Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learning About Food Systems Benefits Your Health and the Planet

Allie Moxley

Americans have really become much more educated in the last century than in any other period throughout history. Yet, at the same time, Americans have become really separated from simple things such as the food system. Most people don´t know where their food comes from, the processes it goes through, or how it benefits or hurts the environment. Fortunately though, within the last five years, a food movement has really gained popularity, and people are starting to think a lot more about what they eat. For most people, it`s really important to have some information about the sustainability of what they are eating and about how healthy it is. As people become more educated about these issues, they can really change their lives for the better, and in doing so, help change the food industry for the better as well.

It´s become increasingly obvious to many people that the farming industries are focused on increasing their profits rather than on the sustainability or healthiness of the products they produce. To them, food is just a product and they are just business people, but for everyone else who has to at the food that gets put on grocery store shelves and who has to live with the environmental consequences of their actions, it´s to think about these issues. Many Americans have become aware of the poor way that farm animals are treated in captivity, but yet they don´t want to become vegetarians. Fortunately, people can start toe at more seafood in healthy quantities in order to eat the amount of protein that their bodies need. The seafood industry is highly regulated in order to make sure that sustainability is taken into account. Of course, seafood is also a naturally healthy protein that is low in fat. Many meats such as beef, chicken and pork aren't nearly as healthy for human consumption and can lead to high cholesterol. Moreover, the way that those types of protein are produced do not take environmental sustainability into account and are very damaging for the environment. So if you are interested in eating a protein that is healthy for both you and the environment, start eating more seafood and less meat from land animals.

Alaska's fishing industry leads the world in environmental protection measures. From efforts to improve traceability to strict enforcement procedures, Alaska continually shows how committed it is to preserving the ocean for the next generation. Check out the ASMI Facebook page for more information on Alaska Seafood!

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