Friday, August 27, 2010

Gift Ideas For a Cancer Patient - 3 Tips

Larry Donaldson

You may have found out the news via letter, phone call, e-mail, or text message, but the fact remains the same: your friend, family member or co-worker has cancer. This news is a devastating blow, not only to the cancer patient, but also to everyone who cares about him or her.

Cancer comes in many forms and can attack almost any part of the body. People who first receive word that they have the disease can feel like they are receiving a death sentence. However, once cooler heads prevail, the vast majority of patients realize that they have a huge range of treatment options offered by medical science. Most realize that the battle can be fought and won.

Fighting Cancer Always Presents Challenges

The fight will almost never be an easy one, however. Whether the cancer is of a painful or non-painful variety (and/or stage), fighting the disease will require a change in lifestyle - at least for the time being, but possibly forever.

And, while there are usually a number of treatment options, cancer treatments are known for being very hard on the body. This is because, in order to kill the cancer cells, often the treatments must focus on living, healthy tissues as well. This can place a huge burden on the body's immune system.

Battling and Winning the Fight Takes Enormous Energy

Not every battle with cancer results in a win for the patient, but many, many do. But for those who end up being victorious against cancer's attack, they find themselves depleted in energy. Fighting cancer with an eye to overcoming it can and does take its toll.

One thing that can re-energize the cancer patient's spirit to fight during this difficult time is the support of the people who love him or her. This support can come in the form of attention, prayers, letters, phone calls, visits and e-mails. It can also come in the form of a gift.

Gift Ideas for a Cancer Patient: 3 Tips

If you are trying to decide what to get him or her during this difficult time, these 3 tips can help:

1. Ask their spouse what they love: It is a common trap to fall into: getting someone the kind of gift we would want for ourselves. Really great gift-givers focus on what the recipient would want. Why not ask their spouse or best friend what really gets them excited? Focus your gift on that theme or topic.

2. Get something that is appropriate for what they can do now: Remember, going through cancer treatments will mean limited physical activities. Do not get this person a football or tennis racket, even if these are their favorite things to do. How about a magazine gift basket or a set of DVDs? Now we're talking.

3. Focus on something that is uplifting and encouraging: Your gift should focus on the positive. It does not need to be overly sunny, but at the same time, your gift should carry a positive energy. This is always the best kind of energy to be around when battling cancer.

Follow these 3 tips when selecting the right gift for a cancer patient you know.

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