Saturday, October 23, 2010

5 Tips That I Love to Follow

by Patrice Garrick

As we age and experience life, we make a decision to always or never do certain things. Here are some of the rules that have found their way into my life. Some help me physically. All help me mentally!

1. I ignore people if they're irritating me to a superlative degree. For example, as I'm typing this article, my teenage son is singing foolishness, not even real words. Is he doing it to annoy me? I'm not sure. But if I respond, he'll refuse to stop and it might end up in an angry mess. So, I let him go and he's done already and nobody got their feelings hurt. This works when a boss is rude, someone is saying excuse me and there's nowhere to go to let them pass and a host of other scenarios. My emotional health has benefited greatly from learning to ignore.

2. I take my vitamins every day. You would think my life depended on it. I guess, somewhere, somehow, I know I've neglected some nutritional need. Taking my Nutrilite Daily eases my mind.

3. I drink plenty of water. There was a time when I didn't drink any water. Seeing the benefits over the years has made it part of my daily routine. The benefit I appreciate the most is beautiful skin.

4. I make sure I sleep for at least 7 hours every night. Sleep should not be interrupted and I don't allow anything to interrupt mine. I'm a nicer person when I sleep so although some might feel neglected when I don't answer the phone at night, they appreciate it when they realize the attitude I would have had if I didn't get the sleep I needed.

5. When I'm determined to make something happen, I don't listen to negative viewpoints. As long as I'm not breaking any moral principles, I have the right to ignore any opinion given to me that doesn't agree with what I'm trying to accomplish.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips. Feel free to incorporate them into your life!

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Anonymous said...

sure, i agree w you
especially point 3.