Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Healing Heat Pad Therapy

By: Peter Marsden

The use of heat and heatpads as a treatment in the relief of pain has been popular in many cultures for perhaps thousands of years. An internet search on "heat pad therapy" produces many references to pages selling pads that you can heat up and place on a painful area, girdle or limb, to help relieve the pain. There is another kind of healing heatpad therapy that is, as yet, less well utilized in the modern 'West'. That therapy is Far Infrared Radiation (FIR).

Reports suggest that some 50 million Americans suffer due to chronic pain; and there are no doubt just as many who experience occasional muscle strain or stress-related tension. Far infrared radiation therapy offers a great benefit to this substantial part of the US population, and people everywhere who suffer with on-going and acute pain. Many chronic pain suffers will be glad to have a way to avoid many sleepless nights, and dependence upon prescription drugs.

Where Does FIR Therapy Come From?

Modern medical science has been studying FIR for about 40 years; so FIR Therapy is relatively new in the modern approach to healing. But FIR has been used in Far Eastern Medicine traditions for the last 3,000 years! In those healing schools it is well known as a means to safely and naturally reduce pain in muscles, joints and deep tissue.

What Is FIR?

FIR is a safe, deeply-penetrating form of light energy. It produces a deep-healing heat when it enters your body.

Is that safe? !

Yes indeed. You've felt the benefit of it many times, say on cold days when you can stand in the sunlight and warm up, or sit around a glowing log fire of a winter's evening.. Yes, it is so safe that it is even used in birthing units in many hospitals to keep newborns cozy & warm.

FIR Reaches Even The Deepest Pain

FIR energy therapy is an old tradition, but has only recently been engaged in western countries with a simple technology that can be used anytime and anywhere. It can be used to warm the deep recesses of your body, to ease the pain, remove stiffness, soothe cramps, and take away that day-to-day tension.

With this technology you can put away the pills, and enjoy a more relaxing experience of deep-healing heat. You can experience a tranquil, drowsy, and pain-free glide into a good nights sleep...

Most heat therapies penetrate just 2-3mm beneath the skin.

FIR heat penetrates as much as 75mm, warming deep tissues and organs.

It increases blood flow to the tissues and stimuilates elimination of toxins. FIR heat has been scientifically tested and shown to relieve all kinds of pain. It provides relief from common chronic conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, sciatica and rheumatism. It offers relief for respiratory ailments such as colds, flu, asthma and even pneumonia.

There's Too Much Back Pain!

Estimations indicate that 80 percent of the population will suffer back pain at some time in their lives. It is the second greatest cause for visiting doctors. Neck pain is second only to back pain and has become increasingly common over the last two decades. Some estimates put neck pain as the number
one cause for disability among working Americans.

Joint inflammation is another major class of chronic and severe pain that many of us have to manage. X-ray studies suggest that nearly all of us will have some type of inflammation in our joints by age 65. Overall it is clear that there is a large section of the public that will need to manage chronic and / or severe pain at some time, especially as we grow older.

The question is: what treatments do we put our trust in? Many people wish to look beyond 'conventional' treatemnts that involve anti-inflammatory or pain-killing drugs, as well as surgery. Fortunately there are alternative treatments that do actually work and that can often eliminate back pain, neck pain, joint pain etc. Pain sufferers canreturn to normal life without resorting to surgery,
prescription drugs, cortisone injections, etc.

FIR - Another Way To Heal

FIR energy offers an important non-invasive choice against resorting to
drugs and surgery. Its waves penetrate your skin and muscles all the way to the bone with healing heat. This heat safely and gently warms deep tissues and increases the blood flow to the painful area. This in turn reduces inflammation and relieves pain. The increased blood flow accelerates the
removal of toxic waste products from the tissues.

This deep penetrating infrared heat delivers more oxygen-rich blood to painful or injured areas. This in turn speeds up your body's own natural healing ability. FIR is easy to use, it takes just15-30 minutes a day to achieve the results.

FIR energy has been traditionally used in the relief of pain from arthritis, back strains, bursitis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, hemorrhoids, migraines, joint and muscle injuries, sciatica, frozen shoulder, lumbago, abdominal pain and diarrhea, rheumatism and more.

FIR healing Heat therapy has much to offer as part of a modern, safe and effective approach to treatment of many chronic and often severely painful conditions.

Peter Marsden was a chronic back pain sufferer for a decade, and found ultimate relief from natural therapies, which he promotes now from beneficial experience. For more information about FIR therapy see his blog:

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