Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why the Human Race Continues to Be a Danger to Itself

Glynn Hughes

Man has invented some pretty amazing things and some pretty stupid ones and some that seemed like a good idea at the time weren't but when the truth comes out man tends to blame someone else. Sadly mostly, man refuses to learn from his mistakes still to this day we roll out our new ideas without fully thinking things through properly.

Let's look at a few examples?

Lead in Petrol

Putting lead in petrol seemed like a good idea didn't it but became one of the world's biggest man made killers to date but as often is the case with man it can take a surprisingly long time between discovering our shiny new invention may be problematic and stopping using it.

Tetraethyl lead (lead in a form that could be added to petrol) was first added to petrol in 1922, to improve engine performance by stopping what was known as pinking. Soon after production began in Bayway, New Jersey, USA, an outbreak of acute neuropsychiatric disease appeared among workers, 80% of whom developed convulsions and five died. A brief moratorium was imposed, while plant conditions were improved. Then, despite strong public health warnings, production resumed. By the 1970s, almost all petrol produced around the world contained lead. In the United States alone, annual petrol consumption included almost 200 000 tonnes of lead and despite its early lethal signs it's still not illegal in many countries today.


The first documented death related to asbestos was in 1906. In the early 1900s researchers began to notice a large number of early deaths and lung problems in asbestos mining towns. Yet it remained legal in the UK until Deputy Prime Minister Prescott, outlawed it on the 24th November 1999. Sadly though in the states between 1979 and 2001, more than 43,000 Americans died from mesothelioma, a type of asbestos cancer, in 1999, the US national asbestos death rate is increasing, and over the next forty years, researchers believe 100,000 Americans will die as a result of exposure to Asbestos.

Cell Phone Radiation

Some say that the emissions given off during our mobile phone calls will cause a much greater human catastrophe than many of Mans former less well thought out inventions such as the above. Indeed George Carlos the Washington Epidemiologist tasked by the FDA with investigating cell phone safety in the nineties, made this startling statement "by 2014 one in four Americans will have a Brain Tumour as a result of cell phone radiation" Personally this former Wireless Telecoms consultant believes he may be a bit wide of the mark but not too wide and until we know more we should exercise caution, after all not too many of us lag our water heaters with asbestos these days do we?

My advice is don't become a statistic - think before you make that call.

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Glynn Hughes is concerned about cell phone radiation dangers and the long term effects. He also uses small business networking to develop his own business.

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