Saturday, March 23, 2013

Benefits of Argan Oil

by edwordbella
Argan oil is commonly referred to in the hair care world as “miracle oil,” as it possesses the ability to change the behavior of a person’s hair in ways that no other sort of product will. For this reason, people of different races with different hair types have been buying argan oil for various hair treatments since ages. Argan oil is harvested by crushing the seeds of the argan fruit and extracting the oil, so it is all natural and extremely healthy for the hair. Argan oil makes hair shiny, smooth and generally beautiful. However, Argan oil’s uses are not merely limited to cosmetic benefits. Argan oil also aids in the protection of hair and increases hair’s strength and manageability.

Argan oil hair treatment serves as natural hydration for the hair. Unlike most bottled conditioners and creams on the market today, argan oil is completely natural and will not weigh down the hair or cause it to look or feel obviously oily when used correctly. Argan oil works to reduce the roughness, coarseness and curliness of hair, which is why it is especially popular in the African American community. Argan oil penetrates the hair to work on the inside, increasing hair’s elasticity and overall health. For this reason, it has been proven to aid in hair growth and maintenance. Also, the vitamin E found in Argan oil is great for repairing damage done to the hair. In the modern world, people, especially women, abuse their hair with blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and harsh products; by buying and using Argan oil on hair, hair can be repaired and returned to its original state of lusciousness. Argan oil is also great to use on colored hair, because it locks in moisture and color, helping people go longer between trips to the salon and, ultimately, saves consumers money.

In order for Argan oil to work effectively, it is important that the application process be done correctly.
It is best to use Argan oil before or after taking a bath because the heat will open up hair follicles and allow for better absorption. Before taking the bath, pour some argan oil on the head and spread it across the hair, applying it evenly from the roots of the hair to the tip. Gently massage the oil into the scalp, which will also stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the area. Wrap your head in a hot towel for several minutes or as long as is preferred before removing the towel and washing the hair. For an intensive treatment, apply Argan oil as mentioned, use a silk cap and leave the oil on overnight. Argan oil can also be utilized as a hair gel. By using just a few drops of Argan oil distributed evenly throughout the hair, one’s hair can look instantly more brilliant.

Argan oil is a great tool to increase hair’s beauty and health. It can also be used on the skin as a lotion or for massages/relaxation. The best way to realize the benefits of Argan oil is to use it consistently. Buy Argan oil today to begin experiencing the magic of nature’s miracle oil.
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