Saturday, September 19, 2009

Virus: The Mighty Mini Enigma

by David Lowell

While the press pushes stories of an impending pandemic of a new flu, there is a another side of viruses which few are aware of. Many viruses have an initial set of flu like symptoms, which then go into hiding only to show up later with some seemingly unrelated issues. Any drop in the state of health can be the opportunity for a new outbreak of symptoms or even an opening for some other, more virulent pathogen. The association often goes unnoticed, due to the time interval between the initial incident and the subsequent issues,

As someone who experienced a simultaneous bout of Lyme's Disease and Epstein-Barr virus, as well as being an intuitive, spiritual/energy healing practitioner, I have a somewhat different perspective than the medical community. My sensitivity to allopathic drugs and experiences with energy medicine led me to find alternative solutions without the "side effects" associated with antibiotic and other drug therapies.

Several years ago, I was on the phone with a new client, on another continent. She was being treated by an allopathic physician for a "fatty liver" which he thought was causing her extreme malaise. She also had a band of fat around her waist which had mysteriously manifested several years earlier. When I tuned in to her body/mind I found that all of her endocrine organs were severely compromised. After clearing enough of the overall energetic congestion, what showed up was what appeared to be a swarm. Usually, what I "perceive" is the consciousness of a pathogen; here there was nothing. Unlike bacteria, this swarm had no discernable consciousness. It was like a cloud of locusts which fly wherever the wind blows and land wherever there is food. This was the signature of a virus which had been present for numerous years.

Viruses are so small that they reproduce inside of the host cells, making diagnoses and treatment difficult. Energetically, I find viruses difficult to directly deal with, simply because there is little, or no perceivable intelligence. Bacteria have an interconnected consciousness which can be disrupted with energy, allowing the body?s immune system and remedies to more effectively deal with the invaders. At any rate I referred her to someone who had developed a nutritional supplement which he promoted for killing a wide range of pathogens. Five days after she started his protocol, the virus was dead, although she still had to recover from its damaging effects. A week later someone forwarded an article about a doctor who had developed a test for a flu-like virus which left long term symptoms exactly matching my client's.

During a session with someone who had mysteriously manifested vertigo, a similar viral swarm showed up in my radar. When informed of my sense of things, she went back to the memory of a boat ride, several years earlier, around Manhattan and the viral infection that showed up at the end of the night. This was yet another flu-like pathogen with a different set of secondary symptoms, however similar its initial appearance. Again it was passed off as the flu and again its identity as to the source of the secondary symptoms remained hidden

Before his recent death, I had a series of conversations with the late immunologist Dr. Rudolph Kallenbach. He verified my observations from the point of view of the latest in medical research regarding viruses along with his own experience. His opinion was that there was no discernable level of consciousness in a virus. Each sub-microbial entity operates on its own, mutating and reproducing with each opportunity. In contrast, researchers are now focusing on disrupting the group consciousness of bacteria, for the next generation of anti-bacterial drugs.

With the 5,000 identified viruses reportedly being only the tip of the iceberg, we are looking at a virtual Pandora?s Box of potential problems. Since not all people exposed to a particualr germ will "catch" it, there are obviously other factors at play here. Luis Pasteur reportedly recanted on his death bed, that it was the environment of the body that determined vulnerability, not the pathogen itself. Because of their concern with prevention as well as the numerous "side effects" of allopathic medicines, many alternative physicians prefer to work with herbs, supplements and energy medicines such as homeopathic remedies. Often they address the "biological terrain" of the body to create conditions favorable to healthy living and not for pathogens such as viruses.

When one examins the overall factors involved inr optimum health, the state of consciousness begins to show up as a major determininant. When one is happy, endorphins are released, along with growth and other hormones, which are associated with an elevated immune system. The often told story of Norman Cousins is but one example of people recovering from every disease known to man though consciousness. Coupled with a reasonable, non-destructive diet it creates an environment which supports life. When these conditions are in place there is much less likelihood of "catching" a bug to begin with and even then, the amount of time spent in battling it is much shorter, with less chance of complications.

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