Saturday, August 14, 2010

Biodegradable Trash Bags Can Make a Difference

Greg Wheely

It's incredibly unfortunate what is happening with the world today... Just recently, a large oil spill killed many innocent animals. Is it fair for us to stuff our faces, throw our trash on the ground, and harm innocent lives while we relax in front of the television? I wouldn't say so... Just last year about 14 million innocent animals died from pollution alone.

It would be wise if every person were to help in aiding against pollution. You can do your part by using biodegradable trash bags. As oppose to taking years for a traditional plastic bag to decompose, these bags only take 3-6 months. These bags are also typically made with natural ingredients, such as corn, instead of petroleum and other harmful products. They are also not much more expensive to produce and use than regular bags. Did you know that by simply using one biodegradable bag per month you will save the Earth many years in lifetime?

So you can help the environment and feel good about doing it. It's an easy way to be eco-friendly and not break the bank. You can also consider disposable coffee cups and compostable plates to supplement your environmentally friendly attitude.

Aside from using biodegradable bags, cups, and plates, you can also consider the following:

  • Using solar energy to power your home
  • Check and fix water leaks in your home
  • Recycle old printer cartridges to your local Office Depot or Best Buy
  • Unplug appliances you rarely use
  • Buy reusable products
  • Maintain and repair durable products instead of buying new ones every year
  • Create a wildlife habitat in your backyard
  • Plant trees to shade your house
  • Install installation (or improve upon it) within your home
  • Compost dead veggies and fruits
  • Walk, jog, or ride your bike instead of driving whenever you can
  • Compost leaves instead of throwing them away
  • Install energy efficient windows in your home
  • Only use electric appliances when you need them
  • Use recycled wood chips in your gardening
  • Water grass early in the morning
  • Leave the freshly cut grass bits on your yard so it may refertilize your soil
  • Limit your use of pesticides
  • Use the bare minimum amount of fertilizer required
  • Use an electric lawn mower as oppose to the traditional gas powered ones
  • Use your microwave instead of your stove whenever possible
  • Use e-mail instead of snail mail
  • Turn lights off when not using them
The above are just a small sample of the many things you can easily do to improve the health of the Earth, animals, and people that live upon it.

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