Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walking Meditation

Some people associate meditation with the activities of sitting cross-legged with eyes closed, silently without doinganything else. However, this view is not quite right. Meditation is more than that.
We can do meditation in various circumstances. Or rather, under all circumstances! We can meditate while driving car, while talking with a friend, when untied shoes, and whileenjoying snacks and afternoon tea, and so on.
One popular choice is walking meditation. We can really practice meditation whilewalking: walking out of the room, to the workplace, and more. Let’s recall that there are three basic postures thathumans do in their everyday life: standing, sitting, and lying down. Meditation can be understood as a "sitting", "laying down" and moreover"standing" activity. Actually, maybe our activities during the morning and evening consist of many standing position.
Walking meditation is a specific form ofstanding meditation. The trick is easy enough. As practiced in the state of sitting, we train our minds watching ourselves while walking. Feel our own foot, body, mind, …. swinging, stepping. One leg is lifted, one leg is stepping on the floor, as we breath as usual, we see the trees, people in their cars, etc. We are aware of them. Try to keep thatattention and consciousness. We take care our conscious mind, then by day while walking we develop feeling of peace and healthy. Well, in a nutshell I think that's the walking meditation.