Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Practices To Manage Stress, Control Worry And Frustration

by Wilson Smith
Stress, worry and frustrations are aphorisms that are associated with everyone’s life. They do not discriminate among people based on their financial status, educational background or cultural background. Anyone who is breathing in this world does feel stressed out or frustrated at some point or the others. Relinquishing your control over the outcome rather than dealing with these situations can be a recipe for disaster.

Here are top five practices that will help an individual to manage stress, control worry and frustration during testing times -

Be considerate to yourself

It is always a blissful feeling to help and support the people who yearn for it. Right from the childhood to the time when one’s hair turns gray, this practice is and should be encouraged. However, sometimes a person needs to say no to every demand, request, and help that is expected from him. Until a person learns to say no, he will feel the overdose of stress because of the little time left for him. Yes, he may feel guilty and selfish at first for rejecting things he was accustomed to say yes earlier, but eventually, he will realize that saying no in certain situations made him a much nicer, more pleasant, more productive person.

Understand The Elements Of Stress

Managing stress is all about controlling the way a person responds to the current situations and events. To keep an open mind about the things that stress him is a definitive way to make life simpler.
The highest form of peace is inner peace. When a person feels stress, the only thing he needs to do is to introspect. What and why are the initial questions that should be answered and then the “how” to solve the situation should be deduced.

Ignorance Is Not A Bliss

Prevaricating and procrastinating about the current situation is not a choice of a wise person. Living in denial might sound soothing, but the disastrous results that these practices reap are not comforting at all. One should learn how to face difficult situations and how to adapt according to them. To better handle the felling of been burdened down by stress and tension, one should face the situation rather than running from it. To manage stress, control worry and frustration with a positive bend of mind can solve most of the life’s problem almost instantly.

Time Management

 Another stress management technique that can help an individual a great deal is time management. A person should never wait for things to happen; he should make them happen with his efforts. Continuously accomplishing things in life makes it simpler and enjoyable. The true meaning of life is to live every moment of it and adapt progressive learning to make each day a little brighter.

Build self-confidence

Keeping a steadfast eye on your goal and considering your goal as your first and the last stoppage point in your journey toward success will make you feel self-confident. By assimilating this habit along with the optimism, a person will be destined to reach grater height in his life.

Practicing these steps, a person can reduce the stress and manage it when a situation demands to go an extra mile.
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