Friday, December 10, 2010

Benefit of Grounding - Barefoot

Diana Garnica

The benefit of Grounding / Barefoot are amazing also? Grounding is a great tool that can dramatically increase your meditation powers and recenter your spirit and emotions. The idea is to push your extra energy into the ground and leave it there or draw energy from the ground to feel more powerful. One amazing benefit of Grounding / Barefoot also leaves you centered and focused for the rest of the day and is very beneficial in many other ways. Grounding is the way to connect to the Earth and channel any extra nervous energy away. If you do not have the time to meditate, there are other ways to connect to the Earth. For example you could walk barefoot or sit on the ground - any contact with the Earth can connect you and leave you in a much better state of mind.

The health benefits are enormous, as are the spiritual benefits, even if you "don't have a religion." When you are grounded, you have sent all of your nervous energy away (like the negative energy you picked up from media or cell phones). Your focus can become utterly clear and you can concentrate on any physical part of your anatomy to regulate how it works. You can cause your blood pressure to drops, your pulse to regulate and your neural patterns to remain calm because there is no extra adrenaline to pump through you.

Another Benefit of Grounding is that your lungs will fill more completely with deeper breaths and as a result you will get more oxygen to your brain. If you are relaxed and your blood pressure is contained, your whole body will relax and the rest of your life will fall into place. In addition, since meditation requires you to sit up with your back straight to achieve the full effect of it's healing properties, grounding while standing still can help. Any contact with the Earth is welcome, so if you'd like to walk barefoot instead of sitting on the hard Earth, you still get residual health benefits. Walking barefoot is good for weak foot arches, especially along different terrains. Not only can you be as calm as possible with grounding, but your body can begin to shape up with this activity as well.

The spiritual benefit of Grounding / Barefoot are amazing also. Using this particular activity keeps us healthy spiritually, which leads to higher self-esteem and a higher self worth. Grounding your energy is mandatory when you are about to perform heavy meditative procedures, because you cannot find your center if you are pumped full of the days thoughts and worries. In chakra exercises, it is best if you ground first and then begin to open up your chakras instead of trying to open them immediately upon entering a meditative state. For people who perform rituals or deal with Earth magic, grounding is viewed as two-way - you can push and pull as much energy as you need from the Earth, and therefore, focus completely on your task. The main idea of grounding is focus - whether you are using it for religious or health conscious purposes. Everyone understands that if you are spiritually healthy, the body will follow.

So let's do it, then. Let's go sit on the grassy knoll. Let's take our shoes off and take a walk in the forest and let the Earth do it's part in our health and well being by taking care of ourselves and bundling all of our nervous clips and stumbles into the ground. You and everyone around you will benefit from doing this activity, so why not try it?

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Why Is Taoist Tai Chi So Popular

Kurt Schlicher

Taoist Tai Chi is a mix of Taoism and Tai Chi Chuan. It is a more complete approach than either one of them because it works both on your mind and body. It has developed as a holistic approach to health and well-being and combines both approaches in a unified practice.

Tai Chi Chuan, translated as Supreme Ultimate Fist, is a practice developed for defense and for its health benefits, so it's focused more on perfecting the body. Taoist practices are a series of philosophical and religious beliefs which have evolved in ancient India and China.

Here's what you need to know...

#1 This practice has roots in martial arts and Taoism, a set of philosophical traditions and beliefs that stress moderation, compassion and harmony.

#2: It's a great practice for your mind and body. Its practitioners claim the following health benefits:
* The stretching aspects improve the function of ligaments, tendons and joints.
* It is a weight-bearing exercise and as such can help maintain bone density.
* Taoist Tai Chi forms stimulate the spinal nerves which results in a balanced effect on the nervous system.
* The long stretches reduce muscular tension.
* By relaxing the mind while doing the exercises, the brain requires less energy and the stress levels are reduced.
* Helps to regulate the immune system.

#3: It helps you escape from the stress of our modern lives. In order to properly practice the art, you need to quiet your mind, which is easier said that done in our modern society. You need to take a step back from worries, doubts and tasks to your basic nature of stillness, compassion and peace.

#4: Taoist Tai Chi Society is a vibrant non-profit organization with more than 40000 members in 26 countries. Their mission is to bring benefits to all people. The society is very popular in Canada and is growing fast. Some chapters offer health recovery oriented classes for those with special needs.

If you are serious about improving your overall health, you should definitely try out a few Taoist Tai Chi exercises. If they make you feel better and more relaxed, it can become a very beneficial daily practice for you. In the past few years many high quality DVD programs have been produced to teach the basic exercises and philosophy behind the art of Taoist Tai Chi. These programs can help get you started with the basics before seeking professional instruction. is a great resource for more information and many Tai Chi videos

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Paleo Foods - The Diet Which Will Make One Strong and Lean

Mary Thomson

There are a number of people who go on different diet plans to stay in good shape and look good. However, most of these diet plans do more harm to the body than doing good and hence they end up causing more health issues. Nowadays a lot of people are following the Paleo diet which is known to show effect without harming the body.

The word Paleo is derived from the word Paleolithic and this paleo diet is also known as the ancestor diet. The reason for this is that this diet uses the recipes used during that era which is roughly about 2.5 million years ago. It is a well known fact that our ancestors were extremely healthy and strong and at the same time lean as well. This is mainly because of their diet and their way of life.

Shifting to a Paleo diet will make significant changes in the way one eats and also make a significant change in the metabolism. These foods will mainly include raw foods and hence boost the metabolism which will result in weight loss. At the same time following a regular exercise regime will help tone the muscles and help one become leaner as well as stronger.

The Paleo diet is healthy because it is packed with healthy natural ingredients and hence very healthy. Most often than not people end up snacking on high fat foods and sugary foods which end up getting stored as fat and this makes one overweight. With the paleo diet and the raw foods one get the necessary nutrients and the fresh veggies and fruits show their benefits well. But yes all this has to be coupled up with proper exercise only then will diet show proper effect. The best thing about this diet plan is that it does not devoid the body of any nutrients and provides a complete balanced nutrition.

You should know about Paleo food list if you are planning for dieting. Click here to know more about Paleo food list

Do You Need More Energy Right Now

Ana O'Shea

I have stumbled upon lots of fantastic Amega Global products that will completely energise you and give you clarity of thought in readiness for what life throws at you. How do I know that these products can energise you and do what they say on the tin? Because I have purchased these products and tried and tested them.

Here is just one example of one product that I have purchased called The Amega Wand. This wand is based on Zero Point Energy, I hear you asking what is zero point energy - well it is the source of energy from which everything manifests. This wand has source energy resistance through amized infusion technology, which has crystals and minerals placed in a pen like wand which has sat in a chamber and is infused for 21 days which gives it the powers it holds to heal, calm and energise.

Just look at the results I have experienced, first hand, so far:

1. My colleague at work had a headache and I wanded her head for less than 3 minutes and her headache disappeared. Great tool to have for your wedding day to ensure you are stress free and calm.

2. Another colleague had a damaged shoulder, which prevents his arm moving too far towards the left and pains him constantly. I wanded his shoulder for approximately 3 minutes and we were both gob smacked as not only was the pain gone but also he was able to move his arm a lot further to the left than he had been before.

3. I have tested peoples' strength by placing a mobile phone in their hand and getting them to outstretch their arm and when I attempt to push their arm down it goes down quite freely inspite of them resisting me with all their strength, but as we all know the EMF's from your mobile phone takes your strength. So then I did the same test but this time I got them to hold The Wand in their hand with the mobile phone and hey presto their strength is restored.

4. I recently had a wide deep sharp cut on my thumb which was very painful and quite irritating. So yes you guessed it, this time I put the tip of the wand to the cut and after that wanded it for approximately 45 seconds and within one hour the wound looked like a very old scar. Within a couple of days all traces of the cut were completely gone.

5. This wand also energises and removes toxins from your food and drink. Imagine this in turn will remove toxins from your bodyas well as remove toxins from your food. I have used the wand to wand a cheap glass of wine and I could not believe the difference as it now tasted like a very expensive smooth tasting wine, in fact it was so delicious, I just had to finish the bottle, wanding each glass as I darank, of course.

6. This has to be my favourite of all take a whole lemon cut it in half, slice each half and place them on a separate plates, wand one plate of the lemons then taste the unwanded lemon which will taste very bitter, as expeced. Then taste the wanded lemon and be amazed, as now you have a beautiful sweet tasting lemon. Go on amaze your friends with this one.

7. When I need to be energised now - I use the Wand.

In summary this Wand will energise, heal and remove toxins from your food. Now tell me who would go without it. Not me anyway.

I also bought the magnetic bracelet which stimulates the flow of your blood and increases your metabolism, a pendant which is very beautiful and is worn around the neck on a medium to long chain, which protects you against all the EMF's in our environment, and my fourth product is a nutritional drink that I take on a daily basis, which gives me a continual flow of refreshed energy throughout the day and evening. Also I must mention these products help you get a very satisfying sleep.

I was so impressed with these products that I have become a Business Associate which allows me to recruit more people into this business, to help spread the word about these magnificant products that will create a new evolution in wellness around the world.

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Health Tourism is Alive and Well

Lance Winslow

We are so lucky in the United States to have one of the best health care systems in the world. Perhaps it is because we have the best medical schools, best doctors, best pharmaceuticals, best medical diagnostic equipment, and well, you get the picture. It is truly amazing how many people come to the US to get special operations. Recently, the King of Saudi Arabia came to the US to get an operation, and think about it, he has enough money to go anywhere in the world, but he chose the US, for obvious reasons.

Health Care Tourism means being alive and well, and folks will do just about anything to stay alive. Not long ago, a citizen from India went to the UK to have an operation; unfortunately she also had a terrible infection from a superbug and brought that with her also. This is one risk of health tourism, as folks move around the planet. Luckily, that's not all that typical, and there are lots of reasons for the increase in Health Care Tourism these days.

For the most part folks do it to either get the best care that money can buy, to save money, to combine a vacation trip with an operation, or to have an operation that is not covered by their health care program or socialist nation. For whatever reason and individual chooses to take part in heath tourism - be sure it is a growing sector world-wide.

Folks in the US often go to other countries to get risky operations that no doctor in the US will do because their malpractice insurance will not cover them, or because they have pre-existing conditions that are not covered by the patient's health care plan. Many folks go to Mexico to get dental work done due to the high costs and the reality that many are not covered on their healthcare plans for dental work.

In some countries the cost to say in a hospital might be well under $100 per day, thus an operation with hospital stay is now affordable, whereas in the US it could bankrupt a family. Indeed, other nations have fewer regulations on their heath care industry, which helps keep costs low, but then again on the flip side is the reality that it can be a Buyer's Beware risky game. Therefore, there are many online groups which get together and patients can compare notes on those risks/rewards/costs and accommodations.

In the EU there are many procedures and drugs which are approved there, but they are not in the US - often folks will use this as an excuse to see Europe, get their operation and treatment and their cost savings pays for their entire trip. It's an interesting development in this Global World, but as always - do your homework, do your due-diligence, and check the credentials and reviews from others first. Caveat Emptor - please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes it's hard work to write 22,000 articles;

What Is Tranquility - Why Do We Need to Embrace Tranquility

Catherine Quel

When you think of the word tranquility, do you think about peaceful surroundings, a shaded woody area, a waterfall or a garden with butterflies? Often times, people think that in order to have tranquility in their lives, they need to have a peaceful environment. It is not always possible to have a serene and undisturbed setting.

Even though we can't seem to produce the quiet atmosphere, we can produce tranquility from within. You don't need to go to a physical place to find it.

Why is Tranquility Important?

Not having tranquility effects all facets of your personal and professional life. Tranquility, or an inner peace, is what keeps your life stable in these unstable times. Without tranquility, you are more prone to sudden outbursts and more anxiety and fear. Just think of all of the missed opportunities you face without that calming inner peace.

Now, how do we achieve this tranquility?

There are a few things that you can do to achieve it:

1. Meditation - Meditation allows you to drain your mind, which allows you to rest your mind without any other thoughts. This is a wonderful way for adults and even children to achieve tranquility and that inner peace. And, what is really beneficial is that you can meditate any time you want. All you need is a quiet space. If you have a lot of anxiety or stress in your life, meditate more often.

2. Martial Arts - Participating in a martial arts program will give you focus and peace. There are many different martial arts program, such as Tai Ch; Kung Fu, which is Chinese; Tae Kwon Do, which is Korean and Karate, which is Japanese. All of these programs put emphasis on focus and self-control. You can try a few or all of them to find one that works for you.

3. Stretching - If the martial arts programs are not for you, stretching may be. Stretching helps to relax the body and in turn, calms the spirit. There are also programs that you can participate in such as Yoga or Pilates. These programs will give you exercises that will tone your muscles in addition to improving your health. These programs also teach you how to relax your muscles and by doing so, will give you the tranquility you seek.

4. Use Key Phrases - Here is one that you probably never thought of, recognizing what makes you feel at peace. Maybe there is a key phrase or a saying that just sums it all up for you. Gives you hope and peace. If this works for you, write down your key phrases and carry them with you. You can also write your key phrases on your bathroom mirror or you can put the phrases to pictures and put them on your refrigerator, or wherever you would see them often

The key point here is if you are looking for that tranquility in your life and you don't know where to find it, just pick one of the items above and try it. Find what works for you.

Tranquility is a very important factor in our lives and we need to embrace it. In order to embrace it, we need to find it and hold on to it. Tranquility may be easier for you to find than you think.

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Deodorant Chemicals - What You Need to Know

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

In today's modern society, we are expected to use a wide range of body and skin care products to enhance the way we look - and to keep things like body odour to a minimum. However, many of these products contain harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc with allergies and create illness where there was none.

Here are the most common chemicals used in deodorants that you should avoid buying. Aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, and fragrance.

Aluminum - One main concern with deodorants is related to their high levels of aluminum salts. Aluminum chloride, aluminum carbohydrate and aluminum zirconium chlorhydrate glycine complexes can make up 25 percent of the weight of the deodorant/antiperspirant, which is not healthy - especially in Western cultures where most women shave their underarms, resulting in more skin absorption of the harmful substances. Aluminum has also been linked to Alzheimer's disease.

Parabens - These are another concern related to deodorants. Parabens may be listed on labels as: methyl parabens, ethyl parabens, propyl parabens, butyl parabens, isobutyl parabens or E216. These parabens have shown particularly troubling links to cancer, present and intact in breast tumours. Studies have also shown that parabens affect the body much like estrogens do - diminishing muscle mass, allowing for extra storage of fat and prompting male gynecomastia (breast growth).

Propylene Glycol - found in thousands of cosmetic products - to help moisturize. It is also an ingredient used in anti-freeze and brake fluid, so it's no surprise that it could cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Fragrance - found in many deodorants. While it may seem harmless, it should be avoided as it can cause allergies and lung problems. Unfortunately, the priority of most companies that sell beauty products is their financial bottom line, not your long-term health. Ultimately, we can't ignore the fact that all the chemicals we use on our body may increase our risk of developing cancer. Knowledge is power, but you have to act on that knowledge.

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B.Sc., D.C. is co-author of the book Wellness On The Go: Take the plunge - it's Your Life! and the founder of an on-line wellness education program. Dr. Beauchamp is a chiropractor, a certified personal fitness trainer, a professional natural bodybuilder, a TV personality, a corporate wellness consultant and an inspirational speaker.

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Part 2 of 5 - Will Your Body Heal Itself From Cancer And Degenerative Disease?

Arlan Murata

Here is the Dr. Norman Walker Story. As a young man Dr Walker became seriously ill from over-work. Unable to accept that he was sick and ill, he looked for a way to cure him self and did. He moved to the country and lived and worked on his farm.

He found that by changing his diet to a vegetarian one with lots of carrot and fruit juice, his body started to heal. In addition, the work he did on the farm built his strength and the fresh environment help him recover his health.

When he cured himself, he then spent the balance of his life searching for ways to extend life and achieve freedom from disease for others.

He found that our immune systems are kept at its optimum level by consuming "raw" vegetable and fruit juices daily. He said that vegetable juices are the builders of the body and fruit juices are the cleansers.

Dr. Walker was living proof that a long and healthy live can be achieve through proper diet, mental soundness and intelligent body care.

My own experience of changing my life style to which is similar to what Dr. Walker suggests for a vibrant and healthy life:

  • Moderate daily exercise of tennis and walking
  • Changing my diet to a more vegetarian one
  • Hydrating daily with 8-12 glasses of Ionized Alkaline Water
  • Daily eliminations 1-3 times made me feel better
  • Eliminate the consumption of unhealthy food products - processed foods, harmful fats, cow's milk and soft drinks. Alcohol and tobacco products are carcinogenic, organ damaging and life threatening.
  • Practice of breathing, meditation and praying

Since follow the above lifestyle changes since January, 2010, I have lost over 44 lbs, have more energy, sleep better and feel terrific. I am a heart attack survivor that is now able to life a normal life like playing tennis and working on project with energy.

Cancer and degenerate disease is found in a body that is acidic. According to Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, the root cause of cancer is too much acidity in the body. He made it clear that oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body, is the root cause of cancer. Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in the alkaline state.

As Pogo says, I have met the enemy and he is me. Do you poison your body with alcohol, tobacco, processed foods, drugs, soda and sugar? Do you feed your mind hate, greed, worry, envy and fear? Change your lifestyle.

Follow a committed lifestyle change to:
1) Eating a more sensible diet of a variety of approximately 85% fresh and raw vegetables and fruits and approximately 15% animal based proteins,
2) Drink 8-12 glasses of Ionized Alkaline Water - 2-3 glasses upon waking up, 2-3 glasses 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. Sip don't gulp your water,
3) Walk 30-60 minutes per day,
4) Have at least 1 or more eliminations daily,
5) Take deep breaths for 10 minutes - Breath in with your nose and out with your mouth,
6) Practice joy and love in your life - appreciate your family, friends and people around you. This lifestyle change will move your body from an acidic state to an alkaline one as acidic waste is flushed out of your cells and body.

Your body is a miraculous healing instrument as God Create us. Therefore, practicing the above lifestyle change religiously every day will allow your body to work as it was meant to. A healthy alkaline body will not allow cancer cells to survive, according to Dr. Warburg. These are the benefits of making a lifestyle change. Each one of us needs to do what you can but you need to do it to enjoy a healthier and longer life.

Your wellness friend,


PS: Part 3 follows soon. More wellness alternatives can be found on my wellness blog:

Arlan Murata AKA Muratasensei is a full time wellness entrepreneur. Arlan is a senior on a wellness quest after suffering a massive heart attack, who has been sharing his experiences to teach people alternatives to a healthy body, mind and finance. Check him out at

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Build a Lasting Healthy Legacy

Shelli Thompson

I know that people talk all the time about how we start looking like our pets or vice-a-versa and then we start to notice and think that is indeed true. It goes so much deeper than that, it's about building a healthy legacy.

I notice that families all seem to be similar. Whether they are short, tall, big, small, families, just like their pets start to look and act like each other in undeniable ways.

It is really up to the leader of the family to take control and set a healthy example and offer healthy choices for meals and in general. This may be a parent, a grandparent or a care taker but either way they are setting up a legacy and starting a pathway to a healthy legacy or an unhealthy legacy.

So much of the time people don't have a clue on what is right and that many times is due to the media, just plain old peer pressure, or the pressure from kids wanting to keep up with what everyone has or is doing.

First and foremost is that we are setting an example for the next generation, look at your self and decide if that is the legacy you would like to leave. Is it one of health or disease?

Keeping in mind that putting more in than is going out is a recipe for weight gain. We need to look at the different ways of burning off calories throughout the day, how to fit in regular exercise and how to eat healthier.

The most important thing I see repeatedly is that so many of us need to turn off the TV. Honestly 4 hours a day of TV watching by the average American is just a waste of time. Heck, that's more than we watch in a week.

Schedule in a work out and make it a priority in your life. Exercise burns calories, raises metabolism, burns fat, reduces cholesterol, increases bone and muscle density, improves circulation and flexibility and the list goes on and on.

Take regular breaks from the desk at work or at home, go outside, stretch, walk do anything but look at a computer screen. Speaking of eyes, look away outside preferably at a distance from your computer screen when ever you get a chance.

Stop watching the evening news; they get all of their information from the paper anyways. By choosing to read the paper, we decide on what news we let in, what we need to know and the best part is that we get to leave the useless, negative information out, we save time by not sitting through endless commercials and useless stories that don't concern us.

Make the kids go outside and play. That's what we all did when the diabetes and obesity levels were much lower. So many kids sit in front of computers, video games, TV sets it is just a crying shame. Get the kids involved in sports or an outside activity.

Read the labels on the food you serve your family, know what to look for and if you are not sure, ask someone who knows. Know the good fats from the bad and how much sodium is too much.

When you go to the grocery store shop around the perimeter of the grocery area where the fresh, healthy food items are typically located, always buy organic products but look at the label first.

Eat slower and don't drink too much with your meal. Fill stomach 1/2 full with food, 1/4 with fluid (warm or room temperature) and 1/4 empty for digestion, this will allow for proper processing and assimilation of the food we eat.

Last but certainly not least, make sure and BE what you want to SEE. If you set a healthy example for young ones, then they will most likely be more health conscious. Discontinue ingesting fast foods and see how fast health improves.

How To Keep Your Food Supply Safe

Stewart Wrighter

These days, more and more people are focusing on the health of their food. It used to be you can walk into a grocery store, buy anything that caught your eye, and eat it knowing you were safe. In the 1980's, there were problems with Halloween candy and headache medicine being tampered with and people suddenly realized that everything in the store is not guaranteed safe. As years passed, shoppers also realized that even if food is approved by a government agency or the store itself, there is a chance it could make you sick. The good news is, some of this danger is within the control of the consumer and the diner. If you are smart about how you shop and you know how to store and prepare food in your home, you are less likely to experience a food-related illness. The first thing you need to do to make sure food in your home is safe and healthy to eat is to make sure an existing bug problem is not affecting your food supply. Consider termite control if you are dealing with a problem. Termite pest control as well as other methods of extermination will keep your pantry free and clear of bugs.

Keeping your pantry clean is the best way to ensure your foods items stay fresh. It is important to keep things organized so you know what you have and what needs to be purchased when you go shopping. Many people go to the grocery store, purchase a variety of items, only to return home and find they had plenty of the item in their disorganized pantry. Purchasing more means you may not be able to use it all by its expiration date. If food passes its date of freshness and you prepare it by mistake, there is a chance it could lead to illness.

In addition to keeping your pantry clean and organized, be sure your refrigerator is also clean. Things have a tendency to leak and spill in the refrigerator, and you can wind up with a mess in no time at all. It is also important to cover items properly if you are storing them in the refrigerator. Be sure your plastic storage containers seal properly and if you are using plastic bags, make sure they are sealed completely before putting them away. Also try to throw away old items at least once a week so you do not end up with a refrigerator full of spoiled food.

If you buy items in bulk, or you purchase meat, poultry or fish that you will not be using by the sell-by date, you can freeze the items. This is perfectly safe, as long as your freezer is set to an acceptable temperature. Be sure anything you freeze is rock solid in order to prolong its life. Do not thaw it until a few hours before you are ready to use. You may also need to defrost your freezer every now and then depending on the appliance's age.

Finally, be sure any food storage is at least six inches off the ground. This prevents any rodents from accessing bags and boxes. It also means if there are spills or floods, the foods on the lower levels will not be affected.

Stewart Wrighter is an expert in the field of exterminating and contributes articles often about termite control and what works the most efficiently. He is very knowledgeable about termite pest control and what works the most efficiently.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Water and The Human's Health

Stan V Johnson

There is no more mysterious and amazing substance than water. The explanation of its characteristics is hidden in its molecular and intermolecular structure.

But for us the water is firstly the most important component of the human organism, providing the connection of the outer and the inner world, the transportation of the substances between the cells and the organs. The water corresponds the main medium of the metabolic process as it is a solvent of organic and inorganic substances. The water forms a part of different systems of organic substances. For example, each gram of glycogen (animal starch) contains 1.5 ml of water, and each gram of protein contains 3 ml of water. Such structures as cell membranes, transporting particles of blood, macromolecular and supramolecular structures are formed with the help of water. In the process of the metabolism and the oxidation of the hydrogen, which forms a part of the substrates (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), endogenous "oxidation water" is generated, and its amount depends on the species of disintegrating substrates and the metabolic rate. So, during the oxidation of 100 g of fat more than 100 ml of liquid are formed, 100 g proteins - about 40 ml water, 100 g carbohydrates - 55 ml water. The rise of energy metabolism leads to the sharp growth of the amount of endogenous water.

But endogenous water is not enough for provision of water medium of metabolic processes, especially the excretion in the dissolved form of metabolic products. Particularly, the rise of the consumption of the proteins and respectively their final transformation in the urea, which is removed from the organism with the urine, leads to the inevitable growth of the loss of water in the kidneys, which demands of the heightened flux of water into the organism. When passing to the carbohydrate diet with the little quantity of common salt NaCl reduces the need of the organism in water.

The total amount of liquid in the organism of a human depends on its mass and averages 38-42 liters. Its content in different tissues varies from 10% in the adipose tissue to 83-90% in the kidneys and blood. With the years the amount of water in the organism is lessening, so as in the case of obesity. Women have less water in the organism than men.

The water in the organism forms two water spaces: intracellular (2/3 of the whole water volume) and extracellular (the whole water volume). In pathology there appears one more water space - water of the body cavities: abdominal, pleural, etc. The extracellular water space includes two sectors: 1) intravascular water sector, i.e. blood plasma, the volume of which is about 4-5 % of the body mass, and 2) interstitial or intercellular water sector, containing ¼ of all the water of the organism (15% of the body mass). It is more movable, changing the volume if there is a redundancy or deficiency in water. (Remember this peculiarity, we will return to it when talking about the mechanism of the "summer" cleaning of joints). All the aqua in the organism is renewed approximately once a month and intercellular aqua space - once a week. (And this peculiarity is also very important for determination of the duration of the "summer" cleanings).

The redundant inflow of water leads to its accumulation if few water is exuded, and this shift of the water balance is called hyperhydration. In this case aqua is mostly accumulated in the interstitial aqua sector. The significant hyperhydration declares itself in water intoxication. Water intoxication can be followed by the excitation of nerve cells and the onset of muscular spasms.

The defective inflow or the redundant excretion of water leads to the reduction of liquid spaces, mostly of the interstitial sector. This is called the dehydration. It can be followed by the hemoconcentration, the worsening of its properties and abnormalities of hemodynamics. The reduction of water in the organism to 20 % of the body mass leads to the fatal outcome.

The system of regulation of the water balance provides the main life processes: firstly, the maintenance of the constancy of the water volume in the organism, secondly, the optimal distribution of water between the aqua spaces and sectors. The activity of kidneys, other eliminative organs, drinking water consumption and thirst are referred to the factors of the maintenance of relative aqua constancy.

The significance of water as a solvent is especially important, because all the substances absorbable in the blood or the lymph are preliminarily resolved in water. The liquid transfers the nutrients to the cells and removes decay products, which are removed from the organism by the kidneys and sudoriferous glands.

Besides, the oxidation processes are progressing in the water, and the oxidative breakdown very often goes on with the addition of the water molecule.

Also the water takes part in the regulation of the body temperature: vaporizing, it cools the body and lowers the temperature. The water protects from the heat exhaustion in the hot places, under the sun and during the long passages. Finally, the water enter in the composition of the digestive juices, the fluids of the gastrointestinal tract.

The need of the human in aqua is 2-2.5 liters per day. This liquid comes to the organism from the following sources: 1) the water consumed as a drinking (900-1200 ml) and containing in the food (900-1000 ml) 2) the water that is made in the organism as a result of chemical transformation of the nutrients (300-350 ml (endogenous, oxidations).

The main organs that remove water from the organism are the kidneys, sudoriferous glands, lungs and bowels.

The kidneys remove 1-1.5 liters of aqua a day with the urine. Sudoriferous glands remove 500 - 1000 ml in usual conditions and in the hot place or at hard work the perspiration increases.

The lungs remove 350-400 ml of water by liquid vapor. This quantity is sharply increased when the breathing is getting deeper and quicker, and 800 ml of water can be removed in a day.

The bowels remove 100-150 ml of water with the stool.

The ratio of the consumed water to the removed water makes up a water balance. The water consummation should fully cover the water discharge. It is important for the normal activity of the organism or as a result of the loss of water there will be serious abnormalities of the vital functions.

Stan V Johnson
Calendar clock.

Buzz Words for Healthy Foods, Good or Nonsense?

Kathryn D Alexander

Every time we visit the grocery store we are confronted with advertising gimmicks. For example, we see convincing words like All Natural, A Good Source of Vitamins, Natural Ingredients, Healthy, Organic, No Antibiotics, No Hormones, Cage-free, etc. These words are attention grabbers for consumers to believe they are getting something wonderful, healthy and nutritious, but are we really getting something good for us? What do all these words really mean?

To find out more regarding how products are labeled with these words, I researched their definitions on the FDA Food and Drug website; following is what I discovered:

  1. Natural - means the product contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients.
  2. Healthy - means the product has limited fat, cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium and must contain minimum vitamin and mineral requirements or other good nutrients. Although healthy sounds good, the product can still contain fat, sodium, calories and if we eat other HEALTHY products in any given day, we may be getting too much FAT and calories.
  3. Cage-free - hens are allowed to roam freely but conditions can still be similar to caged hens. For example:
  4. Hens are mainly purchased from hatcheries where males are killed immediately after hatching.
  5. Beaks are burned off.
  6. Hens are not allowed to live long lives; they are slaughtered at 2 years old or younger. En route to the slaughterhouse, hens are not provided food or water even when the facility is a substantial distance away.
  7. Hormones - are genetically-engineered growth medication that makes animals grow faster, bigger and produce more milk in many cases. It is injected into animals like cows or added to their feed. Cows in the 1950's produced 5,000 pounds of milk and today they produce over 18,000 pounds a year. Hormones called rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) have been linked to mastitis a painful udder infection, deformed calves, hoof diseases, open sores and deadly internal bleeding. Synthetic hormones used are Zeranol, Trenbolone, and Melengestrol. Zeranol and Trenbolone are given by injection and Melengestrol is given to animals through their feed. All these hormones are thought to be linked to cancer per European studies. The United States and Canada still use hormones, however Europe does not allow hormone usage nor does it allow for the import of beef from other countries which use it. Other research studies state that hormones cause young girls to mature earlier which increases breast and ovarian cancer risks.
  8. Antibiotics - are medications used to treat udder infections caused in cows. Overuse of antibiotics can cause cows to become nonresistant to bacteria.
  9. Organic - means food which is grown or produced to certain guidelines of the USDA. Organic does not mean that food is better or contains more nutrients, as an example, ice cream can be organic and still contain high levels of FAT.

The FDA claims that all the various chemicals used to raise livestock or to grow crops are okay for us but if we are eating products which contain these hormones and antibiotics, there has to be some long-term damage. If these products are causing problems in cows and cause them to grow bigger faster, maybe these hormones are causing our obesity issues and other health problems. Polluting our bodies with synthetic chemicals does not make sense to me.

What does make sense to me is eating organically. The FDA has strict guidelines for organic labeling for produce that is raised or grown organically, i.e. no chemical fertilizers, no insecticides, no herbicides, no growth hormones and no antibiotics. Farmers generating revenue greater than $5,000 are subject to a certification process. Products that have been certified will display the green and white, USDA/Organic seal. This seal guarantees that 95 % of the production cycle contains no chemicals. To become a chemical free society, we must buy only organic. Once there is a demand for organic, chemically produced products will decline. Let's get healthy together, go ORGANIC. Thank you, Kathryn Alexander.

In 2008, Hero Cards, Inc. was founded to provide tangible opportunities for recognizing and thanking individuals who make a difference in our world. The company offers a greeting card line of the highest quality that is both cost and ecologically conscious and provides a percentage of its profits to families and organizations that have faced adversity. Hero Cards are designed and manufactured in the USA of recycled materials. Hero Cards, Inc. is a member of the Greeting Card Association (GCA), the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sweat - Element of Positivity or Negativity?

Wayne RUbens

What comes to your mind when you are thinking of sweat? Well for people who concerned about how fit they are always seeing sweat as a price for working their bodies. They see it as a necessity for fitness.

Sweat comes out of the body after the body has been put through amount of work. In such a condition, the body gives up some of the calories in it and some water as well.

However a lot of people have their own meaning for the sweat they encounter. For some of them it is a sign of tiredness and fatigue. But is this true of sweat? These people are only finding excuse for being in poor fitness shape. This is because the climbing of a normal stairs should not make you sweat that much, and it does not necessary mean you are sick and weak.

And for categories of people, sweat is the element of positivity or negativity. For those who are into fitness and love to exercise, sweat is a good sign and it only tell how great they are doing as far as working the body is concerned. On the other hand, sweat is a negative sign and they feel very uneasy about it.

And for a lot of these people, just this idea makes them start visiting the training centres to do a bit on their bodies. Some of these folks have not done this before but they are gingered to work out their bodies at the training centres.

But if you have not done some physical training before, you might find it difficult to know exactly how your body responds work outs but it should not be a worry at all. And instead of thinking bad about the sweat, you should be glad and happy because it a good sign and not a bad one.

Can you just imagine how strange you can look when soaked in sweat and you have no towel to clean up? That is the very reason you need to get to the exercise centre with a towel. Because working out the body will always give out sweat and a towel is all you need to cater for this sweat. If possible go with an extra towel, you probably cannot tell how much you can sweat.

Some people belief in using their sweat to measure the amount of work out you has done. For them it is always better than the strict dictates of clock. So they can tell when the work out is going well and when to end it. Perhaps it is time you discarded the ugly thought about sweat to help you get some training for your fitness and health.

More of guitar reviews at Rocket Spanish review and Guitar Superstars.

Old Home Remedies Help You Ditch the High Cost of Drugs

Kazuko Collins

Old Home Remedies are No Wives Tales

Can old home remedies really reduce or eliminate the need for certain drugs and there by their cost? In my own opinion and the opinion of many, the answer is Absolutely Yes!

Make no mistake, drugs are both necessary and life saving in some cases. But far too often today we turn to chemicals to mask our symptoms rather than looking to aid the body in healing the cause. As for pharmaceuticals, there hasn't been a cure for any illness or disease since Polio. Think about that. In well over a half a century with all the other advances we have made, we have not cured one single illness with drugs.

The chemical drug companies of today are getting great at alleviating symptoms to the point that as long as a patient takes a certain drug for life they can live reasonably comfortable. However, since the drug is not designed to cure, but only to control dangerous or uncomfortable symptoms, you will need to take it for life to get it's benefits.

Old home remedies that work? Or just a bunch of Snake oil?

The drug companies find this method to be profitable and sell us on the idea that this is the best there is. Meanwhile they don't just overlook the many natural old home remedies, but instead try to make them into foolish snake oil. The interesting thing about the phrase "snake oil" is it comes from one of the early forms of modern medicine.

With herbs and many other natural remedies one of the challenges is that natural substances are inconsistent in their ingredients. Dependent on the environment and circumstances along with the handler of the natural remedies, mean that some natural cures were more potent and some were less. In an attempt to make a consistent product people could count on to alleviate arthritis pain, one man, made a substance containing snake oil, menthol, clove oil and omega 3 oils into a standardized medicine for arthritis. It was somewhat effective and respected in its day.

With the coming of the traveling "Medical Show", many "Medical Salesman" would come around with their completely bogus cures along with a few real ones. One of the best medical salesman of that time liked killing snakes at the traveling show and boiled them and would make the snake oil in front of everyone. But he also sold many of the exaggerated cures and thus became known as the "Snake oil Salesman".

So with a twist of fate, what started out as one of the earliest forms of modern medicine, became the modern phrase to indicate that old home remedies are bogus, or "snake oil". Meanwhile, Modern medicine still uses the staff with two snakes wrapped around it as a symbol strength and unwavering ethics. It begs the question... who really is pushing the "Snake Oil"?

Have you ever known anyone who is on drugs or in need of surgery that is Healthy?

The fact still remains that I have never known anyone who was on drugs or in need of surgery that was healthy. I have known many however, that eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, enjoy many fresh herbs both to enhance flavor of a meal and as natural medicine or old home remedies, who exercise, meditate, get massage and/or acupuncture, pray and practice a spiritual faith of their choosing that are very healthy well into old age.

So it begs the question, if drugs are the only thing that can prevent, treat or cure illness, then why aren't healthy people on drugs?

If you have a serious medical condition then you should absolutely follow good, professional medical advice. But don't buy into the idea that drugs are the end all solution. Many of today's chronic conditions can absolutely be helped with old home remedies and natural cures.

Old home remedies can alleviate or heal many of today's most common illnesses

Illnesses such as acid reflux, arthritis, migraine, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, impotence, depression and many others can often be greatly helped or even fully remedied using many old home remedies. I am no doctor and have no medical training, but for me the proof is in the healing. I have seen my husband overcome many of his chronic conditions by the simple remedies of things like herbs, healthy diet, exercise and meditation. I have known those who couldn't conceive a child that had their first baby after receiving acupuncture and these are just a few examples of first hand experience.

In the West most have completely embraced the idea that drugs are the only genuine medicine and that everything else is nonsense. In the East many still embrace the old idea's. As a Japanese woman I am seeing that even here in Japan we are taking a more Western view of things with each passing year. As we do we see many of today's chronic conditions on the rise.

I encourage all to take off your blinders and try for yourself the many old home remedies available for today's most common conditions. See for your self if they work and stop relying on those who profit from your belief that natural cures and old home remedies are second class to chemical drugs.

To learn more, head over to Old Home Remedies
For a comprehensive list of home remedies form A - Z, check out Natural Remedies

Monday, November 8, 2010

Manage Your Health and Healthcare Professionals - Don't Let Them Manage You

Tamera L Nielsen

The days of blindly trusting our doctors are over. It's not because our doctors don't care - although that may be true for some - it is largely due to the bureaucratic hoops they must jump through to stay afloat.

Whatever the reason, patient advocacy - having an empathetic, educated advisor by your side - can mean the difference between regaining your good health status or withering - or worse.

Be it chronic disease, cancer, or other life-altering illnesses, you can create more joy and find healthier ways to manage your health issues so they don't manage you. Your family and friends can be objective and resourceful, but only to a certain point. It's natural for our loved ones to impart their own views instead of providing resourceful, objective options for you to consider.

Looking back on my battle with uncontrolled, undiagnosed seizures, I would have given anything to regain control of my body. As it turned out, I lost everything trying to salvage my good health.

For seven years, I endured countless medical tests and invasive, painful procedures to diagnose my seizure disorder. Pros at some of the top teaching hospitals in the country along with numerous medical professionals and facilities could not come to a conclusive diagnosis or treatment.

Averaging fifteen seizures a month - most gut-wrenchingly painful - others simply debilitating, I found myself trapped in a maze of medical mismanagement and mind-blowing drugs.

Seizure medication alters the central nervous system and brain chemistry so severely it can render a person listless - even speechless.

It did me.

Not only had I been controlled by the medical professionals 'treating' me, but a pharmacist inadvertently dispensed twice as much medication as I was prescribed.

I sat amidst nearly 50 people at a Halloween party literally immobile from an erroneous overdose of Lamictal. I recall wondering - at that party - if this was how a comatose patient felt: aware, but unable to express. I wondered if this was how my life would play out - in my thirties: A high-energy step-mom, career-driven bread winner, gym-rat-turned-paralyzed dolt.

Not a pretty picture and an awful feeling.

At least - I reasoned - that I wasn't passed out and convulsing on the floor of a ceramic-tiled shower stall, on a busy street, or in an airport - as I had before.

Some family members even chose to distance themselves from me saying it was "too scary" to be around me.

Time and again I begged my doctors to get me "off" the medications that were making me more ill and incapacitated, but they refused. They 'advised' me that I'd have more - or more severe - seizures if I went off of drugs. So, they increased the dosages, added more medications atop the ever-growing arsenal.

At one point I was on 12 different mind-altering medications. It was insane. The only drug that worked, Topamax made my already-petite frame drop 20 pounds in less than a month. To say I was angry and afraid would be an understatement.

A hideous nightmare ensued. My life, my identity - as I knew it - vanished.

No work. No gym. No basketball or painting with my step-daughter. Joyfulness dwindled as my health continued to deteriorate along with my support system. There were days when I was thrilled if I could make it out of the house - in a wheelchair.

Fast-forwarding, I ditched all the drugs, bolted from the medical professionals, moved across the country, lost everything and everyone - including my step-daughters, husband, career, and sense of self-worth - and luckily fell into the healing hands of a tai-chi yoga practitioner who taught me to control my seizures.

Choosing an alternative route such as this was a desperate choice of survival. Besides, I had nothing left to lose.

Anton Simper of Royal Oak, Michigan worked with me in three-hour increments once a week for nearly a year. I paid cash for the sessions - without an income or disability benefits.

By the end of that year, I was seizure-free and in control of my body and the bodily earthquakes, which had once ruled every aspect of my life.

Mind clear.

Free to drive without fear.

Free to live, work, exercise, and play again without medical intervention was a liberating, empowering, and joyous victory - regardless of the enormous price I paid.

Anton recognized that I had a fairly unusual condition that could be monitored with specific poses and breathing techniques, which ultimately enabled me to control my seizures.

Through all of my medical visits, research, travels, and pleadings, I found only two doctors who agreed that Postural Orthostatic Intolerance (POTS) or Neurocardiogenic Syncope - of which I have been "markedly" diagnosed - can cause autonomic nervous system seizures. They, at the time, were unable render a successful treatment.

Luckily, Anton did.

I still have seizure auras (warnings that a seizure is about to occur), but the moment I feel them, I immediately pose and breathe as Anton showed me. I control the seizure activity; it no longer controls me. I rarely have episodes of convulsing. At this post, it's been 18 months since I endured a seizure.

I will close this entry with a reiteration of my previous statement: Patient advocacy is sometimes necessary to improve -or save - a person's health, well-being, lifestyle - and perhaps more.

Through resourceful research, tenacity, and compassionate objectivity, perhaps I could help you manage your health issue so it doesn't manage you - or worse.

What Hidden Toxins Have Done To My Health And How You Can Avoid The Same Fate

Donna Payne

Just this past April, I spent a couple days in the hospital, and several weeks re-cooperating with a bout of Colitis. My doctor said my immune system was weak.


Prior to my hospital stay I felt sick, tired, lethargic along with other physical symptoms. My BFF, Kym, shared an idea about an "out of the box" muscle testing system called "applied kinesiology" (AK.)

Testing takes about an hour, and cost $115 (Not covered by insurance.)

So, I made my appointment the following week.

I was shocked by what I learned!

The Environmental Toxins in my body have over-taxed and weakened my immune system so I feel sick, tired, lethargic, along with other physical symptoms. Not only can I not tolerate, dust, mold, pollen and my darling dog Ginger... we can also add these items to the list:

  • food dyes
  • all types of preservatives, and
  • household cleaners (Lysol, Windex, and Pledge)

You've GOT to be KIDDING me? Yet, even more shocking... that I have an unusually high amount of formaldehyde, weed killer, and BPA in my system.

What the heck is this about?

Then I remembered... I had noticed a tag left by Chemlawn near my neighbors driveway in July.

Many of my neighbors use ChemLawn to treat their lawns for weeds - maybe that has something to do with it? I live in an allotment of 100 homes that has a community well. Could it be seeping into the water? What about the household cleaners I use? Laundry soap? Air freshener?...Oh Dear God!

It's time I made some serious changes...

Three years ago I felt healthy, vibrant, and full of energy. The last couple years, I've felt like hell. And, I believe it has to do with continued exposure to toxins.

Beginning right now, I will do my part to put an end to the cancer epidemic, and other medical phenomena and GRANT MYSELF IMMUNITY as I pledge to make wise decisions with what I use in my home, put in my body, and how I treat the earth.

I'm joining a crusade and put MY foot down that enough is enough.

I am on a mission to educate, change legislation and get the attention of the manufacturing giants that their money driven practices are no longer acceptable! Every voice counts!

Are YOU interested in an easy solution to create a No Toxic Zone for your HOME, your BODY, and the ENVIRONMENT? I would love to chat with you. Schedule a few minutes on my calendar here.

PS. It is all making sense to me now... my youngest daughter suffers from asthma, allergies, and digestive issues as well. Are her illnesses preventable?

Donna Payne is the co-founder of, a non-profit organization created to bring awareness, education and support to those affected by environmental toxins. To learn more and find out how YOU can make your home and body a NO TOXIC ZONE please visit

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Drug Abuse in Organizations and at a Personal Level

Satish Singh Negi

Research has recently shown that there has been a high rate of drug abuse amongst the working population. The highest number of this has reportedly been amongst workers involved in transportation and moving industries, construction workers, service occupation workers, food industries and more. The alarming rates of the illicit drug abuse - including alcohol had made regular leaves, protests by the employees against the employee, thefts, low production rates etc a commonplace at the workstations.

For the above stated reasons, organizations are largely conducting employee screening for drugs or alcohol - the most common an old technique is the breath alcohol test. But it is seen that alcohol can be detected even after 2 days in the hair, thus this test is more effective when compared to the breath alcohol test which detects alcohol ranging from a few hours to twenty-four hours of its intake.

Certain industries are regulated by the DOT, that is, the United States Department of Transportation. As per The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991, the employees in the transportation sector such as - aviation, trucking, railroads, pipelines etc requires the respective employees to undergo a drug and alcohol test.

Besides the DOT drug screen, there are other companies which are not included in the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, yet they are practicing the drug and alcohol tests due to employee productivity concerns. It has been observed by many organizations that their competent workforce has not been delivering as much as their potency is, are lethargic at work etc.

Also, these tests are not just limited to organizations, but they can also be used privately, for instance, by parents, to keep a check on their teenage child, or by a wife on her husband (by the way, men are within the bracket of one of the highest drug abusers), and more. The non dot drug test can also be taken for government employees.

Taking such tests, even though they are non DOT drug tests, on the part of the employee should be taken as a team building, motivational exercise, only to boost one's self-confidence and on the employer's part, it is indeed a very commendable and voluntary move taken by organizations to set up for the workplace a better environment.

At any level, be it a DOT drug screen, or a Non DOT drug test, one must not be reluctant to take the test. Once this fact is understood, the whole environment will change around us, only to tell us that we took the step for the better of not only ourselves, but also our folks, friends and co workers.

For more information about non dot drug test, DOT drug screen and breath alcohol test please visit:

Obesogens in Our Food Packaging and Food Preparation

LOreen Worden

Obesogens. What are they? "Obesogens" is a fairly new term used by scientists to describe a class of chemicals that actually take control of your endocrine system, in turn lead to obesity, heart disease, and possibly some types of cancer. These toxins are called "endocrine disrupting chemicals" or EDC's. Since they have been found to be a cause of obesity today, scientists have referred to them as "obesogens."

So, obesogens disrupt our endocrine systems, what does that mean for me? Well, your endocrine system is vitally important to your body's daily functions. From growth and development, to reproduction, sleep, hunger, stress management, metabolism, and how your body uses the foods you eat; these things are all controlled with the glands and cells of your endocrine system. So, when the EDC's (obesogens) infiltrate and disrupt the endocrine system, you can face a variety of different obstacles, all of which can be avoided by making some different food and life choices.

The first way to help reduce the number of EDC's you consume each day is to buy organic fruit and vegetables. Some produce have higher amounts of obesogens than others, however, it is safest to choose the organic foods since they were grown and fertilized without toxic chemicals.

Next, obesogens are not just in your foods, but they can also be in the packaging of the foods, as well as the containers you store your leftovers in. To help lower your risk of EDC's from plastics, remember that you should NEVER heat your plastics in the microwave or clean then in the dishwasher. The extreme heat can change the chemical make-up of the plastics, leeching dangerous chemicals into your food that touches them.

You should also look for meats that are either not packaged with plastic wrap, as the chemicals can stick to the fat in the meat, again introducing obesogens into your diet. If you cannot find any that are not covered in plastic, try to opt for leaner meats, like grass-fed or from animals raised in a pasture as they are often lower in fat content than their traditional alternatives. Since the chemicals from the plastic are adhering to the fat, lower fat choices will have fever toxins.

If you choose canned goods, try the organic varieties as often times there may be chemicals embedded in the cans themselves and the food inside them has just soaked it up for months, or even years, on the shelf.

Even fish is a culprit, well some of them anyway. The safest choices for eating are generally smaller fish, such as Atlantic herring, mackerel, Alaskan salmon, anchovies, scallops, Pacific Halibut or Cod, Canned light tuna, and mahi-mahi. Also, to further remove the contaminants from the fatty parts of the fish, opt for broiling, grilling, or boiling instead of frying.

Finally, one of the main causes of EDC contamination in your home is in the water. To help reduce the risks to your family, it is important that your tap water be filtered before use, so pollutants and pesticides can be removed before consumption.

Just a few little changes can make a big difference in the health of yourself and your family. The hidden chemicals, including obesogens, are easy to reduce. Filter your water, make some different food choices, and don't heat your plastics. Not hard to do, but it will make a huge difference in yourexposure to dangerous chemicals in your home. Also, remember that getting regular wellness checks for cancer and heart disease are extremely important to a healthy lifestyle as well. Learn how you can get paid to get these annual tests with supplemental health plans like cancer insurance or critical illness coverage.

More about organic fruit gifts at

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The Biggest Danger of Poor Health - Going Broke

Debbie Russell

You'll never guess where I got the inspiration for this article. From the back of my cereal box! Suzy Orman, one of America's leading personal finance experts says the following:

"A healthier you means a wealthier you! Taking care of your health saves you money. You will spend less on medical care, qualify for the lowest life insurance rates, and have a reduced need to retire early due to health issues. Take care of your health and your wealth will follow."

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a retired couple will need over $600,000 in the bank to ensure they have enough money to cover their medical costs and that's above and beyond what Medicare covers. Part of the reason for such high expense is the fact that the cost of health care in the United States is the highest in the world. People in the country spent 15% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health care. The second highest is Switzerland who only spent 11% of their GDP, a whole 4 percentage points less.

But the major deciding factor of whether you'll get to enjoy any of the money you saved for retirement and whether you'll be spending it all on treating the disease that is destroying your quality of life will be how you take care of yourself now. 75% of the money spent on health care costs went towards the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma. According to the Center for Disease Control, about 50% of all chronic disease cases were preventable or stemmed from bad health habits such as smoking.

The only way to keep yourself from going broke paying for chronic health problems that can be easily avoided is to take care of your health. This goes beyond getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding health destroying habits like smoking. This also means avoiding toxic foods, polluted atmospheres, and personal care products filled with dangerous chemicals.

You've probably heard so much about the toxins contained in the mainstream food supply and the dangers of using most of the personal care products found on store shelves that you probably think it is all one big scare tactic. But the truth is that even something as innocuous as bottled water can be hazardous to your health.

First, it is a myth that bottled water is purer than what you can get out of the tap. Some bottled water has been shown to be more polluted than local tap water and other bottled waters are actually filtered tap water in disguise. Secondly, the plastic bottles can leach bisphenol-A (BPA) into the water which the majority of experts believe is linked to heart disease, obesity, hormone disruption, and other health issues.

There are two things you can do to protect your good health and improve any existing health challenges you may be struggling with. You should phase the toxic products out of your life and replace them with greener, healthier options. This includes switching over to organic foods and using personal care products made from natural ingredients the support health and wellness.

Switching over to green products offers many benefits including:

* Healthier products that work with the body's functions instead of throwing them out of whack and causing bigger health problems to develop.
* Some health problems, such as allergies, are the result of being exposed to toxic products that cause inflammation in the body.
* Reduce your susceptibility some degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's
* Increase energy, productivity, and vitality
* Improve the environment for everyone

Finding green products is as easy as ever. In the past you had to find specialty stores that often only offered a small selection of products. Today, however, natural and organic products are everywhere. To save time and money, the best place to get these products is to shop online and I found a great place where you have access to over 22,000 green products all in one place. My online mall works with hundreds of green retailers to bring you a wide selection of products and you'll earn cash back on your purchases.

Not only will you improve the health of your body but you'll make your wallet feel better also. Good health and increased wealth are the best gifts you can give yourself.

Debbie Russell is a marketing veteran who's sudden job loss made her appreciate that she had developed a profitable Plan B for just such an occasion. If you believe life favors the prepared, go to her website for tips and tools to help you create a Plan B that finances your dreams. To find out how you can generate a full time income with the Ultimate Savings Machine, visit my online business tour.

Why Does Life Coaching Work?

Cindy Baker

What is a Professional Life Coach?

It is a partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal lives. Through the process of this co creative relationship, clients deepen their understanding of themselves, their desires, improve performance and enhance their quality of life. Coaching accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of their choices which promotes optimum results. Coaching helps bridge the gap of where they are at and where they want to be.

Why does coaching work?

1. Synergy - teamwork helps the client accomplish more than the client would alone.
2. Structure - Due to the coach providing an accountability factor, a client takes more action and thinks bigger.
3. Expertise - The coach knows how to help people make better decisions, set achievable, measurable goals and restructure their personal lives for maximum productivity and personal satisfaction.

Who works with a Wellness Coach?

Individuals, families, teenagers, and entrepreneurs in transition use a coach to create, plan or solve something, personally or professional, to reach their destination.

How is coaching structured?

Regular weekly coaching sessions are scheduled by telephone or in person. Goal setting takes place during the first couple of sessions. Clients are responsible for bringing an agenda of items to discuss for each session. Strategies, with the end goals in mind, are developed to propel clients to move forward. The coach checks in with them weekly to make sure they are on target in reaching their goals. If a client encounters obstacles, they are often worked through more quickly and easily with the assistance of the coach and action steps are then created to resolve the concern.

What kind of goals can I work on with a Wellness Coach?

Health concerns

Begin an exercise program

Reduce stress

Lose weight

Medical challenges

Resolve body image concerns

Achieve more energy

Nutritional changes


Improve communication skills

Get closer with children, family, spouse

Attract better people

Resolve past experiences

Feel more loved

Increase self-esteem

Lifestyle changes

Redesign to get needs met

Find the right balance between work and play

Have more fun

Time management


Start spiritual path

Think more positively

Discover your life purpose

Learn how to manage life challenges better (to be proactive instead of reactive)

As you can see there are many different circumstances in which you could benefit from by using a coach.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Eight Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu and Cold Season

Katie Evan

1. Get a flu shot. It's the #1 way to avoid the flu. It is impossible for you to catch the flu from a flu shot.

2. If you feel the flu coming on-achy, feverish-as soon as possible, take oscillococcinum. I know, it's an impossible name. It's a naturopathic remedy available in most drug stores. It really staves off full blown flu.

3. If you feel the flu or a cold coming on, take Emergen C. It's 1000 mg. of vitamin C and other vitamins in a dissolvable form. Drink it in a small glass of water and repeat every hour. You'll know you've had enough when you start to get a little diarrhea. Cut back on your intake.

4. If you go travel, take Air Borne at the first sign of a cold or the flu. It may help minimize the symptoms.

5. Wash your hands as soon as you return home-every time.

6. If you have kids, use paper towels in the bathroom for hands. If that's too expensive, allocate a specific towel to each child. Damp towels are a primary way cold and flu germs are transmitted.

7. If you feel the flu coming on, immediately go home from work, drink at least 2 glasses of water and all the stuff listed above and GO TO BED. You will take at least 2 days off your illness if you take care of yourself at the beginning. You will also remove yourself from the workplace and not give it to your co-workers, for which they and your boss will be very grateful.

8. Above all, listen to your body and don't be a "tough guy/gal." You're not impressing anyone by being stupid!

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Katie Evans is the Founder of the Living Lite Hypnosis Centers:

Meditation for Beginners, Meditate While Walking

Alicia Alexander

Walking alone has always provided me with the time to mindfully quiet my thinking. Walking in the early morning is absolutely the best.

I mean really early. The silence of the morning without traffic and listening to the birds is wonderful.

I start my meditation by just noticing the environment. I become aware of the way the air touches my skin, the colors of the sky, the mood the trees set and of all the sounds that are produced. I always take deep breaths as I start out. Walk steadily with big, firm steps but not too fast. Then, when you are in sync, consciously turn your mind off.

I concentrate on my breathing. Inhale during two or three steps and exhale for the following. If any thoughts come to your mind, discourage them and get back in your rhythm. I just ignore myself. Before you know it you will be doing nothing but moving and you will be as relaxed as if you were sitting and meditating. The pace matches the rhythm of my breathing. Your pulse is slow and stable. You thoroughly enjoy nothingness.

Often my spirit will divulge important messages to me as if by osmosis;; they just occur completely. Not as a thought; not thinking, but as a fact, a feeling, a sense. Use these messages to take a few words to repeat. This phrase touches consistently accurately what your spirit and soul know you need to concentrate on. Continue, you will know when it is time to return.

People who are enlightened both in body and mind have since long been practicing walking meditation. Walking and meditating go together naturally. Each provides the time and space to connect with your soul.

Silent or with music, anything goes. It is up to you. Choose what works for you best. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try it all and then decide what works best. But as in normal meditation try to be consistent and try to meditate every day. Also try to meditate at the same time every day this will more easy grow into a daily habit without much effort. Walking meditation should be done alone otherwise you will get distracted and you need to be focused. Also the pace of your walking should be steady as mentioned before and if you don't walk alone you will adjust it to each other and you will not be able to meditate.

This is just an introduction you can find more on walking meditation from various sources. The important thing is that you get started and try to uphold a daily practice. Good Luck to you.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Is Health and Wellness?

Thomas R. Melton

So much emphasis is placed on health and wellness these days it seems every where you turn you see or hear something about one or both of them. Have you ever considered what the terms health and wellness mean? Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (abnormal condition). This is only one attempt to define health. There are as many definitions of health as there are people because most people seem to perceive health in terms of their own ability to function according to their own perception of what is normal. Now that we know what health means, lets take a look at the definition of wellness.

Wellness can be defined as a state in which an individual of a given sex and at a given stage of growth and development is capable of meeting the minimum physical, physiological, and social requirements for appropriate functioning in the given sex category and at the given growth and developmental level. Another definition of wellness is a dynamic state of health in which an individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning, achieving an optimum balance between internal and external environments.

From the definitions of health and wellness, it is easy to see why a health history is requested when you see your physician or other health care professionals. Information requested may include your health history, family health history, diet, and exercise. Depending on the health care professional you are seeing, other information may be requested. Why is such a comprehensive history important to your physician or other health care professional? History provided by you gives your doctor or health care professional the most important tool to diagnose your condition and provide you with proper treatment. In other words, when you provide an honest and complete health history, family history, medical history, diet and exercise information you provide your doctor or health care professional an insight regarding your health and wellness. Societal values also influence how an individual feels about maintaining a certain level of health. To summarize, health means many things. It is a sense of complete well-being and the absence of disease. Each person's health falls somewhere on a line between the extremes of good health and illness. For the individual, the existence or absence of health is usually not determined solely by laboratory test or medical pronouncements but also by the expectations created within his/her particular society.

"If you have your health, you have everything," people say to one another and generally they understand what is meant.

Thomas R. Melton

I have diabetes type 2, and a background in medicine and mental health. I am currently a substitute teacher during the school year, and work on my blog during the full year to try to improve and add to it.

When More Energy Is Not a Good Thing

Linda Binns

You may have heard of the term EMF's (electro-magnetic fields) and you may even have heard that they are not good for you, but do you understand what they are, where they come from and why they may not be good for you?

We are surrounded now by more and more electrical devices, in our homes, at work and in the environment around us. Each of these devices emits what are known as electro-magnetic fields. Electric fields are charges surrounding electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers, etc. Magnetic fields are created when the electrical charge is moving - so they are present only when the object is turned on.

Your body also has an electric and magnetic field. Its electric field has approximately 62-68 Hz of direct current and each cell generates approximately 1.17 volts at specific frequencies (known as signature frequencies). A magnetic field surrounds each cell. It is generated by the movement of the cell's electricity and its response to the natural magnetic fields of the earth. The electric and magnetic fields of the body work together.

Natural health practitioners have been promoting for a long time the view that exposing our bodies to strong electro-mjagnetic fields is harmful - here's why:

  • Electro-magnetic stress is metabolic disruption that is caused by electro-magnetic interference - this can be due to artificial or natural electro-magnetic fields.
  • As these fields penetrate the tissues of the body, they alter the electro-magnetic functions of the body - this affects your energy and vitality, including natural body functions, such as detoxification, rejuvenation and regeneration.
  • This is particularly harmful at night when you're sleeping because at that time your body has a smaller, more sensitive field; you are located in one place for several hours and are therefore exposed to whatever electrical equipment is in your bedroom.

Studies have shown that there are significant health risks associated with use of the following:

  • Heated water bed - the water transmits the field directly to the sleeper, interfering with normal sleep patterns.
  • Electric blankets and heating pads - the current is too close to the body, which can interrupt normal temperature and circulation regulation.
  • Smoke alarms - due to radiation exposure. It's best to buy radiation-free smoke detectors which use the photoelectric process, rather than ionization.
  • Clock radios - keep the cord and radio at least 3 feet away from you body.
  • Color television - when the television is unplugged it maintains teh charge for at least 3 days.
  • Heating and cooling appliances - they draw large amounts of current and produce strong EMF's. The magnetic fields go through walls.
  • Cell phones - the main source of stress is the transmitter, also the speaker and microphone, which are in close contact with your ear and mouth.

Simple ways to keep yourself safe:

  • Keep all electrical items at least 3 feet away from the bed (alarm clocks, radios, dimmer switches, etc.) Where possible, replace them with battery powered substitutes.
  • Unplug water bed heaters and electric blankets before going to bed.
  • Remove neon and fluorescent lights - replace fluorescent bulbs with full-spectrum or incandescent lights.
  • Make sure your electrical system is properly wired and grounded.
  • Keep your computer's central processing unit off the desk and at least 30 inches away from your body.
  • Use a tri-pak resonator on your electric fuse box.
  • Use a smog buster for computers, televisions, video players and cell phones.
  • Use a crystal catalyst bead to protect your body from harmful radiation.
  • Use essential oils - they have bio-electric properties that make them powerful tools for working with the energy fields of your body and environment. The air inside your home is often loaded with positive ions, and therefore out of balance. When you spray or diffuse essential oils in the air, the essential oils add negative ions that shift the frequency of the atmosphere, bringing balance.

I am certainly not an expert in this field, but I have witnessed dramatic improvements in my clients when they protect themselves from electro-magnetic fields in ways described above. One particular client had suffered from severe joint aches and pains for years and had tried many different types of medication, without success. She had an electric blanket on her bed, which she removed when she heard about the problems with electro-magnetic fields. Her joint aches and pains disappeared right away. She didn't even have the blanket switched on every night, just having it plugged into the outlet was enough.

I have heard many other stories just like this one. Even if you're not sure, one thing is certain - removing electrical equipment or minimizing your exposure to it (particularly at night) is not going to harm you, and you might even feel a lot better, so it's definitely worth a try.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Brief Look at the Fine Print of the Healthy Lifestyle of People on the Go

Marisa Singhnarinaath

Having a healthy lifestyle is a major concern of most people, especially people on the go. The demands of modern living can extract a heavy toll on our health and well-being. It seems that we have a lot of things to do with very limited time. Some people resort to cutbacks and walk around certain things in order to catch their breath and enjoy the much needed break from their stressful daily routines.

The problem with people leading a hectic daily lifestyle is that too many priorities and commitments tend to load up their schedules that they are left with so little time to attend to their health concerns. While we all agree that we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, if we don't take action we may be looking at serious health issues and problems sooner than we expect.

So, how can you lead a healthy lifestyle? What must be done if we want to achieve a healthy balance of our daily activities? These are serious issues that we need to attend to and if seriously considered, will lead you to discover that these are not as complicated or challenging as you would tend to believe.

Assess your regular daily routine

If you really want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, it is essential that you start by looking at your normal daily routine. Look at the common activities and tasks that you perform on a daily basis. Are these activities and tasks potential sources of stress? Establish your priorities and decide which are important and which are not. Look at activities that you can possibly omit from your daily routine or tasks which you can reduce the frequency of occurrence.

Engage in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle

Once you are able to achieve a less stressful daily routine, your next task would be to decide on activities that will give you a healthier lifestyle. This becomes easier as you now have more time to do things or engage in activities that will enhance your overall health and well-being.

Adopt a healthy diet

This is a no-brainer. You can never claim that you are leading a healthier lifestyle if you don't take on a healthy diet. So, what constitute a healthy diet? A healthy diet consists of high energy food such as whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. You must also cut back on your intake of processed foods and food items that are high in processed or refined sugar.

Adopt a healthy exercise regimen that is appropriate for your age

Surely, you would want to adopt an exercise routine that can help you achieve better health and well-being. You must adopt a weight and resistance training program that is matched with the appropriate cardio-exercise. Make sure that you select a program that you will enjoy doing and you must perform the exercise routine on a consistent basis.

This is the critical fine print of a healthy lifestyle. Once you are able to cover them, you will be able to achieve a healthier body and mind in no time at all.

4 Ways To Live Longer

Amy Chan

Perhaps the most dominant desire in the heart of a man is immortality, or at least to live long in this planet called Earth. Though you cannot actually achieve immortality while you're still in your physical body, there are things you can do to add more years into your life. By following them you might just be able to live to see your descendants up to the third generation.

Physical activity even if not technically in the form of an exercise can increase your chances of having a long and healthy life. Most deadly diseases that are known to men have been linked to lack of lack of exercise. Exercise doesn't just keep your bones and muscles strong, it also helps improve your mood, a factor that is essential in getting rid of stress.

Eating healthy foods is just as important as getting enough physical activity. Most people do not realize that the foods they think are healthy are actually the reason why they are always sick and tired. If you know how to choose well between what's really healthy and what's not you will cut your risk for certain medical condition to half. As much as possible, stay away from processed foods and go for more fruits and veggies.

It is also important that you get adequate rest and sleep. Sleep is perhaps the only time for the body to repair damaged cells and regenerate new ones. Sleep can also increase your body's rate to heal from wounds. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night. And don't forget to take power naps in the afternoon.

Stress is simply the root of all diseases. Stroke, heart disease, cancer and even a simple as sleep disorder, they are all results of stress. Get rid of stress and you will surely add more quality years in your life. Remain stressed and you will die before your time.

Although modern technology has offered a lot in improving the health of many, only the simple and the natural things in life can really help us to live longer. And yet, more and more people are ignoring these simple truths. Nevertheless it is not yet too late for anyone who wants to achieve the desire of their hearts to live long and quality lives in this world.

Amy Chan is an avid eBay user and has been buying and selling professionally on eBay for the last 3 years. She is also a regular author on several online blog sites. You can view her recent articles on kitchen island lights and kitchen island countertops here.