Saturday, August 14, 2010

Would You Believe That Milk Actually Helps You To Burn Fat? Dig These Amazing Facts

Emma J Frost

When you were kids, you were told to drink milk for staying fit and strong. But who ever heard of this one? Drinking milk gets you thinner! A recent research revealed that drinking up cow's milk following weight lifting sessions will help burn fat. It was a university study actually and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It identified that milk is one of the perfect post-workout drinks or muscle juices.

Following a hard workout session, just 2 cups of pure low-fat cow's milk staves off your pesky pounds within a minimal period of 3 months. This can also contribute in building your muscle mass, while promoting excellent muscle growth. This study also revealed great results for other drinks like soy drinks or high-carb drinks (such as sports drinks). But it concluded that these are no match for the fat burning results that cow's milk offers.


Scientists found that these are the best substitutes to cow's milk:

Almond milk
Comes with calcium - an essential element for bone-building. This milk is great for putting in the sweet touch into protein shakes. There are 2 grams of protein in every 8 oz. of almond mild.

Soy milk
Offers you high protein properties. Your muscles will need grave repairs and proper rest following a workout. Most protein-rich drinks or foods help you get there. Prepare your shake using such power-packed alternative. You could also drink straight, though.

Oat milk
Comes with high amount of fiber. Some studies showed that diets that have high fiber keeps us regular and at the same time helps us metabolize foods much faster. This adds much more energy as well.

Goat's milk
Brings heaps of whey. And that's the main ingredient in protein! This tonic thus helps you repair or restore your muscles. A superb post-workout snack it is! This milk comes with salty flavor, which could be an excellent surprise within cheeses. Most of all, this milk contains the "good fats," like cow's milk, which are essential for maintaining the balance of the body's nutrition.

Rice milk
Pretty low in terms of protein properties. Still, it's an excellent source of healthy carbs and adds a superb "boost" to the pre-workout shake (prior to your tackling a cardio session).

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