Thursday, November 4, 2010

When More Energy Is Not a Good Thing

Linda Binns

You may have heard of the term EMF's (electro-magnetic fields) and you may even have heard that they are not good for you, but do you understand what they are, where they come from and why they may not be good for you?

We are surrounded now by more and more electrical devices, in our homes, at work and in the environment around us. Each of these devices emits what are known as electro-magnetic fields. Electric fields are charges surrounding electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers, etc. Magnetic fields are created when the electrical charge is moving - so they are present only when the object is turned on.

Your body also has an electric and magnetic field. Its electric field has approximately 62-68 Hz of direct current and each cell generates approximately 1.17 volts at specific frequencies (known as signature frequencies). A magnetic field surrounds each cell. It is generated by the movement of the cell's electricity and its response to the natural magnetic fields of the earth. The electric and magnetic fields of the body work together.

Natural health practitioners have been promoting for a long time the view that exposing our bodies to strong electro-mjagnetic fields is harmful - here's why:

  • Electro-magnetic stress is metabolic disruption that is caused by electro-magnetic interference - this can be due to artificial or natural electro-magnetic fields.
  • As these fields penetrate the tissues of the body, they alter the electro-magnetic functions of the body - this affects your energy and vitality, including natural body functions, such as detoxification, rejuvenation and regeneration.
  • This is particularly harmful at night when you're sleeping because at that time your body has a smaller, more sensitive field; you are located in one place for several hours and are therefore exposed to whatever electrical equipment is in your bedroom.

Studies have shown that there are significant health risks associated with use of the following:

  • Heated water bed - the water transmits the field directly to the sleeper, interfering with normal sleep patterns.
  • Electric blankets and heating pads - the current is too close to the body, which can interrupt normal temperature and circulation regulation.
  • Smoke alarms - due to radiation exposure. It's best to buy radiation-free smoke detectors which use the photoelectric process, rather than ionization.
  • Clock radios - keep the cord and radio at least 3 feet away from you body.
  • Color television - when the television is unplugged it maintains teh charge for at least 3 days.
  • Heating and cooling appliances - they draw large amounts of current and produce strong EMF's. The magnetic fields go through walls.
  • Cell phones - the main source of stress is the transmitter, also the speaker and microphone, which are in close contact with your ear and mouth.

Simple ways to keep yourself safe:

  • Keep all electrical items at least 3 feet away from the bed (alarm clocks, radios, dimmer switches, etc.) Where possible, replace them with battery powered substitutes.
  • Unplug water bed heaters and electric blankets before going to bed.
  • Remove neon and fluorescent lights - replace fluorescent bulbs with full-spectrum or incandescent lights.
  • Make sure your electrical system is properly wired and grounded.
  • Keep your computer's central processing unit off the desk and at least 30 inches away from your body.
  • Use a tri-pak resonator on your electric fuse box.
  • Use a smog buster for computers, televisions, video players and cell phones.
  • Use a crystal catalyst bead to protect your body from harmful radiation.
  • Use essential oils - they have bio-electric properties that make them powerful tools for working with the energy fields of your body and environment. The air inside your home is often loaded with positive ions, and therefore out of balance. When you spray or diffuse essential oils in the air, the essential oils add negative ions that shift the frequency of the atmosphere, bringing balance.

I am certainly not an expert in this field, but I have witnessed dramatic improvements in my clients when they protect themselves from electro-magnetic fields in ways described above. One particular client had suffered from severe joint aches and pains for years and had tried many different types of medication, without success. She had an electric blanket on her bed, which she removed when she heard about the problems with electro-magnetic fields. Her joint aches and pains disappeared right away. She didn't even have the blanket switched on every night, just having it plugged into the outlet was enough.

I have heard many other stories just like this one. Even if you're not sure, one thing is certain - removing electrical equipment or minimizing your exposure to it (particularly at night) is not going to harm you, and you might even feel a lot better, so it's definitely worth a try.

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