Monday, December 6, 2010

Paleo Foods - The Diet Which Will Make One Strong and Lean

Mary Thomson

There are a number of people who go on different diet plans to stay in good shape and look good. However, most of these diet plans do more harm to the body than doing good and hence they end up causing more health issues. Nowadays a lot of people are following the Paleo diet which is known to show effect without harming the body.

The word Paleo is derived from the word Paleolithic and this paleo diet is also known as the ancestor diet. The reason for this is that this diet uses the recipes used during that era which is roughly about 2.5 million years ago. It is a well known fact that our ancestors were extremely healthy and strong and at the same time lean as well. This is mainly because of their diet and their way of life.

Shifting to a Paleo diet will make significant changes in the way one eats and also make a significant change in the metabolism. These foods will mainly include raw foods and hence boost the metabolism which will result in weight loss. At the same time following a regular exercise regime will help tone the muscles and help one become leaner as well as stronger.

The Paleo diet is healthy because it is packed with healthy natural ingredients and hence very healthy. Most often than not people end up snacking on high fat foods and sugary foods which end up getting stored as fat and this makes one overweight. With the paleo diet and the raw foods one get the necessary nutrients and the fresh veggies and fruits show their benefits well. But yes all this has to be coupled up with proper exercise only then will diet show proper effect. The best thing about this diet plan is that it does not devoid the body of any nutrients and provides a complete balanced nutrition.

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Do You Need More Energy Right Now

Ana O'Shea

I have stumbled upon lots of fantastic Amega Global products that will completely energise you and give you clarity of thought in readiness for what life throws at you. How do I know that these products can energise you and do what they say on the tin? Because I have purchased these products and tried and tested them.

Here is just one example of one product that I have purchased called The Amega Wand. This wand is based on Zero Point Energy, I hear you asking what is zero point energy - well it is the source of energy from which everything manifests. This wand has source energy resistance through amized infusion technology, which has crystals and minerals placed in a pen like wand which has sat in a chamber and is infused for 21 days which gives it the powers it holds to heal, calm and energise.

Just look at the results I have experienced, first hand, so far:

1. My colleague at work had a headache and I wanded her head for less than 3 minutes and her headache disappeared. Great tool to have for your wedding day to ensure you are stress free and calm.

2. Another colleague had a damaged shoulder, which prevents his arm moving too far towards the left and pains him constantly. I wanded his shoulder for approximately 3 minutes and we were both gob smacked as not only was the pain gone but also he was able to move his arm a lot further to the left than he had been before.

3. I have tested peoples' strength by placing a mobile phone in their hand and getting them to outstretch their arm and when I attempt to push their arm down it goes down quite freely inspite of them resisting me with all their strength, but as we all know the EMF's from your mobile phone takes your strength. So then I did the same test but this time I got them to hold The Wand in their hand with the mobile phone and hey presto their strength is restored.

4. I recently had a wide deep sharp cut on my thumb which was very painful and quite irritating. So yes you guessed it, this time I put the tip of the wand to the cut and after that wanded it for approximately 45 seconds and within one hour the wound looked like a very old scar. Within a couple of days all traces of the cut were completely gone.

5. This wand also energises and removes toxins from your food and drink. Imagine this in turn will remove toxins from your bodyas well as remove toxins from your food. I have used the wand to wand a cheap glass of wine and I could not believe the difference as it now tasted like a very expensive smooth tasting wine, in fact it was so delicious, I just had to finish the bottle, wanding each glass as I darank, of course.

6. This has to be my favourite of all take a whole lemon cut it in half, slice each half and place them on a separate plates, wand one plate of the lemons then taste the unwanded lemon which will taste very bitter, as expeced. Then taste the wanded lemon and be amazed, as now you have a beautiful sweet tasting lemon. Go on amaze your friends with this one.

7. When I need to be energised now - I use the Wand.

In summary this Wand will energise, heal and remove toxins from your food. Now tell me who would go without it. Not me anyway.

I also bought the magnetic bracelet which stimulates the flow of your blood and increases your metabolism, a pendant which is very beautiful and is worn around the neck on a medium to long chain, which protects you against all the EMF's in our environment, and my fourth product is a nutritional drink that I take on a daily basis, which gives me a continual flow of refreshed energy throughout the day and evening. Also I must mention these products help you get a very satisfying sleep.

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