Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to boost your Energy level in an instant

by Ursula Knecht

Assignment from the last session:

Lets start with some of your success stories (Memories): It will be easy for you to remember three events when you performed at your best, felt excited, perhaps happy, or had this great feeling of success. Imagine yourself clearly and vividly in these situations. You can see the colours around you, is there any sound? What do you say to yourself? Are there people around you? What do they do and say? How would you describe the dominant feeling? Describe these three situations as clearly, as possible using all of your senses including sight, sound, smell, touch and feelings...

How did that work for you? Can you recall one of those situations before an important meeting, a job interview or an important telephone call where you felt like all your energy was simply drained out of you?

Now, many times we think that a coffee will help, but does it really help? Another thing we might do is to postpone it, or tell ourselves I'm just too tired for that today, or I'm feeling sick, feeling overwhelmed and so on... There are many strategies we employ when it comes to avoiding scary tasks that all feel like totally valid reasons at the time.

But, what is the real solution? Is there a way to change our energy level in an instant and get the motivation to go through with the task that we are afraid of doing? Good news, there is more than one simple and easy strategy. These techniques are research based and proven to produce outstanding results!

Solutions to instant "Life Energy": Lets start with an example using the strategy we introduced last time:

Memories As you have learned from the previous newsletter: Your first step to vibrant health and life energy Good memories build our "Life Energy" up in an instant. Yesterday I had a client and we went through this process to see if we could overcome a problem she was having. Until now, when she had to solve a problem she felt it was easy to become overwhelmed and in this overwhelmed, drowning state it is just impossible to come up with good solutions. After recalling a wonderful memory and re-living the experience she commented "Wow that is fantastic! Just with activating a great memory, I am living it again, the excitement in the feelings, and the generation of my uplifting self talk". From this point she was easily guided to find a great solution for the problem she was having. We call this, getting into the Resource State.

So, the meeting starts in 20 minutes and you feel the energy inside of you diminishing, what can you do?

1. Stand up, lift your arms and breathe in as long and deep as you can, then breath out slowly. While you are doing this, think about something you can be grateful for, or a good memory or somebody you love. Feel this feeling in your heart and with each further breath you take allow this sensation to grow and grow.

In total you take 10 deep breaths and enjoy this feeling, it might be love, gratefulness, happiness, or success energising every cell of your body. It is like a bright light floating through you and vitalizing you.

So, now you are ready, you are in your resource state, where you have access to your whole potential. Now see if you can't find the energy to get into that scary task!

Real Life Example from Simon Thompson, professional triathlete (member of the Australian Olympic team)

I often feel nervous before a big race. If I let it get to me this fear can become overwhelming and it actually inhibits movement, which is not an ideal situation to be in! I will often take a few moments before warming up for the event to focus my mind and put myself into the resource state. I will make a visualisation where I combine thoughts, feelings and memories of the past when I've competed at my best and project them onto the race I'm about to have. I picture the start of the race and see myself as I have been on occasions when I'm brimming with confidence and look physically and mentally ready to go. I then move into the race itself and feel myself swimming, riding and running to the best of my ability and the ease at which the movements come to me. Finally, I can visualise myself crossing the line in first place and the wonderful sensations that go with it. Once I've completed this visualisation I'm no longer feeling nervous, but I'm definitely excited to race!

Give it a try for yourself and let me know how you are going with that, or if you need any help.


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