Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If You Are Not Sick, Does That Mean You Are Well?

By: Gen Wright

What is the difference between health and wellness?

What is the difference between wellness and dynamic wellness?

A lot of people look at the information about nutrition and how the body breaks food down and absorbs it through the villi, putting it into the blood stream to deliver it to their cells and say, "That just makes sense".

There is a big step though from knowing how the body does this to understanding that each of us needs to be taking some personal action to give our bodies what they need for optimum performance.

Once upon a time vegetables were grown in your garden and animals grew up in fields. I say "once upon a time" but it is only 40 or 50 years ago that this was basically true.

Now we find that vegetables are grown in depleted and often contaminated soils. They are nurtured with chemicals to get best production but the trace elements that are so important to our long term health are not in the soils to begin with and son the plants cannot put them into the vegetables and fruit that we buy.

It is a difficult place to begin the food chain.

How does your body react when you put it under stress? How well can it stand outside pressures, and all the damaging things modern society throws at us every day, is directly related to our level of wellness. If we have dynamic health, if we have a reserve of energy and strength and our body is not working flat out just to keep us going then we can withstand problems much better

Having enough energy to be able to get up and do your daily tasks with enough energy to do them easily it a much better way to live. Life is more interesting and you have the capacity to go beyond your normal routine and meet a friend for a drink or get to the library for a book or to get that extra job done around the house. Life is much more pleasant when you have enough energy to do normal things without having to push yourself.

Dynamic health requires us to take positive action to ensure that our body has the things it needs to keep us well.

We need:

• Good hydration, that is, enough clean water
• Some regular exercise.
• Enough calories to allow our metabolism to stay fairly high
• Basic nutrition, including the: protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibre, healthy fats and oils and the botanical factors that our body needs every day to keep healthy.
• Regular, and enough, sleep.

If we give our body these things then we have a realistic chance to keep healthy and to be able to rise to the challenges that life throws at us from time to time.

You need to just make the effort to do the things that are easy to do but that are, at the same time, easy Not to do. Get rest, Find a way to fit a little exercise into your day, find a really good broad-spectrum nutrient supplement to ensure that you are getting all the dietary factors you need every day to keep well and strong, and make sure you get enough water.

With these things taken care of then there is a good chance you will live long and that you will also be healthy enough, and fit enough, to make full use of the extra years of life that this effort will, God willing, give you.

Warren Tattersall has been a full time nutritional consultant for over a decade and works with people all over the work to help them improve their health, increase their personal energy levels and to use supplements to assist with diet related health issues. To find more about Weight Loss Programs visit http://www.thehealthsuccesssite.com/weight-loss-answers.html or email warren@TheHealthSuccessSite.com

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