Friday, November 5, 2010

Meditation for Beginners, Meditate While Walking

Alicia Alexander

Walking alone has always provided me with the time to mindfully quiet my thinking. Walking in the early morning is absolutely the best.

I mean really early. The silence of the morning without traffic and listening to the birds is wonderful.

I start my meditation by just noticing the environment. I become aware of the way the air touches my skin, the colors of the sky, the mood the trees set and of all the sounds that are produced. I always take deep breaths as I start out. Walk steadily with big, firm steps but not too fast. Then, when you are in sync, consciously turn your mind off.

I concentrate on my breathing. Inhale during two or three steps and exhale for the following. If any thoughts come to your mind, discourage them and get back in your rhythm. I just ignore myself. Before you know it you will be doing nothing but moving and you will be as relaxed as if you were sitting and meditating. The pace matches the rhythm of my breathing. Your pulse is slow and stable. You thoroughly enjoy nothingness.

Often my spirit will divulge important messages to me as if by osmosis;; they just occur completely. Not as a thought; not thinking, but as a fact, a feeling, a sense. Use these messages to take a few words to repeat. This phrase touches consistently accurately what your spirit and soul know you need to concentrate on. Continue, you will know when it is time to return.

People who are enlightened both in body and mind have since long been practicing walking meditation. Walking and meditating go together naturally. Each provides the time and space to connect with your soul.

Silent or with music, anything goes. It is up to you. Choose what works for you best. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try it all and then decide what works best. But as in normal meditation try to be consistent and try to meditate every day. Also try to meditate at the same time every day this will more easy grow into a daily habit without much effort. Walking meditation should be done alone otherwise you will get distracted and you need to be focused. Also the pace of your walking should be steady as mentioned before and if you don't walk alone you will adjust it to each other and you will not be able to meditate.

This is just an introduction you can find more on walking meditation from various sources. The important thing is that you get started and try to uphold a daily practice. Good Luck to you.

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