Monday, August 23, 2010

Alternative Health Aids For Mental and Physically Crippling Disabilities and Their Associated Pain

By John Null

Are you tired of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on prescriptions? For those of who have medical disorders or conditions that require medications, dealing with the stress of; how much it's going to cost? What can my budget afford? Which pharmacy will take my insurance? Fighting with insurance companies over what's covered and what isn't? Does the cheaper generic brand work as well? These are all questions we ask each time you need medication. If you don't have health insurance that provides for medication or have a good prescription plan, the cost of medication is astounding. Sometimes you pay $80.00 or more for just a two week supply and this is for only one prescription. Multiply this by 2, 3 or more and you can see this cost go right out of your budget. Costs like these prevent many folks from even going to the doctor unless it's a medical necessity. As we get older, our financial situation usually becomes a fixed value. The chances of getting out and obtaining supplemental income to help defer some medication costs are unlikely, since you are normally ill to begin with. With the ever increasing cost of medication, many will find this necessary in order to cover their medical expenses. This ultimately defeats the concept of retirement or the purpose of even a dual income to get ahead. The chance of getting work at an older age is less likely therefore leaving many elderly at a disadvantage. Equal to the elderly are the middle class Americans, how many of them have a health insurance policy that will provide carte blanche prescription services? For the young, they must start thinking for the future now. For the old, start looking for alternative methods of treatment for the most common illnesses and even the most serious as well. The term, "Preventative Maintenance" (PM) is the key. It's the same line of thinking used for equipment, your car, lawn mower, house furnace, etc. and it can be just as easily used for the human body. Taking products that help keep our body healthy, eating healthy and exercises are all keys to PM. When the body becomes fatigued, ill or it sustains an injury, the brain does one thing, it sends messages to the bodies chemicals to seek out the damage area and repair it. Broken bones receive more calcium; bruises get new blood, etc. Basically what the body is doing is rejuvenating itself. There's are health products out there that does just that, they rejuvenate the cells of the body and restores them to good health. New products coming in from Asia and Mexico where they are seeing positive results. At this time, the FDA hasn't given some of these products their stamp of approval. Some may say it's a questionable product then, my opinion is that the FDA does not always have everyone's health as its first priority. If FDA does approve a product (which it will likely do but only if it can control which suppliers will sell the product), you can almost take it to the bank the cost will only go up. If it does go down, it will more than likely be due to a generic form of the product being sold and thereby sacrificing the most effective ingredients or processes used to develop the health aid effectiveness that is being revealed through countless cases now. Some health supplements are a powerful blend of polysaccharide peptides derived from a select mixture of rice grains harvested in the Siam Valley of Thailand and Alfa Spirulina from the Pacific Ocean, they combines over 50 antioxidants, second-generation amino acids and potent alpha glycans to target premature aging and build lasting mental and physical energy, vitality and health. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art nanotechnology to bond polysaccharide peptides through hydrolysis, forming concentrated, naturally hydrolyzed alpha glycans. Advanced nanotechnology is the only way to extract these particles and preserve them in powder form. Alpha glycans are tiny nutrients that are easily absorbed by your cells that recognize them as biological super-fuel - nutrients you just can't get in a modern diet. This super-fuel is pumped directly into cellular mitochondria - the power plants of your cells - for a natural energy boost that lasts all day and promotes restful sleep each night. They can also double as a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals - dangerous particles that rip through your cells and cellular DNA, causing cell damage, mutation and death. It is this damage that is linked to metabolic disorders like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, stroke, diabetes and all degenerative disease. It feed's your cells at the molecular level, at the same time it protects them from damage, means this amazing functional food supports your body's ability to: • Fight the effects of Syndrome X

• Boost your immune system to fight illness and disease

• Get energy, vitality, mental clarity and focus

• Enhance circulation and brain function

• Target hormonal imbalances and poor sleep

• Fight depression, memory loss and dementia

• Decrease high blood pressure, elevated LDL and triglycerides

• Balance blood sugar levels and improve digestion

• Enhance libido and sexual performance

• Boost metabolic function and increase weight loss

• Fight disease and aging the natural, healthy way What you call aging is really cellular damage, disease or death. Aging, simply put, is the net result of the trillions of cells in your body failing to run at peak efficiency like they did when you were younger. Wrinkles, fatigue, loss of muscle tone, mood swings, weight gain achiness and the afternoon blahs are all signs of pre-mature aging. Lack of focus, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, hormonal imbalances and poor memory are not normal signs of aging, they are your body telling you it needs nourishment at the cellular level. The symptoms above don't just signal cellular slowdown, they are actually warning signs of impending metabolic disorders. For all but a few, poor cellular function leads to disease. The state of your health is a direct reflection of the health of your Cells, and their ability to produce essential energy to build health and fight disease. What causes cellular aging? Malnourished cells - cells that aren't getting the nutrition they need to fight two things - time and toxins. With time, a nutrient-depleted modern diet, lack of exercise and ever-increasing stress take their toll on cellular health. And when you add exposure to toxins in the air, water and food you consume combined with free radical damage, you have cells that are just barely able to perform vital functions. Certain health products can assist in reducing premature aging and metabolic disorders. They can deliver nano-sized micro-nutrients deliver potent glycol-nutrients, second-generation amino acids and antioxidants at the molecular level - directly to the mitochondria, the power plants of your cells that fuel cellular function, repair and restoration. Are you at risk for premature aging from: Stress - Poor Diet - Frequent illnesses - Lack of exercise - Fatigue, poor memory, mood swings Struggling with metabolic disorders like: ADD/ADHD - Alzheimer's - Arthritis - Autism Cancer - Cardiovascular Disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Depression - Diabetes Digestive disorders - Down's Syndrome - Fatigue Fibromyalgia - High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol - Impotence - Kidney Disorders Lupus - Memory Loss/Dementia - Mood Disorders Multiple Sclerosis - Nerve Damage - Neuropathy Obesity - Parkinson's - Rheumatoid Arthritis Rosacea - Stroke Are you ready to change your old routine and reach out for something new?

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