Sunday, August 15, 2010

Holistic Healing - You Are Your Own Healer

Bonnie Flores

What, exactly, is holistic healing?

Basically, it's a process which takes your whole being into account - your Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit - working to heal and correct any imbalances.

For, all of us are spirits here, in human form, with the need to strive for a healthy lifestyle, where each and every part of the being is correctly nourished.

Not only is it a healing process, creating self-love, inner awareness, and balance of the whole being. It's also a fascinating journey into your own self-awareness. A journey which will form the building block of your ascension process, leading you to better understand exactly who you are and why you're here.

Once you realize you're not just a physical presence, your journey begins... and, what a wonderful journey it is! It's a really exciting growth process!

Holistic healers are convinced that any illnesses you suffer are a result of an imbalance within your energy. This could be within your Mind, Body, Emotion, or Spirit...


If you have low self-esteem and constantly experience negative thought patterns, this will project itself to those around you, adversely affecting your personal relationships, work, physical appearance, etc.


Does your life consist of unhealthy eating, insufficient physical exercise, and general disrespect for your body? Then this will surely result in imbalances.


It's vitally important that you learn to express your emotions in healthy ways and at the time they're felt, in order to avoid stuck emotions, unsatisfied emotions, and emotional imbalance.

So many of us are completely unable to properly express and release our emotions at the time they're experienced. For example, as children, we either don't know how to express our sadness, fear or anger, or are encouraged not to do so by our parents. This leads to a habit of repressing our feelings - such as anger - until the jar is full to bursting. Suddenly, there's no space left in the jar for those unexpressed emotions, resulting in sudden outbursts, and complete emotional imbalance.


You must learn to listen to your spirit and reach an awareness of your spiritual needs.

For example, do you continue in a job which, deep down, you feel is just not right for you? This will lead to inner conflict and imbalance. Learn to listen to your Spirit, for it will always guide you down the correct path. Don't ignore it.

Holistic healthy healing is the result of any form of self-growth, awareness, and being at one through the whole - the Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit.

During the holistic healing journey, you'll become more accepting and compassionate - both of yourself and others. You'll become more earth conscious, valuing your relationships, and recognizing them for the wonderful gifts they are, enabling you to learn and grow through love.

Bonnie Flores is a certified master hypnotherapist, psychic, spiritual life coach and energy healer. She is also creator of where you'll find interesting information about holistic healing.

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