Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whole Body Gives Us the Whole Story

Aimee Kartzman

We Are Not Just A Pancreas, Nor A Liver Or Even A Spleen.

This revelatory experience came to me one day walking out of a doctor's office (concluding what seemed like dozens of serial visits with no real answers). At the time, my body was weakened, I was confused and most importantly, I was yearning for connection and for someone to truly tell me what was wrong with me. Tests were run, some items were picked out, and potential other doctors who specialize in these items were then referred. But, where was it all going, besides the drain out of my wallet?

I was tired of someone staring at my blood results or my liver enzyme count and then looking at me with a glazed over, indifferent stare. I couldn't afford one more of these visits (emotionally and financially!). I simply wanted some answers that made sense and for someone to see me, and not as an organ or a lab result.

At the time, what I didn't realize is that I was looking for a holistic approach to medicine. Holistic medicine can be utterly useful for 'patients' like me. This type of patient, who we can name Patient X are many. Patient X can be your mother, brother, friend or even you! Patient X is someone that from a 'clinical' standpoint in the medical industry does not show up with a 'diagnosis'. In addition, Patient X may be too young to simply chalk it up to general aging ailments. So, is it in Patient X's head then? In my case, was the fatigue, the shingles, the hearing loss, the irritable bowel all in my head? Patient X bops around from doctor to specialist to maybe even trying some medications that were prescribed but are still confused about what is going on with their bodies as none of it makes sense.

It still took a while after my own experience to learn that the liver, the spleen, the fatigue or my other symptoms were simply trying to talk to me. Pain is actually a wonderful messenger to let us know something in the body is off balance.

Many years later, I embraced the concept whole-heartedly and passionately that the body is not fixable by addressing one symptom to make it better, but like a sea-saw in the playground, it simply needs to find balance. More specifically, like the sea-saw, one side has no weight and can shoot up in the air and stay there indefinitely while the other side can drive madly into the dusty bed of the playground floor due to it's astounding massive weight. For those that have ridden the sea-saw know how it can be scary to be flung up so high or driven down so fast to the dirt bed. In fact, it may even injure one or both parties!

So in body terms, nutrients and lifestyle choices need to be added to fill in the deficiency and create more weight to the side of the sea-saw that is totally up in the air. In addition, certain lifestyle choices need to be adjusted or removed to relieve extra weight off the sea-saw. These may include changing to non-organic household cleaning products or reducing sugar or dairy products from the diet. When we find what needs to be added and what needs to be removed, our body, like the sea-saw can start coming into balance.

The exciting news is that it is not that complicated as it may seem. There are only a few big ticket items, i.e., 'weights' to bring down our sea-saws, which may include addressing the following:

1) Toxicity (environmental, lifestlyle and diet)
2) Hormone Imbalance
3) Fungus/Bacteria / Parasites
4) Viral Infections
5) Heavy Metals
6) Inflammation / Infections
7) Genetic predisposition

On the other side of the sea-saw, Patient X also needs to remove a few to help bring the body into full balance. These may include:

1) Lifestyle choices (alcohol and drug consumption, sleep, exercise)
2) Additional Nutrients or supplements
3) Change of diet
4) Stress modification techniques or emotional healing

Holistic healing has been around through the ages and there are many healing modalities that are used. If you or someone you know is a Patient X, start considering a whole body approach to healing and potentially even working with someone who sees you already whole and thus aids your healing from this capacity. Whole body healing requires full participation and buy-in as well as taking full responsibility.

That is not to say there is not a place for allopathic medicine. It is certainly part of the 'whole' and thus has it's place. Generally, there are very few quick magic pills to make it all go away. It may feel better, but is it healing? Empower yourself and find this out. To heal something requires embrace and understanding of it's mechanics.

When consciously choosing a whole body healing approach, you will begin embracing a wonderful journey of empowerment as well as learning depth-full lessons about yourself. It is quite exciting to begin a journey focused on the fine-tuning of your sea-saw and you will see that many gifts will flow from this shift in your life.

Go on...walk to the playground and visit your sea-saw, it may be calling your name.

Aimee Kartzman of BPro-Active is certified as an Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Nutrition Counselor, Holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Thai Massage Specialist. She creates long-term wellness plans that tailor to the body's constitution and life choices.

'Wellness can be fun and easy and it generally doesn't take long to put more of a pep in your step.'

For more information, visit http://www.BPro-Active.com.

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