Wednesday, April 6, 2011

B-12 Injections

Joseph Sterling

Injections of B-12 vitamins, often referred to as Cobalamin injections, serve many purposes. Many people take these injections for reasons ranging from anemia, stress, lack of energy, or as an aid in weight loss. Vitamin B-12 normally isn't thought of as a dieting supplement, but many believe that it actually boosts the metabolism and therefore provides an important contribution to weight loss efforts. It's also thought that B-12 has a great ability to improve one's mood and energy, which could also justify taking the shot for weight loss purposes since feeling good and wanting to be active certainly contributes to effective weight loss strategy.

B-12 is not only taken for a variety of different reasons but also in a variety of different forms. It is often taken as a pill, through intramuscular injection, or as a little tab that you place underneath the tongue until it dissolves. Perhaps the most popular method of B-12 consumption is through intramuscular injection because it is thought that taking a pill leaves the vitamin to travel through the entire digestive tract, losing some of its effectiveness along the way. With injection the vitamins are deposited directly into the blood stream and can begin to work within the body immediately. This important vitamin helps determine how much oxygen the cells of the body have, and since more oxygen means more energy it's understandable how getting a B-12 shot can really make one feel a lot better.

One of the most remarkable things about B-12 is that you get all the great benefits without any negative side effects attached; it's simply good for the overall health of the body no matter what the reasons are behind you taking it in the first place. In other words it doesn't really matter if it doesn't help you lose weight for instance because there are no side effects, you'll simply feel a little more energetic and better about yourself. In fact the fat burning qualities of B-12 has been put into question, but the important thing to remember is how the effects of B-12 can indirectly lead to weight loss even if they have no direct effect. For example B-12 is often used to fight depression since it makes people feel so good, and those who are dieting in particular need to feel good and not get discouraged or else they will ruin their diet and never end up losing any weight.

B-12 injections are particularly helpful for vegetarians and vegans who feel they may not be getting enough of this essential nutrient in their diets. It can also be a good for athletes and those engaged in heavy physical performance exercises because it naturally boosts energy levels. Ask you doctor or naturopath about vitamin B-12 injections. Author Resource:- Joe trains 5 times a week at Bally's Gym in Orange County. A long-time fitness enthusiast, he recommends that you buy ephedrine and buy ephedra from Astronutrition.

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