Friday, August 20, 2010

Doctors Are Not There to Keep Us Healthy - They Are There to Treat Our Sickness

Carolyn Hansen

During the recent era of health/wellness/sickness care one point has emerged clearly and that point is that each of us will have to chart our own course to ensure our good health. We, not doctors and the medical system should be in the driver's seat, which means we need to reclaim and practice a level of self-responsibility toward our own health, wellness and longevity.

Over the past 50-60 years responsibility for our health/sickness was solely the domain of doctors and the medical establishment. Those days are coming to an end as this is not the best way to enhance our drive to stay healthy and well. It has enforced a vulnerability, helplessness and lack of accountability that has done more harm than good for our overall well-being.

In our modern world rife with inactivity and low quality processed foods that foster sickness and poor health there has never been so much indisputable scientific proof to support and back what we humans has always known to be true. That proper exercise and good nutrition are vital components of a well, active, strong, vibrant healthy life.

If our lifestyle habits include proper exercise and as few processed 'dead' foods as possible our wellness 'bank account' has a good balance. This gives us a good reserve when we get a cold or flu or especially if we are faced with a more serious health issue. But if you lead a no exercise lifestyle, eat a lot of processed foods and believe that your health is out of your control then you have some work to do.

This new form of preventative medicine strives to keep healthy people well and works at controlling or reversing health problems that are already present before they become more serious. The prescription for this goal is not in any drug or medical procedure and no doctor can give it to you.

It comes with accepting and understanding that good health is not just an accident. It is not something you say when you get to mid-life "So far so good" with fingers crossed. Good health requires your active participation and ongoing input in two main areas.

These areas are number one - a proper exercise program that contains mostly strength training exercise. This directly works the muscular system so that 'growth and repair' hormones are stimulated right down at cellular level sweeping away old worn out cells and tissues and replacing them with new younger healthier and stronger ones.

Only strength training exercise can do this so keep your low intensity repetitive endurance activities for your leisure time. Your proper exercise program needs to be done first and foremost otherwise you will not get the health benefits that will really make a difference.

Number two is to get rid of as much processed food from your diet as possible. Replace it with natural whole unprocessed foods cooked from scratch. Anything without a food label is good as it has not been mucked around with by man.

Those are the two main areas we all have easy access to and can implement to avoid becoming another statistic of the killer diseases that are epidemic in our modern sedentary world. But it certainly does not have to be this way - we each have the power to protect ourselves and our families and the responsibility for this lies at our door.

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