Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Healthy Living Tips To Prevent Cancer

Below may be useful for those who want tips on living naturally healthy and fit, especially women who like being the sexiest woman who prevent herself from cancer. Especially in advanced countries, many people who apply the principles of healthy behavior in line with the movement of cancer prevention. The following steps are recommended to prevent the incidence of cancer by way of healthy living:

* Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains such as tempeh, tofu and foods that contain lots of fiber. At least one or two times a day to consume green vegetables and fruits. For a hint, try Asian diet which is rich of vegetables than American one.
* Avoid excessive weight gain or obesity. Weigh weight 1 time a week. Research shows, due to obesity, the risk of cancer is greater in particular breast cancer, uterus, colon, stomach, kidney, and gallbladder. In sum, avoid obesogen substance!
* Reduce too many fried foods and also contains protein and high fat and offal.
* Limit foods that are processed with high temperature and long time or a specific treatment that can cause food procarcinogen such as marinated, smoked, baked, roasted until it comes out charcoal (charred). It is best boiled foods.
* Be careful with the use of artificial sweeteners, food coloring and preservatives are excessive. The best food is fresh food, or even raw food diet sometimes are better than the others.
* Food must be kept clean, diverse, and free from environmental contamination substances.
* You Should not over-consume beverages containing alcohol and smoking
* Physical activity is accompanied by regular exercise. In general, mental and spiritual health is an integral part of cancer prevention efforts.


Anonymous said...

Yes, another point to note: researchers believe that one-third to one-half of all cancer cases can be prevented, providing that we ensure ourselves healthy lifestyles. Prevention is the rule, healthy daily life will prevent exposure of the harmful substance that causes cancer to grow and spread in our body. Nice post, thanks much.


Thanks for sharing the tips to prevent cancer. Food with high fiber is really healthy it can prevent cancer as well helpful to control weight. I work for Allegany Optical Hagerstown & want to a good tip for eyes. Wash your eyes two or three times a day it will give a sparking & better vision.