Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Should Take Bird Nest Products

Cheow Yu Yuan

The swiflet birds of China have a very creative way of building solid nests for their babies and protecting them while they grow. They use their own saliva to create sticky nests which are built in caves and on very high cliffs where they aren't likely to be found or messed with by humans. This is more than just an interesting bit of trivia. The creative habits of these birds have led to the bird nest products used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The medicinal properties of the bird nest of the swiflets are nothing new to those in China. They have been using this saliva-produced bird's next for centuries and know full well what it can do for the human body. You may have heard about this health product and are probably wondering whether it is beneficial for you or someone else you love. It has amazing benefits, so chances are it is something of value for your household.

Bird Nest for Beauty

A good bird nest product can actually make you more beautiful when used consistently and in the right dosage. It is well known in traditional Chinese medicine to enrich the complexion, which can deliver a more youthful appearance.

One of the major issues behind early signs of skin aging is the dying off of the cells. When you are young your cells are replenished as needed and you have a lot of natural collagen to hold everything firm. As you age, the cells start to age, there is less collagen produced, and you start to see imperfections on your face that are less than appealing.

Bird nest products can help by encouraging the production of fresh, younger cells. There are also many minerals naturally contained in bird's nest which will feed the skin so it can be more youthful and beautiful.

Anyone interested in looking younger and more beautiful could consider using a very high quality bird nest product promoted by traditional Chinese medicine.

Recovery from Illness

There is also great benefit to using bird nest products to protect and nourish the lungs, clear phlegm when you are sick, and help with overall healing when you are feeling under the weather. This product is also used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve coughing.

Again, the minerals found in the bird nest of the swiflets will nourish the body and help it function as it should. This is a great product for overall health as well as the specific uses listed above.

You can't get bird nest in pill form today, but you can purchase the actual nest product from various online retailers specializing in traditional Chinese medicine. You will typically have to soak the nest in water and then add a bit of rock salt so it is more acceptable to your taste buds.

This may be seen as an experimental or alternative form of medicine today, but it is completely natural and has been used for many, many years by those in China who believe in traditional medicine. There aren't a lot of side effects and the benefits can be very rewarding for some users.

Think about the above uses of bird nest products and determine whether it is worth trying for yourself or someone you love. If other products used in Western modern medicine aren't working, it couldn't hurt to give this natural product a try. Author Resource:- Bird nest by Eu Yan Sang. Buy online at Eu Yan Sang eStore here.

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