Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Healing Love

Tony Balfe

The ability to love and forgive other people, no matter what they may have done to you, helps to release all negative and trapped emotions from your life system. These negative emotions if left unchecked will result in distress and may well lead to serious or fatal illness.

I would like to share with you a story of a good friend who suffered a very painful separation and divorce after 40 years of marriage.

Unfortunately he was unable to come to terms with the fact his wife no longer wanted to live with him.In fact he became increasingly angry and resentful raging about her and the new man in her life!

In addition to this irrational behaviour he felt very guilty for failing his wife and family. He constantly blamed himself and bitterness took over his very essence, he was a sad figure indeed.

This life pattern continued for several years unabated until one day when I received a phone call from his son to tell me dad was in hospital full of cancer and near death's door.

This very painful lesson taught me that if you resort to being angry, resentful, guilt ridden and possessed with revenge and bitterness, this negativity will consume and then destroy your life and prevent the healing love inside you from creating the balance in life you most desire.

Yet another experience entered my life a few short years ago. I was the subject of a nasty and painful partnership split in a business I started.

This involved a long period of legal warfare and during this ensuing carnage my wife's health crashed leaving us to face years of difficulty and financial hardship.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I was at a 10... guilt, anger, hatred and demanding revenge, yes that would sum my mood up adequately.

But wait a minute... only too aware of how counter productive and potentially destructive this approach had been for my close friend, I was able to utilize my healing love to begin the appropriate course of action.

I decided to contact the people responsible one at a time in an attempt to resolve this injustice.

I remember thinking what will I say come the day, given this opportunity.

Well I simply told them each and everyone to move on and the past is over.

I believe the lesson is to remember your healing love lies within you and it will provide the power to overcome any problems you face in your life.

I am grateful and acknowledge the presence in my life of a very special person who tells me, everything happens for you not to you... wise words indeed.

I also believe that the answers are within us all, so look inside for your chosen path, divinity will provide for you always. The power of healing love is the greatest gift you can receive on this personal journey of discovery.

I have a passionate love for all things spiritual and also self improvement and personal development. This passion was ignited during a very challenging period of my life when affected by serious long term family illness and multiple bereavements I became very stressed. My mission is to help other people to understand that there is a way forward for them too, as well as to pass on any useful tips and strategies for that purpose.
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