Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tips on Subliminal Mind

By: david son

Description : The main characteristic about subliminal mind power is that it always works in stealth mode. They are messages which basically bypass the reasoning ability of the conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious. So, it is one of the methods which can influence your subconscious mind without you even knowing about it.

Since around the 1970's, the effectiveness of that subliminal messaging can have on a person's thoughts and behaviors has been well documented, and the most interesting thing is that the person in question will not e aware that they are being influenced!

I use these tools on my own computer nearly every day, and the results I have experienced in my life are absolutely amazing. Using these advanced tools, you can literally choose what changes you want to make in your life, and simply select that program from the list to start programming your mind to make these changes in your life.

Simple isn't it? However, most people do not use this law to create the life they want to live and therefore continue to live desperate lives totally dissatisfied with their own struggles and end up full of pain, frustrations and despair. Why is this?

A few examples of techniques that affect the subconscious mind would include the use of subliminal suggestion, hypnosis, self hypnosis, using "leading question" affirmations, visualization and "reframing" techniques. All of these bypass the conscious mind, and directly affect the subconscious to change your deepest held beliefs and attitudes.

Years ago, Sigmund Freud suggested that a murky, conflicted subconscious infused all of our actions. Freud thought that there was a subconscious component to what we did, but the actual application of the subconscious differs from what Freud thought of it. He just didn't have the technology available in his day to investigate the true nature of the unconscious.

Subliminal mind control has been used by advertisers throughout the last century. One of the most famous advertising campaigns involving mind control was movie theaters flashing pictures of popcorn and soft drinks rapidly every five seconds.

With this technology, the brain has become an open template where subliminal messages can be delivered and retained easily. While different people have different tolerances for this sort of technology, the bottom line is that it works - the differing methods of delivery and intensity may change from one person to another, but rest assured that people are seeing results even as early as the first week.

Fear of confrontation is the one limiting factor as well. The good news is now that the tools are there to erase all these bad characteristics from the mind once and for all and make you a new person by triggering subliminal mind power for your success.

Life does have a purpose for you and will give you abundance if you program your mind in that direction. Once you learn and apply the principles and techniques required to alter your programming, enhance your mind's functions, and improve the way your mind can develop, you can have anything you wish or desire.



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