Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breaking Bad Habits of Smoking

Smoking causes cancer etc., yeah, so many damage to health and at worst you stumble upon the big danger of poor health. Many people know about the danger of smoking. But they also wonder how to quit their bad habit, not knowing about breaking bad habits of smoking. For you who want to quit smoking there are quick tips that can be used below:
- The first is the intention of the smoker, if you have not been unanimous determination to quit smoking, would be too difficult to quit smoking.
- Gradually reduce cigarette consumption. Usually you buy 2 packs a day, start slowly trying to reduce a 1 pack a day and so on. This will increase your effort in breaking bad habits of smoking.
- Train yourself to resist smoking. Suppose you want to smoke, but try to wait or hold up to 5 minutes, and increase to 10 minutes for the next day and so on. And the longer drive to smoke will disappear slowly but surely.
- Also you can replace cigarettes with other alternatives, such as candy or gum.
- You might be able to allocate your money to buy cigarettes for savings or to buy goods you need more.
- Regular exercise can also make you want to quit smoking. And reduce the staying up late, with adequate sleep. You need little effort but steady in breaking bad habits of smoking.
Perhaps the above are only few ways to stop smoking, you can also find your best ways to live healthy if possible.

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whinning chainzmoker said...

Can't quit yet hikss, but i heard that herbal wise, black cohosh, valerian, catnip and peppermint can help quit smoking .... ?