Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chinese Medicine Books - FAQs of the Art of Traditional Healing

Sue Ann Dawes

As Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years, it is no surprise that there are countless of books and information produced centered on this particular subject. If you want to gain more insight into this ancient practice than there are several excellent topics on Chinese medicine books at the libraries and even Amazon.

You will find an abundance on info on blogs. While some books will provide you with its rich history, others will provide the ideology practices of these ancient art of healing.

By reading just a few of the Chinese medicinal herbal books that are easily available, you will gain such a huge knowledge of the effectiveness of plants as a natural remedy and ways to improve your health. Although it is only now that its gaining popularity in the west, the orient have long been using Chinese remedies in conjunction with western way of treatment.

Yifan Yangs book on Herbal Medicines titled 'Comparisons and Characteristics' is a must read if you are looking for herbal Chinese remedy book. It contains the best information on subjects of herbs and plants. Highly recommend if you are a herbalist in training.

However be warned, the book is very complex. It contains terminology and diagnostics that are difficult to understand unless you have some interests or background knowledge of plants, herbs and its inner workings remedy.

Even if you are not a herbalist, it is still a worthwhile purchase as it is highly regarded as 1 of the premier Chinese medicine books. There is a wealth of information to be found on every single page and chapter. It will not only help and enlighten you on the traditional Chinese alternative to medicine but also the aspect of herbal and plants medications.

Unlike most Chinese medicine books where most people seldom finish the entire chapter either through lack of time or patience, Yifan Yangs book contains not only wide varieties but also interesting topics on health that will encourage the reader to continue till the end. Its one of those rare books that not only provides important and valuable information but also nourished the readers minds on herbs, plants and Chinese ancient practice.

In order to engage the reader Yifan Yang has provided a Question and Answer format at every chapter of the book. This further enhances your knowledge regarding herbal treatments.

This intelligent author not only is familiar with Chinese Medicine but also understands the Western medicine. Yifan Yang graduated and has a masters degree in herbal formula and remedies from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She teaches and is a practicing doctor at the Beijing University. With this vast knowledge it is not surprising that she is one of the well qualified publisher for Chinese medicine books.

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