Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hypnosis to Help With Phobias

Bob Thomas Green

Many people today have phobias - phobias of flying, of spiders, of people, of being in a public place, of vomiting. Many of these phobias are actually curable. Most phobias are simply unconscious overprotection mechanisms that the mind has created through a traumatic experience in the past. When something scares us as a child, such as a spider, we learn from this point that spiders are scary and dangerous, so our unconscious minds put in place measures to overprotect ourselves from being in the spider's sphere. It is in many ways a positive thing, that our minds are capable of overprotecting us, to ensure our survivability. The problem with phobias is though that can cause a lot of stress and a lot of pain. You don't want to be flying on a plane, scared out of your mind, having a panic attack midflight. It wouldn't feel good nor would it help you actually have a safer flight through having them

Hypnosis can help remove phobias through the use of imagination. We can alter those patterns that have caused us so much pain through the use of relaxation, imagination and desensitization. When we are exposed to something in the mind we can actually learn to live with it, any hypnosis can be the path to expose ourselves to the condition that scares us and via that, we naturally become desensitized to the reality of it all. If you have a number of phobias or just one, and would like to get rid of it, hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help remove them - enabling you to live a healthier, a more liberated life!

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