Friday, September 16, 2011

Ten Wellbeing and Beauty Benefits of Sauna

Below is a rundown on the many health and beauty benefits that could be gained by a session in a sauna...

1) Toxin Cleansing
There are a lot more toxins within our environment and our food than any other time, and it seems our bodies are in danger of turning into toxic waste dumps! Saunas may help in this matter because of the fact that the average person sweats approximately half a litre of body fluid during an average sauna session, and sweating is one of the bods primary natural method of cleansing itself of toxins.

2) Better Blood Circulation
The heat within a sauna causes the blood vessels to expand and can therefore aid better blood circulation, however it should be noted that blood pressure effects are unpredictable, and can rise in some people and fall in others.

3) Glowing Skin
Another side effect of better blood circulation is a glowing complexion, because most of the extra blood flow produced by the sauna conditions goes to the surface of the body (your skin). Similarly, the act of cleansing which occurs when perspiring will result in your complexion looking soft and radiant. Also, these safe and healthy sauna skin benefits have none of the nasty harmful effects connected to the common and dangerous practice of sunbathing (which can lead to sun damage and premature aging).

4) Improved Sinus and Breathing
It is recognised that steam assists to relieve congestion, so naturally the steam within a traditional sauna is purported to alleviate sinus and breathing problems. Sauna could also provide relief to patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis. It should be added that whilst these benefits hold true for a lot of users, some traditional sauna users do experience difficulty breathing if for example the air is dry (the heat conditions in a sauna can vary from dry air to a more steamy environment), and such individuals could be better served by Far Infrared saunas, where the issue is reported to be non-existant.

5) Losing weight
A regular sauna session could bring about a rise in the heart pulse rate of 30% or higher. This then greatly improves metabolism (fat burning process). A half-hour sauna session burns approximately 600 calories.

6) Improved Fitness
The work you heart does within a sauna (increasing in heart pulse rate) could in fact improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. Basically, after a while, your heart becomes conditioned to the hot sauna conditions, effectively improving it's capability to handle stress. An illustration of this improved heart conditioning will be any time you exercised the heart rate is going to be lower than it was when doing identical exercises previously.

7) Arthritis Relief
The effect of the heat penetrating through the body, relaxing joints, tendons and ligaments and dilating the blood vessels offers temporary relief from the pains of arthritis.

8) Relaxes Tired Stiff Muscles
Again, when the heat inside a sauna penetrates your body, the muscles are relaxed.

9) Sleep Better
Taking a sauna in the evening facilitates going to sleep, in addition to a deeper sleep.

10) Anti-aging Therapy
Older people generally exercise less when compared with there younger counterparts, hence they sweat less often, and this reduces the already mentioned flushing of toxins usually achieved through sweating. Sauna gives older people a simple path to achieving a healthy sweat, and thereby an excellent anti-aging therapy. Similarly, sauna is a popular option for young people who are incapable of exercising, and consequently achieving a good sweat, due to physical disabilities.

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