Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Will Help You With Liver Cleansing?

by: Leanne James

You regularly get an oil change for your car to keep it running smoothly and avoid the need for costly repairs. Think of supporting your liver in the same way.

A healthy liver enables your body to:

• Produce energy
• Store key nutrients and sugars
• Control cholesterol
• Facilitate digestion
• Maintain hormone balance

Why is your liver important?

Each minute nearly 2 litres of blood pass through the liver for detoxification. When working properly, it clears most impurities before the blood re-enters circulation.

Every day a healthy liver produces nearly a litre of bile, which carries toxins to the intestine for elimination.

Through a complexity of enzymatic processes, a healthy liver neutralizes toxins or converts them into fat or water soluble forms to be eliminated from the body.

What can you do to help your liver?

Avoid smoking, excess alcohol or fats in your diet. All three are bad for your liver. Eat more vegetables such as broccoli and spinach and take a maximum absorption milk thistle extract.

Super Thisilyn - Your Liver’s Best Friend

The new Nature’s Way Super Thisilyn in Vegetarian capsules is the ultimate combination of maximum absorption milk thistle, supportive herbs, amino acids and food based nutrients to support healthy liver function and detoxification. Super Thisilyn may assist where acute or chronic liver disease has compromised overall liver health and function.

It’s specially formulated to:

• Extend and replenish the power of glutathione, an antioxidant essential to the liver.
• Exert a protective effect against harmful substances.
• Promote bile production, secretion and release.
• Maintain healthy fat metabolism in the liver.
• Deliver twice as much milk thistle to the liver.

Ingredients in Super Thisilyn and their role

Thisilyn milk thistle with patented processing significantly improves the absorption of its bioflavonoid complex - silymarin. Thisilyn is twice as bioavailable as other milk thistle brands - meaning twice as much silymarin actually reaches the liver. Silymarin promotes healthy liver function.

Artichoke is both protective and restorative to liver tissues, promotes bile production, enhances excretion of cholesterol and flushing of accumulated fluids.

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. Turmeric helps protect the liver and is excellent for people exposed to toxic chemicals.

L-Methionine and N-Acetyl cystine are sulfur-containing essential amino acids. L-methionine also directly reduces the liver-toxic effects of chemicals and medications that cause liver damage.

Dandelion root is used to assist with liver and kidney detoxification, disturbances in bile flow, loss of appetite, dyspepsia and to stimulate diuresis.

Protectamins are a blend of concentrated cruciferous vegetable extracts containing Sulforaphane, an antioxidant and potent stimulator of natural detoxification enzymes in the body. These compounds are believed to be responsible for the lowered risk of cancer that is associated with the consumption of broccoli, spinach and cabbage.

Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant, regenerator of other antioxidants and energy enhancing enzyme.

Leanne James is a Naturopath at Ideal Health.

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