Sunday, November 20, 2011

Curcuma to Fight Cancer

Long has been known that curcuma ('temu lawak' in Bahasa Indonesia), spice often found in Indonesian food, is beneficial for losing weight and pretty good for our memory capability. Curcuma is almost found in some healthy Asian recipes indeed. Recently researchers find that curcuma also has the ability to kill cancer cells. Curcuma was seen to be an important herb in the natural and successful treatment of several types of cancer. Researchers in Ireland have found definitively that the yellowroot is able to break down cancer cells.
They found that cancer cells began to die 24 hours after they had encountered curcuma. Then it was proven that cancer cells began to dissolve themselves after this encounter. Curcuminoids act by inhibiting some processes that contribute to the survival, proliferation, invasion and metastasis of cancer cells (Kuttan 2007). In fighting Cancer , curcuma has the same benefits of gingerol, substance extracted from ginger. Current researches also strengthen the previous ones that have proven that curcuma lessen the growth of fat cells, making your weight under control.
All the researches were laboratory studies. However, further research needs to shown if curcuma has the same good effects in human body.
Curcuma is a much used spice in the Indonesian kitchen. It has a yellowish color and a rather bitter taste. It is a native genus in Zingiberaceae family in the warm, humid environments of south and southeast Asia. We can call it an ingredient useful for making healthy jamu, as other food recipes to keep us young.