and is a natural way to ward off any disease. It is good for the skin too. Thus drink lots of water when you are pregnant. Moreover, apart from giving your body the desired water content, it may also fill your stomach to avoid stuffing in extra food and accumulating fat.

Unlike everybody’s expectation that a woman bloats up considerably when she is pregnant, show off to the world that you can control your weight gain even while you are conceiving.
People keep saying eat for you and for the baby. But the baby inside you will eat only how much it requires and it does not need a complete meal. It will only take the limited amount of nutrition from the food you eat and that is it! In other words, you need only around 300 calories every day to maintain your and your baby’s health. Do not think that gaining weight is equivalent to a healthier baby. In fact, excess of weight can cause complications. Overweight can be harmful to the baby too. If your baby is too fat on birth, there may be high chances that it may suffer from problems like asthma and heart disease, and may leave it obese for the entire life.

However, talking about maintaining your body shape, every girl or woman hates being referred to as a tire or one with a flabby stomach. After the child’s birth, you will definitely not get the time to lose weight. So the question goes: why not plan ahead to prevent unnecessary mess in the future? It may sound tough for some but sticking to a fitness regime can help you save the later rigorous exercise to shed the extra pounds.

Another important point to be kept in mind is that some pregnant women may also crave for sweet sugary food. But do not fall prey to these needs. Listen to your instinct that is stopping you from indulging. Do away with the calorie-gainers. Besides, having a little once in a while to satisfy your desire is good, but swimming in a pool of sugar can lose your focus from attaining the pregnancy miracle. It must be consciously remembered that too much eating during pregnancy may make you feel better but it will be visible on your hips for lifetime. Instead choose a filling yet nutritious diet to get going on the right track.
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