Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Premature Ejaculation: Find the Golden keys to lock your Semen Gate

Chinese physicians have always regarded involuntary loss of semen (spermatorrhea, nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation) as one of the gravest threats to male health and longevity, and many Chinese herbs and formulas are used exclusively to correct this debilitating condition, which can be caused by excessive mental preoccupation with sex (including dreams and fantasies), habitual masturbation, and/or inflammation of the urogenital tract and prostate gland.

Why do men experience premature ejaculation?In seminal ejaculation, the semen is discharged by the male reproductive organs, and the mechanism that exercises control over the discharge is known as the Semen Gate in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When the semen gate is opened, semen will pass through, resulting in seminal ejaculation; when the semen gate is closed, seminal ejaculation will not take place. If the semen gate remains open, semen will slide through freely; this is called seminal sliding. In seminal sliding, the semen passes through slowly and freely, unlike in seminal ejaculation, in which the stream of semen is released suddenly. When a man complains of seminal sliding, his semen gate is opened, but when he complains of premature ejaculation, his semen gate is loose. In either case, the semen gate must be fixed so that it can be properly opened and closed at will.

Quite a few Chinese herbal formulas, known as obstructive formulas, can be used to check premature ejaculation by blocking the movement of the semen gate so that it wont open so easily. Unlike yin tonics, which can slow down the movement of body fluids through their sticky nature, obstructive formulas can restrict the movement of the body fluids. They can also roughen the surface of body tissues to make the movement of an object across the surface more difficult.

To treat involuntary loss of semen such as spermatorrhea, nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation, men should use the very renowned Chinese herbal formula, Jing Shuo Gu Jing Wan, also called Golden Lock, in reference to the Semen gate.

Jing Shuo Gu Jing Wan is indicated for involuntary loss of semen, including nocturnal emission (with or without dreams) and premature ejaculation, with relative symptoms of lumbago, chronic fatigue, headache, lethargy, insomnia, pale complexion, heart palpitations and ennui.

The main ingredients of Jing Shuo Gu Jing Wan are lotus seeds which nourish semen-essence in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gordon Eurale seeds which is indicated for spermatorrhea and nocturnal emissions with wet dreams. Since ancient times, this herb has been highly regarded for restoring sexual vigor and youthful energy in older men. Dragon bones, which refers to fossilized bones of reptiles and dinosaurs, is an essential mineral. Oyster shells, which is the powdered shell of ostrea rivularis, is also an essential mineral. The combination of Dragon bones and Oyster shells is indicated as an aphrodisiac and is a highly astringent combination and one of the best correctives for involuntary ejaculation.

Modern Western medicine fails to perceive the connection between frequent emission of semen and degeneration of male vitality, particularly immune response, despite abundant empirical evidence to support it. Every drop of semen that is lost is replaced at great cost to the bodys reservoir of vital resources (the Chinese say, one drop of semen costs ten drops of blood).

While problems generally do not manifest during youth (teens and twenties), after the age of thirty, excessive loss of semen can become a major cause of impotence, lumbago, chronic fatigue, immune deficiency, nervous disorders and other problems.

Besides herbal therapy, one of the best remedies for this condition is traditional Taoist sexual yoga, which trains men to engage in sexual intercourse without ejaculation, a practice that naturally controls involuntary ejaculations.

Jing Shuo Gu Jing Wan is an excellent Chinese herbal formula, which can also be used to cultivate ejaculation control when learning Taoist sexual yoga.