Saturday, December 24, 2011

Honey to Treat Ulcers and Burns

That's real, many natural substances around us are really blessing, for example honey to treat ulcers and burns, and milk to to burn fat and lose weight. According to the study, diabetics who exposed toes ulcers and amputations can be treated with honey with effective results. In the half year up to one year of treatment with honey the ulcer proven to dry and heal. Within the next year the ulcer recover fully. Honey was able to beat the streptococcus bacteria that consume body tissue. Of course, honey can be used as alternative for ordinary treatment for small wound procedure.

Honey can also be used for treatment of burns, even better than the ointment Silver Sulfaziadine. In a study it was found that patients treated with honey healed faster than patients treated with the ointment. Honey has long been known in Eastern societies. For example, it was mentioned in ayurvedic healing technique texts. Healing burns with honey more quickly and with no trace. Biochemical analysis in the case of healing of burns showed that honey is not only faster in healing but also better because of fructose in honey improve nutrition in the wound.
Why we are recommended to seek honey to treat ulcers and burns? Some of the goodness of honey as a cure ulcers and burns:
Honey serves as a natural antibiotic proven to reduce the development of harmful bacteria.
Honey has a level of acidity that makes the bacteria difficult to grow and develop.
There are hydrogen peroxide in honey; these substances are known as very good antiseptics in the medical world.
Honey is experiencing a process of osmosis that simultaneously eradicate the bacteria. Honey contains very little water and it is very thick so that the osmosis process will suck water out of bacteria in the wound and act like sponges that drain the wound area so that the bacteria difficult to grow.
With all those benefits, it would be better if we take a look at honey to treat ulcer and burns.

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Royal jelly,bee pollen and bee venom can also be used to treat diseases ... And talking about bees, there are stingless honey bee too there,